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Review for (Closed) Suite 23


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21 Sep 2011 • 1970 Reviews • 260 Followers

Hotel Dining at Park Hotel

At a recent tasting, I had the chance to try out the hotel dining at Park Regis Hotel, a new swanky hotel near Clark Quay.

From the appetiser menu an interesting try would be the Watermelon Soup topped with Crabmeat Salad. To be honest, I am not a big fan of fruit soups, but the watermelon here is not the star of the dish, but creates a nice sweet finish to create a well executed soup for the soul.

Another appetiser that is a must-try is the caesar salad with smoked salmon. The fresh romaine lettuce leaves with bread croutons are pair well with the salmon. In addition, the bacon bits add a nice tinge of salt to the dish.

From the main course I could not help but try to conquer the Angus Porterhouse Steak. Done medium rare, this large 650 grams worth of meat may tire the jaw, but it was certainly worth each tender bite.

Pasta lovers would also like the carbonara. The sauce is mixed well with the spaghetti to ensure that it is not soggy yet still retains the strong eggy and creamy flavour.

For desserts, end the meal with the Tiramisu if you fancy something heavy but otherwise, go for the Lemon Tart, which has a lighter finish.

The restaurant is also located next to a chilling area - perfect for drinks after dinner.

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