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Review for Sun Ray Cafe


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29 Sep 2011 • 2003 Reviews • 255 Followers

No Frills Hidden Find in Serangoon

Sun Ray Cafe is a no-frills cafe located near the heart of Serangoon Gardens, primarily reaching out to residents looking for a chill out cafe near their house or a place to escape. The place opens from lunch to about 11pm or when the last customer leaves and has a pet friendly section for dog owners to bring their dogs and mingle.

At a recent tasting, I managed to try some of their key offerings.

Recommended is the Asam Fish, which I understand has 26 different ingredients in the very thick sauce.

The Chicken Cordon Bleu is another fushion mix in which the chef puts in Japanese seaweed in the traditional western dish to create a lighter feel.

Finally, go for the lamb rack if you like your meat well done. The chef commented that he cooks it in this way as the locals prefer it so.

Another localised Italian dish available is the Mushroom Pasta, in which the pasta is filled with a rich cream sauce and the spaghetti is not al dente, once again to fit the local palette.

Done with the food, what I thought stood out in this quaint chill out place is the drinks. I really enjoyed the Dr Loosen Riesling , which was a light Riesling with a sweet after tastes. Ladies who like beer should go for the Timmermans Peche, a peach-flavored lambic beer with a pleasant sweet finish.

Like most local cafes run by the proprietor, expect personalised and friendly service.

Recommended for
Children/Family, After Work, Chillout, Wine Lists, Live Band
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