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T-One Steamboat (Upper Thomson)

$35 based on 25 submissions

The HGW community like this place for...

Based on 25 votes
10 Dec 2013 • 43 reviews • 16 followers

Weekday Lunch

It was a quiet weekday afternoon when we went - but there was absolutely no service (the only lady working there mumbles and was seemingly in quite a bad mood even!

I was happy with the soup and the fact that I’ve satisfied my mala craving. But I definitely won’t go back to T-one again (maybe
18 Sep 2012 • 13 reviews • 22 followers

Si Chuan Steamboat

Group of friends headed for T-one Steamboat, hoping that its cheap and wonderful. I am not sure if I would visit again.... unless I am craving badly for steamboat.

1) Parking nightmare

Parking lot can be quite a rare find in upper thomson. Period.

2) Soup base

I love the fish head soup base. It ha