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Weekday Lunch

Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
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It was a quiet weekday afternoon when we went - but there was absolutely no service (the only lady working there mumbles and was seemingly in quite a bad mood even!

I was happy with the soup and the fact that I’ve satisfied my mala craving. But I definitely won’t go back to T-one again (maybe unless it’s free) cos there’s absolutely no service at all and the variety isn’t good. If I were to eat steamboat again, I’ll go back to 川王府, pay more and enjoy the variety and good service!

For full review and pics - pls go to! Cheers!

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Si Chuan Steamboat

Food/Drink 2 | Value 2 | Ambience 2 | Service 2
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Group of friends headed for T-one Steamboat, hoping that its cheap and wonderful. I am not sure if I would visit again.... unless I am craving badly for steamboat.

1) Parking nightmare

Parking lot can be quite a rare find in upper thomson. Period.

2) Soup base

I love the fish head soup base. It has got the same taste as the fish noodle soup you can get from the hawker centres. However, they added chicken stock after the soup evaporated and they made this beautiful white broth into a clear chicken soup. =(

3) Sauce

Not too bad! Peanut sauce is thick! The rest of the condiments are appropriate!

4) Cooked food

I love the garlic pork slices and I see that my friends like the fried chicken wing. The fried bun is a tad too hard.

5) Ingredients

They have what you would expect in a steamboat. I will not say that their food was exceptionally fresh but it wasnt bad. It just lacks something impressionable... especially when they are SO many steamboat places in singapore!

6) Price

For the above plus drinks (herbal tea), it cost us $35/person. That, is not worth it. You will be better off with Jpot or even Fat Fish.

Overall... the food was not too bad but it does not justify the price. Nonetheless, thats the only few steamboat places near the north!


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