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Andrew Kam
 • 04 Dec 2013 7 reviews 6 followers
An interesting experience. It was our 14th wedding anniversary and given that 98% of reviewers said that it was a good place, we gave it a try. We had the whole restaurant to ourselves for the whole night (no, I didn't arrange for it).

Ordered the mushroom soup. Good.
Ordered the beer battered fish and chips. First attempt the fish was too 'dark'. Chips were soaked with oil. Second attempt chips were good, light and crispy. Fish was still on the dark side. Thinking that it should have been more on the yellow side, much like the colour of the chips. Size a bit small.
Ordered the ribeye steak. Size was reasonable but the cut of meat was probably not ideal as it was rather "stringy" and "chewy".

Service recovery. The sending back of the fish the first time created a bit of confusion. My wife and I swapped the sides, so her oil soaked chips were on my plate, and my potato gratin with mushroom was on her plate. So when her plate went in for the second attempt, so did the potato gratin and mushroom - both did not return. Service was recovered by giving us a larger portion of potato gratin with mushroom and we thought that would be it. But we were surprised with surprise foccacia from the chef. Unexpected but a sincere and kind gesture.

Desserts. Grean tea mousse was very well done. Not too sweet and nice smooth texture. Bread and butter pudding - fantastic. Never have I had such a good one. Texture was very good, not rubbery and not dry. Perfect! The accompanying "sauce" was warm (not cold) and complemented the B&B pudding. This was the highlight of the evening!

As it was our anniversary we also received a surprise with a complimentary dark chocolate flourless cake. Also very nice and went very well with the cup of coffee. Coffee was nicely brewed (not burnt) and aromatic. I appreciate that the milk used for the coffee was not UHT, but fresh and also warmed up (not cold). Well done with the coffee too!

All in all my honest opinion is the mains had some areas for improvement, but the desserts and coffee balanced were something we would return for. Service recovery was very well done - sincere, not commercial. Thank you team for a memorable experience tonight.

I spent $32 per person.

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Hi Mr Kam,
Congratulations on your 14th anniversary. We are honored to have been the chosen venue for your special celebration and our apologies for the hiccups that evening.
We are glad that, overall, you were happy with your dining experience that evening and appreciate very much your taking time to provide your kind feedback.
We look forward to serving you again in the near future.
Owner-Chef, Philip

07 December 2013