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Reviews for Teng Yu Chee Cheong Fun Porridge

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11 Jun 2010 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Chee Cheong Fun - Hk Style.

one of my favourite and nv forget the chee cheong fun. they got quite a number of outlets and those that i frequent are alexandra and far east. despite my favourite is the veggie+egg selection, but i felt that the sauce they gave is just too little. every time when it delivers right in front of me and before i could eat the 2nd piece, i dont get to see the sauce anymore. then i have to go back and take the sauce from them again which i have to see the aunty black face (opps. my personal exp @ alexandra branch) and i hate to do it again and again asking for the sauce. but if u order a set, it comes with the porridge, its a standard porridge where it consists of pork and century egg)
05 Jan 2010 • 126 reviews • 0 follower

Moved to Far East Sq

This shop has moved to Far East Square basement (near Ya Kun) and is now known as Teng Yu Chee Cheong Fun & Durian Pancakes. The chee cheong fun is still freshly made. I had the char siew cheong fun for lunch yesterday and it was really yummy. 3 rolls of char siew cheong fun cost $3.50, a little more expensive when they were at Bkt Merah. The 2 lady owners are still the same. I was told that you can also mix prawns with the char siew for the same price (except I don't like prawns). Business seemed quiet - maybe people don't know they've moved.
28 Mar 2009 • 436 reviews • 32 followers

Teng Yu Chee Cheong Fun Porridge

At Teng Yu Chee Cheong Fun Porridge, you can have your chee cheong fun filled with ingredients such as turnip, egg, char siew or prawn. What is formerly just a simple dish of plain rice sheet rolls and sauces transforms into something much more savoury here.

The chee cheong fun is made of very thin rice sheets and not only tastes better but looks colorful too, with the filling showing through the translucent rice sheets. The char siew filling ($2.50) is colourful and savoury.

The priciest item at the stall is the fresh prawn chee cheong fun ($3), served with whole crunchy prawns

If eating the chee cheong fun alone isnt enough to fill your stomach, just add $1 for an additional bowl of porridge.