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Teppei Japanese Restaurant


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This counter-only seating Japanese restaurant offers ala carte and omakase meals for lunch and dinner. Choose from a variety of fresh seafood and vegetables that are deep fried a la minute.

Daily: 12:00 - 14:30

Daily: 18:00 - 22:30

+65 62227363
$55 based on 58 submissions
After Work (10 votes), Dinner (10 votes), Lunch (8 votes)
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one of the best in Singapore

This place has a strong social media presence and after all the raving, I finally get to taste the bowl of goodness. The barachirashi is definitely worth the price of $17.90 with so many pieces of freshness. For more reviews and picture:

The HGW community like this place for...

  • sashimi8 votes
  • Bara chirashi7 votes
  • chirashi5 votes
  • cricket1 vote
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03 Feb 2015 • 1 review • 0 follower

overated n overhyped

clearly overhyped and not worth the money. 2 seatings and 8.30pm seating had to wait until 9pm to be sitted. $80 for their dinner is totally not worth the price with except of their sashimi and sushi combo on spoon. not worth the wait or price and wont be back for their set dinner
05 Jan 2015 • 1965 reviews • 260 followers


With all the hype surrounding Teppei, I decided to wait for it to die down a little before finally paying it a visit.

I made two visits to the place recently.

On my first visit, I tried the Barachirashi Set ($14.95). Loads of tuna, salmon and some swordfish sashimi on rice. However, I felt that it had too much soya sauce in the mix and I felt that it killed the natural flavours of the fish.

On my second visit, I went for the prawn tempura set. The prawns were nice and had a sweet finish, but I felt that the frying was a little haphazard with the batter unevenly spread.

I can understand why this place is popular with its price point, but unfortunately even though it is cheap it is not a place I would recommend to my friends.
  • Barachirashi
26 Dec 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

over the hip

Waited 1.5 years to finally manage to make a reservation and had their omakase dinner yesterday. 1.5 years mind you, of cos we ordered the most expensive set, $80 omakase meal, because I'd kill myself if I were to order the cheaper one after queueing and waiting for hours to get my reservation.
 Anyway, we arrived on time at the restaurant at 8.30pm, only to find out that the 1st seating customers were still taking their own sweet time chatting and drinking. It's really bad. every other customers were already outside waiting. I thought it was very inconsiderate, and the personnel didn't even bother to come outside to update us. I mean, of cos, people also waited very long to get their own booking, so perhaps staying longer only seems right. so it's better to get the 1st seating if you have the chance.
 Proceeding into the restaurant, anxious people cutting queue just to get the seats right in front of the chefs, deal with it. Pretty soon, we were served with course after course of above average japanese food. my friends and I all agreed that there were really nothing fantastic about the food. All the raves were just because of the decent priced omakase (max $80 excl gst & service charge), plus the food was not too bad and you get like 10+ dishes.
 Service was non-existant, we were served promptly by the waiters who just dumped the food on the bar table in front of you and moved on. They didn't even bother to explain to you or tell you what they were serving. like, we were given this small brown fried thingy on a satay stick which we thought was ikan bilis, and we had to ask him what it was, and he told us it was grasshopper (which we later found out from websites that it was actually cricket). Experience wise, we expected much better than that.
 The restaurant was very small, like those typical japanese street restaurant, it was all right, but not when you have irritating customers sitting next to you.
 fried tempura fish didn't bother to de-bone or season, only very fresh fish can taste good without seasoning, which apparently not the case here. served us sushi rolls with bare hands. only their sashimi were worth paying for as they didn't taste fishy and quite generous in their portions.
 Overall it wasn't that bad for the food. But if you have to wait for 3 months to compete with 1000 other customers for a seat just to eat there, I think you're better off else where, such as ichiban sushi.
 Things you have to deal with:
 mediocre service
 irritating customers
2 hours long meal
 Things to look out for:
sushi roll
 free flow hojicha
 fried rice
 yuzu ice cream