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Nice food but steep for value

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 5
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I ordered Thai Fried Rice and Pineapple Rice. Really good but for its relatively small serving and costing $6.20 and $6.50 respectively, I find the price a little too steep. Grilled chicken chop is good too and costs $7.50.

Promotion in June/July was given 1-for-1; and if you dine between 11am to 5pm, each set meal ordered comes with 1 free scoop of ice cream.

Service is very good. The staff are very sincere and attentive.

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Not the best

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I love my Thai food so thought I should try 3 Bistro. My verdict: fairly OK food, but very bad service and expensive

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Cheap THAI food in Race Course Road

Food/Drink 3 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 176

What can you find in Race Course Road?

For many of us, Indian food would be the first cuisine that came up to our minds. But hey, you can actually find cheap Thai food there too!

Opened merely three weeks ago, The 3 Bistro & Bar is the labour of love between 3 friends who used to work together more than a decade ago. Years on, each of them has since explored different paths. Ultimately their passion for food, combined with the aspiration of owning a place they could call their own, gave birth to The 3 Bistro & Bar.

The menu serves a variety of local, western and mainy Thai dishes. One of the owners is actually a Thai, so he and his mother actually takes care of the kitchen.

Tom Yum Seafood ($6.50)

Packed with a nice spicy and sour combination, the Tom Yum Seafood has a nice blend of lemongrass and galangal. The soup base wasn't too overpowering. Though the fish slices may not be the freshest, but the overall package make up for it.

Fried Spicy Kang Kong ($4.80)

Fried Spicy Kang Kong may be common but the sauce here taste abit different from the normal belachan sauce. The fragrance of the sauce lingered around the crunchy vegetables.

Spicy Thai Chilli Fish ($6)

Created by The 3 Bistro & Bar, the Spicy Thai Chilli Fish was a lovely dish. Pieces of dory fish was first deep fried to achieve the crispy texture and then drizzled on with Thai Chilli Sauce. Good for customers who wish to have small bites while watching soccer match in the bistro.

Thai Fried Rice ($6.20)

Simple yet satisfying Thai Fried Rice, very fragrant with a good amount of fish sauce.

Mango Sticky Rice ($5)

I would definitely recommend the Mango Sticky Rice here. The mangoes are specially imported from Thailand and it's exceptionally sweet. The rice is steamed nicely with enough bite still remaining. Mixed well with thick and fresh coconut cream, this is a sinful but worth every divine bite. The boyfriend was warning me,"If you don't eat the mangoes now, I will finish everything by myself!"

The bistro has an alfresco area and a wide array of alcoholic beverages at the cellar for you to chill out after your dinner. There is also a TV for soccer fans and some games for customers who wish to have a game with friends after meal. (Oh, there is FREE parking lots after 10pm!)

There are definitely some hits and misses. Because the bistro is still very new, there are still some fine tunings to be done. But the reasonable prices is definitely a catch. One of the owners, Peter, said they even had a Thai Style Hor Fun, cooked in fermented bean sauce. Looks like I will come back to try it some day!


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You have to give it a try

Food/Drink 4 | Value 5 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
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Food is reasonably priced. A must try is definitely the Tom Yam soup. Spiciness level can be requested in accordance to your preference. The after taste of the soup lingers in your mouth, making it hard not to savour another mouth of it :)

The outdoor area is good for chill-out too

Give it a try!

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