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Situated at the ground floor of One Shenton, this all day dining bistro serves pizzas, pastas, finger food and Western style dishes.

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The Bank Bar & Bistro @ One Shenton

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 2
Total Reviews: 168

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The Bank Bar & Bistro is an all- day dining and bar concept, set to cater towards the business crowd and the office cubicle rats who tend to become a little too hungry during their lunch breaks or after a long day at work. Although there has hardly been any raving compliments about the fare offered at the restaurant, I have to admit that my interest of the restaurant was first sparked due to her pretty interesting name and image.

The Bank Bar & Bistro serves a large array of American diner grub, along with many other light bites on top of their extensive selection of alcoholic beverages. A very popular spot for foreign expatriates and the cubicle rats around the Central Business District area, we were rather fortunate to have been able to find a table within the interior dining area since the restaurant was really streaming with customers past 6.30pm while the outdoor seats were all taken. I believe that the laid-back ambience, coupled by the booze had obviously contributed to the loud chatter and laughter.

Well- known as a crowd favourite to share, the New Yorker had certainly satisfied my cravings for good hand- made pizza. Boasting a gratifying hearty tomato base and creamy mozzarella in which its distinctive fragrance permeated through every bite, the New Yorker pizza was surprisingly delicious; even more so with its decent servings of Salami, Pepperoni and Italian Spicy Sausages slapped on the top. An utterly yummy creation that has certainly earned its reputation at the Bank Bar & Bistro.

The Cobb Salad was a super-sized plate heaving with massive portions of greens drizzled with Ranch dressing, sliced Avocado and Tomatoes, Grilled Chicken strips and it was incorporated with other ingredients such as a Hard-boiled Egg, streaks of Bacon and huge chunks of Blue cheese. It was certainly savoury enough for us but I thought that our supposed appetizer verged on being a tad too heavy as it could have almost been a meal on its own. My favourite constituent of all, the Blue Cheese did definitely add a nice layer of richness or greater depth in flavour to the salad but if only they could have been more generous with it.

Fish & Chips; deep-fried to golden brown and crisp perfection, I had particularly enjoyed the delightful contrast between the crispy coated layer and the delectably smooth and sweet flesh within. However, the batter could have been better endowed with a stronger hit of alcohol since it was hardly distinctive enough. Accompanying the large slabs of fish, I found the mushy peas to be strangely addictive while the culinary team could have been a little easier with the salt in the chips.

Our carbo staple was a lot more ordinary in comparison to the other dishes. The Fungi with Penne could have been cooked a little longer since softer pasta spells comfort while the gravy tasted a little mild and dull to me, even when infused with a touch of Blue Cheese. The chewy Sauteed Mushrooms and Pumpkins did offer pleasurable textures with each bite though. With a few other choices of pasta creations readily available, one would be able to select Spaghetti or Linguine for their dishes as well.

I have to say that the service at The Bank Bar & Bistro was disappointing. There was an apparent lack of staff on duty and many of the customers were neglected during our visit. It took a considerable amount of time before the waitresses realised that we were not served our glasses of distilled water despite our subsequent requests. The service team was kept really busy for the entire evening and they seemed not really able to manage the overwhelming dinner crowd. We had to raise our hands on a few occasions to get the bill for our table and then again, when we wanted our card back.

Judging by the crowd, The Bank Bar & Bistro is surely a favourite after-work choice for many, who might not be that particular about service standards after all. With a favourable and relaxing ambience, decent food and snacks and a wide selection of beverages to enjoy and unwind, the restaurant is an ideal choice for the corporate crowd and a fine option for anyone who is just around the area.

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A great place to chill after work

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 160

The Bank Bar & Bistro is located in the very heart of the Central Business District (CBD). The Bank Bar is an all-day dining and bar concept with a premium bistro set in a spacious ambience. This place caters to the working class who needs to chill after work during happy hour. The fish and chips is a must order as the fish is deep fried to perfection. They do have a good variety of food and as well as drinks for one to unwind.

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Overpriced and terrible service

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 4 | Service 2
Total Review: 1

OMG! Who would have thought that such a classy-looking place would have such a terrible female Manager. Shouting vulgarities and expletives at her staff, in front of customers at that. Truly shocking!!
 And don't even get me started on the food. We tried the truffle fries, with no hint of truffle whatsoever, and a pizza, which I can't remember the name of. To be fair, the pizza was GOOD. But overall, I feel the prices are astronomical, food tastes are mediocre and with such small portions, even a Hobbit would still be hungry after having two servings.
 Oh yes, did I mention that you shouldn't even bother trying to get a table on weekends during football season? The place would be INFESTED with Manchester United fans thinking they owned the restaurant.
 My overall experience was disappointing to say the least, after all the raves I heard. My two cents worth, PLEASE get a new Manager 'cause the current lady just doesn't make the cut.

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