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Top Must Try Dishes
Braised lamb shank6 votes
Cepes mushroom soup4 votes
Cepes mushroom w truffle paste3 votes
Suitable For
Dinner26 votes
Romance/First Dates21 votes
Fine Dining20 votes
Anniversary19 votes
Quiet19 votes
Lunch18 votes
Birthdays17 votes
Business Dining16 votes
After Work15 votes
Private Dining15 votes
Hidden Find11 votes
Large Groups/Gathering10 votes
Wine Lists10 votes
Corporate Events9 votes
Chillout7 votes
Girls Night Out7 votes
Weddings6 votes
Boys Night Out5 votes
Ala Carte4 votes
Children/Family4 votes
Formal Events4 votes
Healthy Eating4 votes
Nice Deco4 votes
Live Band3 votes
Night Out3 votes
Relaxed3 votes

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What others are saying...

 • 18 Jan 2013 10 reviews 1 follower
Decided to give The Clan a try after reading the reviews and my friends and I were very please with our choice.   All the dishes were well presented and we did not wait too long inbetween dishes. Service was attentive and we would definitely return for a second visit.
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I spent $47 per person.

I also recommend this place for:
After Work, Anniversary, Birthdays, Business Dining, Corporate Events, Dinner, Hidden Find, Large Groups/Gathering, Lunch, Private Dining, Quiet, Relaxed, Romance/First Dates

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Ms Skinnyfat
 • 07 Dec 2012 242 reviews 46 followers
Full reviews and pictures are up on my blog at
What's great here is their high quality degustation set menu which allows for a million permutation of choices. The menu reminds me of Dozo, which does a Japanese version. I think they are by the same group, they even have similar dishes. Anyway it's cheaper at Dozo if you fancy Japanese food.
Lunch is a 5 course affair while dinner is 6 courses. With about 4-6 choices for each course, it is without a doubt that we took forever to decide what to have because everything sounded so good. 
Our chef starter: The first is a Foie Gras Chawanmushi. While it tastes a little like the Chickadee snack (or chicken flavored twistees) instead of foie gras, it has to be the smoothest and silkiest steamed egg that i've had. The pan-seared scallop was sweet and bouncy. The last was a refreshing citrusy new styled salmon sashimi.
Next is the Cold Dish (for dinner only). The Alaskan king crab with homemade karashi dressing was fresh and succulent. 
Beef carpaccio, truffle mustard salad in truffle teriyaki & horseradish sauce. Again, i compare this with the beautiful carpaccio cone at Dozo. This kind of pales in comparison due to the amount of beef. While it was tasty, i thought my meat was drowning in the truffle teriyaki sauce. I would have loved a bit more of the European flavor to it. Maybe i'll do the deep fried foie gras the next time. 
Side Dish
Kurobuta pork belly confit w pork cracker & passion fruit sauce was stellar even though i could not bring myself to eat all that soft and melty fats. The meat was tender but there's another pork dish that would blow your mind away. Read on..
My skinnyfat twin and i both had the Crab bisque cappuccino with truffle foam & prawn twister. This is kinda like a cold soup (more like room temperature). The prawn twister is exactly like a non-spicy hae bee hiam snack that we have during Chinese New Year. The soup is fragrant and the texture is like a smoothie. My only qualms is that it's a little sweet for a soup. 
The Kurobuta pork jowl in pistachio puree with pickled zucchini & 64 degree egg yolk is absolutely sublime. Crispy on the outside, it breaks apart easily with a fork. The graininess of the nut complements the buttery meat very well. It is best that you coat each bite with the smooth yolk before devouring it.
The 48 hours Beef short ribs on Hoba Leaf with Lava Stone is also a crowd pleaser. The meat is absolutely tender and i love the aroma of the Hoba Leaf and how it infused into the meat. No sauce required at all. Take the meat off the leaf if you don't want the stone to continue cooking it. 
So the damage was only $62.80++ for a 6 course dinner. Now, that is simply fantastic. Great place for a slightly more indulgent regular dinner. It's a bosses' favorite too, evident by the number of towkays dining at The Clan that night. Now knock yourself out. 


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I spent $70 per person.

Must tries: Kurobuta pork belly confit with pork cracker & passion fruit sauce, 48 hrs short ribs w mandeira sauce, Kurobuta Pork Jowl in Pistachio Purée

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 • 22 Nov 2012 1 review 0 follower
I had a wonderful friday evening at The Clan with my husband. For details on my experience at the place, visit my blog:
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I spent $75 per person.

Must tries: Barracuda

I also recommend this place for:
Anniversary, Birthdays

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Dear Hoggngulp, Thank you for your review. We are glad to hear that your dinner date went well; we will be updating our menu regularly so do check back for more new dishes at The Clan.

17 December 2012