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Top Must Try Dishes
48 hrs short ribs w mandeira sauce12 votes
Beef Carpaccio with truffle8 votes
Kurobuta pork belly confit with pork cracker & passion fruit sauce6 votes
Braised lamb shank4 votes
Cepes mushroom soup4 votes
48 Hours Beef short Ribs on Hoba Leaf w Madeira Sauce on Lava STone3 votes
Cepes mushroom w truffle paste3 votes

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Suitable For
Dinner25 votes
Romance/First Dates21 votes
Quiet19 votes
Anniversary18 votes
Fine Dining18 votes
Lunch18 votes
Birthdays15 votes
Business Dining15 votes
Private Dining15 votes
After Work14 votes
Hidden Find10 votes
Large Groups/Gathering10 votes
Wine Lists10 votes
Corporate Events9 votes
Chillout7 votes
Girls Night Out7 votes
Weddings6 votes
Boys Night Out5 votes
Ala Carte4 votes
Children/Family4 votes
Healthy Eating4 votes
Live Band3 votes
Nice Deco3 votes

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What others are saying...

Lee Chong Seng
 • 13 Oct 2012 1 review 19 followers
Had our 3rd year anniversary dinner at The Clan last Wednesday which turned out to be surprises after surprises! The fusion food served were not only delicious but creatively presented like a picture! A real pleasure to our sight, scent and taste! 色香味具全!We were indeed surprised that such fine cuisine don't come with a pricey tag - 6 courses of delicate cuisine at $62++ per pax! Highly recommend the beef shortribs served on hot lava stone.
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I spent $73 per person.

Must tries: 48 hrs short ribs w mandeira sauce, Kurobuta pork belly confit with pork cracker & passion fruit sauce, Beef Carpaccio with truffle

I also recommend this place for:
Anniversary, Birthdays
I added 4 photos
  • Choc fudge cake
  • Lava choc cake
  • Pork jowl
  • Beef shortribs!

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Dear Lee Chong Seng, Thank you for your review. At The Clan, we believe that great food does not have to come with a hefty price and are heartened to hear that we have manage to achieve our goal in providing an affordable yet enjoyable dining experience. Happy 3rd year anniversary from the team at The Clan, we look forward to serving you again soon.

17 December 2012

Ronni Family
 • 25 Sep 2012 7 reviews 0 follower
Visited clan during lunch to try out the uob Young Chef's Creation menu.

Menu was excellent in particular the starters which included beef carpaccio, truffle and cheese and mushroom soup.

The above mentioned alone will put it at the top end of the pack.

The mains while not as remarkable, high points given to presentation and coordination.

Ideal place for a date and/or private business lunch.

Will be back again.

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Must tries: Beef Carpaccio with truffle, Beef Carpaccio with Truffle Mustard Tossed with Me, Cepes mushroom w truffle paste, Cepes mushroom soup

I also recommend this place for:
Lunch, Dinner, Romance/First Dates, Corporate Events, Fine Dining, Girls Night Out, Private Dining, Quiet

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Dear Ronni Family, Thank you for your visiting The Clan. We will look to improve on our mains based on the feedback you highlighted in your review and are glad to hear that you will be returning for another meal at The Clan.

17 December 2012

 • 14 Sep 2012 230 reviews 23 followers
For the full review/pics, do visit

Being inconspicuous is the new cool for the dining scene in Singapore, something The Clan Restaurant is trying to emulate but for someone who frequents Bukit Pasoh Road road often enough (for the affordable wines atMagma Restaurant a couple of shops down), The Clan Restaurant sticks out like a sore thumb to me.

The Clan Restaurant claims to serve modern European cuisine, though Asian influences are evident within many of their dishes as well. Prices are not cheap per se with 5-Course Set Lunches and 6-Course Set Dinners going for $42.80++ and $62.80++ respectively, but definitely affordable given the quality and quantity of food. Ala carte is available as well, with mains at the $20ish range and all other courses at the $10ish range but I would suggest going for the sets which works out to be way more affordable. You wouldn’t want to miss out on any of the courses anyway.

From the outside, the restaurant doesn’t all look that spacious but once you are in, it feels like a labyrinth. With a seating capacity of 110, I really wonder if the restaurant can handle a full house. There are 2 levels to the restaurant. The 1st boasts an open concept kitchen that allows diners to view the kitchen action whilst enjoying their meals, while the 2nd floor is a little more dim and cosy to cater for more private moments.

While waiting for 1 of my friends to arrive, we starting munching on the complimentary bread, which is served with a tasty dip made of sour cream and a hint of truffle oil. With the dips being this good, we weren’t shy to ask for extra helpings.

Before the 1st course, we were served an Apple Sorbet to whet our appetites.

1st Course: Chef’s Starter

Our first course was the Chef’s Starter ($18++), comprising Salmon Mousse Cone, Pan Seared Scallop with Asparagus & Truffle Foam and a Foie Gras Chawanmushi. Apart from the visual appeal, there was nothing fantastic about the powdery salmon mousse as it tasted like it could be bought off the rack from Cold Storage. The Scallop was seared well but I’m not sure if it was prepared some time ago since it didn’t feel as warm as it should be. What I loved most was the Foie Gras Chawanmushi, a smooth steamed egg custard with just enough foie gras blended in to tease the palate.

2nd Course: Cold Dish

The Cold Dish Course is only available for the set dinners, and is the only thing that differentiates the set lunch from the set dinners. C chose the Alaskan King Crab with homemade Karashi Dressing ($20++). The crab was pretty much left unadorned, methinks to allow the natural sweetness of the crab to shine through.

For myself, I had the Beef Carpaccio, Truffle Mustard Salad, with Truffle Teriyaki and Horseradish Sauce ($16++). I enjoyed the thin slices of marbled raw beef very much, and thought it went well with a light dab of the sweet teriyaki sauce and truffle mustard (which tasted like mayo). Just be sure not to be too liberal with the teriyaki sauce, as The Clan is with its liberal use of Truffle and Foie Gras in naming the dishes on its menu, as it might overwhelm the delicate beefy flavours.

3rd Course: Sides

The Kurobuta Pork Belly Confit with Pork Cracker & Passion Fruit Sauce ($14++)fared well in terms of moist tender meat, but failed in terms of crackling. I initially expected the belly to be slightly fattier, as the slab we had was rather lean.

The Deep Fried Foie Gras, Balsamico Reduction and Cheese Foccacia was somewhat a disappointment. I recently had the Deep Fried Foie Gras at Alkaff Mansion and thought a replication of that would have made my night. However, The Clan’s rendition was off by a mile. My main gripe was that the batter was too thick and drowned out the foie gras. A simple pan-seared one would have sufficed.

4th Course: Soup

I perceive mushroom soups in a negative light. To me, it’s usually something watered down that you get, alongside a drink from a $5 add-on upgrade to a set meal. TheCepes Mushroom with Truffle Paste ($9++) from The Clan however, is far from the cheap mushroom soup you find in such places. It’s chock full of flavour yet not overly thick, retaining a smooth consistency that just warms your whole body as you sip on it. It’s heaven in a bowl, one of the best mushroom soups around surely. I would go back just for this.

Not as awesome as the mushroom soup but nevertheless tasty was the Crab Bisque Cappuccino with Truffle Foam and Prawn Twister ($9++). Very airy and big on flavours to the extent that some of my friends found it too rich and sweet, but it agreed with my palate.

5th Course: Main

T had the 48 Degree Poached Salmon with Japanese Broth, Dehydrated Wakame and Leek Confit ($22++). While the salmon is cooked perfectly in a sous vide style, resulting in a fork tender texture, the flavours are awfully subtle, a huge contrast to the previous dishes that took some getting use to.

I had the Kurobuta Pork Jowl in Pistachio Puree, with Pickled Zucchini and 64 Degree Egg Yolk ($24++), reminding me again of the chef’s history at Dozo where a very similar dish in the form of Kurobuta Pork Cheeks is served. By the way, Jowl is just another word for animal cheeks. The marinade encrusting the pork cheeks added depth to what might have otherwise been a mere savoury dish, and coating the meat with egg yolk balances the flavourfulness of the dish.

Another dish reminiscent to that at Dozo’s is the 48 Hour Beef Short Ribs on Hoba Leef, with Madeira Sauce on Lava Stone ($27++). It’s no surprise that Chef Ken brought this idea over with him, especially since it’s a crowd favourite. The boneless beef ribs are served sizzling atop a hot stone that cooks the beef slowly, leaving the extent of doneness up to the individual to decide. The beef is extremely tender so chewing is kept at a minimal.

6th Course: Dessert

I thought the Madeira Cheese Panna Cotta ($9++) was a pleasant ending to the meal, with the smooth custard topped with a syrup made using madeira, a sweet fortified wine.

One of the more boring dishes I had today was the Chocolate Lava with Raspberry and Homemade Hazelnut Gelato ($9++). Not the best chocolate lava cakes I have come across, but it does its job of satisfying a sweet tooth.

As it was my friend P’s birthday, the staff arranged for a complimentary cheesecake. It tastes alright though it’s rather dry but who’s to complain when it’s free right?

95% of the 75 votes on Hungrygowhere gave The Clan recommend ratings, something almost unheard of and makes one question the authenticity of the votes. However, real votes or not, it’s hard not to love this place. They take care of the small details, like holding 6 different brands of sparkling water and that speaks volumes. In essence,The Clan offers fine dining fusion food that works without burning a hole in the pocket, very much living up to its motto of “classy, lucious and noteworthy”.

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Dear Drpiggy, Thank you for your detailed review. The Clan is committed to keep its prices reasonable with its attractively-priced set menus while being dedicated to serving premium dishes and providing top-notch service. We are glad to read that our efforts have paid off and will remain committed to improving ourselves further. Thank you for choosing to dine at The Clan, we hope your friend had a present birthday celebration us.

17 December 2012