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Top Must Try Dishes
48 hrs short ribs w mandeira sauce12 votes
Beef Carpaccio with truffle8 votes
Braised lamb shank6 votes
Kurobuta pork belly confit with pork cracker & passion fruit sauce6 votes
48 Hours Beef short Ribs on Hoba Leaf w Madeira Sauce on Lava STone4 votes
Cepes mushroom soup4 votes
Cepes mushroom w truffle paste3 votes

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Suitable For
Dinner26 votes
Romance/First Dates21 votes
Fine Dining20 votes
Anniversary19 votes
Quiet19 votes
Lunch18 votes
Birthdays17 votes
Business Dining16 votes
After Work15 votes
Private Dining15 votes
Hidden Find11 votes
Large Groups/Gathering10 votes
Wine Lists10 votes
Corporate Events9 votes
Chillout7 votes
Girls Night Out7 votes
Weddings6 votes
Boys Night Out5 votes
Ala Carte4 votes
Children/Family4 votes
Formal Events4 votes
Healthy Eating4 votes
Nice Deco4 votes
Live Band3 votes
Night Out3 votes
Relaxed3 votes

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What others are saying...

 • 27 Jul 2013 136 reviews 0 follower
Despite the raving reviews of the clan restaurant and its 5 stars on hungrygowhere, I really find the food mediocre, thus the collage as I’m not very bothered in giving details to the food. In general, the whole restaurant tries too hard to be opulent, grand and classy when they use cheap gold table cloth, cutlery and menu (a piece of flimsy paper). It’s too pretentious in my opinion and I didn’t get the slightest feeling that it is a plush restaurant. There was also a little cigarette stench when we went in.

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Sean Tay2
 • 02 Jul 2013 11 reviews 18 followers
A friend suggested this venue for a birthday lunch back in March 03 and after some research it seems that the chef had moved on from Dozo. Now, Dozo is a place I have visited quite a few times and quite liked because of the hip decor, (a little over the top and over-enthusiastic) service and interesting food. 

If I am not wrong, the chef has transported his approach from Dozo to The Clan in quite its entirety, from the fixed menu which comprised of fruit-based non-acloholic shooters to start off the meal and an entree of the Chef's Platter. Visited this venue twice in 3 months and the platter was the same, not that I am complaining..... 

The servers took time to explain the 3 components of platter and the recommended order for consumption. The scallop was nicely browned while still tender in the middle and the accompanying foam complemented it. 
On the left was a mini sushi rice ball with furikake and lots of mayo.... no one could fault that. The last one if i did not remember wrongly was a foie gras chawanmushi which was pretty delicate and a warm welcome for the rest of the meal. Do not expect an overpowering foie taste for the price you are paying. 

For sides, some partners had the steamed razor clams which they claimed were fresh and really awesome. Deep fried Foie Gras was something new to me and I gave it a shot. While the insides of the foie was cooked to a nice doneness, the batter did not seem to complement the foie. I had requested on my 2nd visit for the foie gras to be simply pan-seared but was told it could not be done. Again, the crust was left behind while the foie were eaten. I guess for most people, the crust on the foie gras is what we love most.

For the soup course, every single one of us on both visits only went for 2 items. The Cepes Mushrooms with Truffle Paste or the Crab Bisque. While I know a good consomme may be hard to make, is it likely anyone would go for the miso soup? Both soups we had were nice, the mushroom one earthy with blended bits of mushrooms and the crab bisque a little foamy and accomapnied by a 'spring roll' which added some taste as fun. 

For the mains, most of us went for the ever-popular 48 Hours Beef Short Ribs on Hoba Leaf with Peppercorn Sauce on Lava Stone. Slow-cooked in a vacuumed bag for 2 days, the beef was sliced and presented on a hot stone topped with a dried Hoba Leaf which imparted a certain aroma to the beef. The beef was already cooked to medium rare upon serving and you get to decide on the doneness by playing around with your meat on the sizzling stone. For me, it was a game of stacking since I was afraid of pieces getting overdone. Oh.... the accomapnying sauce that comes with the steak is negligable. The pleasure comes from the texture of the meat that has been slow cooked to perfection. Just add salt if necessary. 

For Desserts, Just go staight from the Royaltine Chocolate Cake, unless you like cheese like me where they provide quite a delicious mix.
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I spent $50 per person.

I also recommend this place for:
After Work, Ala Carte, Anniversary, Birthdays, Boys Night Out, Brunch, Business Dining
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Hoongy !
 • 20 Jun 2013 1840 reviews 253 followers
Since its launch, The Clan has received good reviews from many who have visited, and I am no different, being a fan of the set menus that they offer.

Lunch and dinner are similar, except that there is one more course at dinner, usually a higher end appetiser.

I remembered starting with the Oyster in Three Ways, with one being prepared with an extreme spicy salsa, one with a quails egg yolk and one done with cream. I liked the dish, and it got my palette excited for what was to come.

For the side dish I had the Steam razor clam with salmon trout roe drizzle with Japanese oil. Warning for the health concious - this dish is high in oil.

For my soup I had the Doubled boiled beef consomme with caramelized onion and shallot wrap. This is a good soul warmer to wash down the rich starters.

From the main course menu, I tried the 48 hrs beef short ribs on hoba leaf with mandeira sauce on lava stone. It cooks while you eat, so if like your beef done medium rare like I do, be sure to remove it from the hot stone. I also had the Spiced braised lamb shank with potato panko and extra virgin olive powder which was also another well executed tender dish. But my favourite melt in the mouth main course had to be the Kurobuta pork jowl in pistachio puree with pickled zucchini and 64 degree egg yolk. No deep sauce - just the natural taste of the pork was good enough for me.

Dinner ended with a Green tea tiramisu. Washing it all down with a 2001 chardonnay, The Clan was a wonderful experience for me.
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I spent $65 per person.

Must tries: 48 hrs short ribs w mandeira sauce

I also recommend this place for:
Dinner, Girls Night Out, Large Groups/Gathering, Lunch, Trendy

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