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The Clan Restaurant has relocated!

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The Clan Restaurant has relocated.

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20 Oct 2013 • 2 Reviews • 0 Follower

Food good, Service better.

I went to The Clan on Saturday for the set dinner for a birthday celebration.

We were served with a complimentary icy lemon/lime drink. It was refreshing to the taste buds because of its sourness. Then we had the standard starter that consists the pan-seared scallop, the prawn sushi and some duck thing. My favourite of the 3 was the scallop as it was succulent.

For appetizer, my friend had oysters in 3 ways while I had the Alaskan Crab with salad. Go for the oyster.
For sidedish, we had Pork Belly Comfit (Roasted Pork) and tempura soft shell crab. Although I've eaten these sidedish on its own, I've not tasted the way they are prepared at The Clan. Both dishes are delicious, but I lean towards the pork.

For Soup, we had mushroom with truffle paste and crab bisque. I'm not too crazy about the soup but they were still prepared well. For the crab bisque, I would like the meat in the soup instead of the crab twister.

Main dish - Prime Beef short ribs and pork jowl. The serving of the beef is an interesting experience - you decide on the degree of rawness for your beef while heating it up over the hot stone. I've not tasted the Pork Jowl before and the meat simply melts in the mouth.

Dessert - we had the lava cake...I would have like it more if the inside of the cake actually oozes out like lava.
From the online reservation, I indicated that it was a birthday celebration and we were given a complimentary slice of pear cake. :-) It tasted better than the lava cake. 
Much credit has to be given to the waitress Kris and the other waitress. Kris recommended dishes and the order of eating the different items to best enjoy the taste. And importantly, she did it with humility and humour. 
Must Tries
Kurobuta Pork Jowl in Pistachio Purée, Oyster in 3 ways, Kurobuta pork belly confit with pork cracker & passion fruit sauce
Recommended for
Anniversary, Birthdays
Average Spend
$160 for 2 pax
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