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 • 30 Jan 2014 6 reviews 0 follower
Very similar to Dozo - menu, the way you select one dish from a few offered for appetizer, main, etc, for the set dinner, even the presentation and the way the waiters are supposed to introduce the dishes..... a copy of how Dozo was run. I tried these - King crab salad, crab bisque, lamb shank, creme brulee, etc. Out of these the lamb was worth mentioning - soft flesh and well cooked. The rest were ok. The crab meat was really not that much so don't have high expectations. One thing that stood out were the waiters They were loud mouthed and loved to interrupt the on-going conversations to ask for orders, put the dishes down and introduce the dishes. They lacked the grace and discernment of the waiters Dozo had. Given that this restaurant is in a busy place (Bukit Pasoh) with limited parking, I would rather stick to Dozo at RV since nothing is really different from Dozo.

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