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The Coastal Settlement


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Tucked away at a former barracks in Changi Beach, The Coastal Settlement is the sister restaurant of CM-PB in Dempsey Hill. Surrounded by vintage furniture and nostalgic architecture, diners can experience a casual dining experience in the 300-seater restaurant that offers local and western cuisine.

Mon - Sun: 10:30 - 00:00

Last order for food: 22:00

+65 64750200
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Alfresco/Outdoor Dining (20 votes), After Work (17 votes), Brunch (16 votes)
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The Coastal Settlement @ Netheravon Road

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A hidden gem settled near to the eastern border of our island, The Coastal Settlement is a recently established casual dining restaurant that is motivated to offer savoury Western and Asian dishes in her one-of-its-kind village home-like environment, infused with a contemporary touch. Surrounded by greenery and situated relatively close to the sea, The Coastal Settlement encourages her customers to be dressed comfortably so as to expect nothing more than a casual dining experience.

Melody explained to us how a few unique aspects of the former army barrack-warehouse’s architecture were retained and she divulged one of the venue’s hidden secrets to me as well. In line with one of the co-owners’ passion for antiques and old knick- knacks, the interior of The Coastal Settlement is furnished with an extensive variety of collectors’ treasures and vintage items that contributes to the restaurant’s vision of reliving the old days and for the customers to be immersed in a nostalgic experience. A vastly spacious single-storey eatery that can accommodate a capacity of 200- odd patrons, The Coastal Settlement is definitely an ideal dining location for any large gatherings. There are also a few private corners for any couples or small groups who seek for a more intimate affair.

The lightly crisped shoestring fries were gently lifted by just the right amount of white truffle oil that caused them to taste finger-licking good. Matched by a small dip of tangy home-made ketchup that concocted of freshly-diced tomato bits, the Truffle Fries were definitely a simple yet satisfying starter that is indeed worthy of one’s order.

The Char-grilled Wagyu Beef and Mushroom Pizza was introduced as one of the restaurant’s best-sellers, one that would usually be spotted at almost every table during dinner time. The milder White Wine Reduction tempered the strong flavours of the Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese so that one would still be able to taste the smoky savour of the gratifyingly chewy Char-grilled Wagyu Beef and the delightful mix of Sauteed Mushrooms and Caramelized Onions. In addition, I thought that the use of the appropriately large cracker-like crust had actually brought about a whole new excitement to the different layers of texture in this pizza.

An Asian classic that is well-known to be tough to leave a significant enough impression; The Coastal Settlement’s Nasi Lemak was a hearty assembly of rice that was well-perfumed with the aroma of coconuts/ pandan, a pair of juicy Fried Chicken drumstick and wing that were not too greasy, two superbly succulent Tiger Prawns, served with a middling Sunny Side Up Egg and lastly, perfectly accompanied by crispy scrumptious Ikan Bilis and not too spicy (more of sweet) Sambal Chilli. Although the culinary team could have been more generous with the portions of Coconut Rice and Sambal Chilli, I had still found it to be quite a distinctive rendition of Nasi Lemak that would definitely beat the ones offered at some other franchise outlet or chain restaurant elsewhere.

One of their Festival Specials, the superbly tender and fragrant Kurobuta Pork Cheeks were served wonderfully warm on a bed of silky Mashed Potato that spelled delicious comfort at its best. The gastronomical pleasure of the show-stopping chunks of mouthwatering meat was further elevated by the inclusion of braised red wine. A lip-smackingly yummy dish that was the meal’s winner for me

The only disappointing number from The Coastal Settlement, the Sea Salt Caramel Cheese Cake was just too salty for one’s taste buds. The sweet elements were largely overwhelmed, so much so that I could hardly derive any toothsome pleasure from the dessert. However, I do believe that it was just not the right day to have their Sea Salt Caramel Cheese Cake (since it couldn’t possibly go that wrong).

Quite an artful creation that might possibly cause the fairer s** to stare at the plate for a long while before bringing themselves to dig in, the fragrant and slightly crisped Waffles was brilliantly accompanied by a pleasurable assortment of fresh strawberries, banana, maple syrup, whipped cream and a sizeable scoop of dark chocolate ice cream topped with a crunchy nutty wafer biscuit.

Treating us with unfailing hospitality, the service team was warm, patient and courteous. It was easy to engage in a conversation with a few of them and some took the initiative to drop by our table to question if we were satisfied with out food. Our request for an additional serving of their home-made Tomato Sauce (for our Truffle Fries) were acceded to almost immediately. Knowing that we were sharing our main dishes, additional plates and utensils were brought to our table, even without us asking. This was also carried out before we started on our desserts.

I must admit that The Coastal Settlement is indeed quite inaccessible, especially to those who might be more reliant on public transport. However, I do strongly believe that The Coastal Settlement is more than worthy of one’s visit- for anyone who favours a remarkable dining ambience, excellent service and a hearty fare of well-executed dishes. Definitely one of the best options for anyone who requires a decent venue for a large gathering in the East, The Coastal Settlement is also an ideal choice for families and friends to enjoy a meal together throughout the week.

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Stew Kuche

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01 Mar 2015 • 131 reviews • 5 followers

The Coastal Settlement, out-of-urban dining

For more details, please visit The Coastal Settlement (TCS) has been around for a long time, yet this was my first time visiting them. Located near the chalets, and opposite the abandoned Old Changi Hospital, The Coastal Settlement set itself in the midst of greenish plantations, more like a garden concept in colonial style. Indoor seating is more of English-family style of dining, with bikes and other colonial-times ornaments to view. Outdoor seating will be more garden-like, great for those who likes to be close to the nature. Calamari ($14.00).Squid is marinated and fried with pepper and spicy salt, and side with passion fruit mayo as sauce to dip with. Freshly prepared calamari was brought to our table with the tinge-flavored deep fried squid triggering our sense of smell. Squid is perfectly fried, where it is easy to slice yet retain the chewy effect of a squid. Passion fruit mayo is a complement to the salty and peppery taste. Roast Chicken ($25.00), comes with a small bowl of potato and mushroom and seasonal vegetables. Chicken skin is glazed with orange, giving the already crispy skin another layer of excitement. Chicken is well roasted and rubbed with spices, which very much taste like the Chinese style of roast chicken rice. Rosti Sausage ($23.00) is made of potato rosti, chicken cheese sausage, sunny side up, sour cream and mesclun salad. This may not be as delicious looking as the Roast Chicken, satisfactory level is set to high too. Cheese chicken sausage does not have too much cheese in it, thus able to finish the entire sausage without complaining too cheesy. For more details, please visit
26 Jan 2015 • 1 review • 0 follower

Disappointing experience...

Dine here for the first time last Fri (23 Jan). Would avoid had I knew there was a private event. It would be good if the staff could let me know ahead when I tried to make a reservation (marketing strategy??). Bad service! Sat outdoor and were bitten by mosquitoes. Told the manager to move us if indoor is available but was obviously ignored (again bad service!). Tried pizza and calamari - quite good. Chkn wings - CMI! Clam and mussels soup is good thou but choco lava cake (hmm.. you can forget abt it!) Overall food is ok ok but pricey.  Will we return? Well... there are plcs with better service and food...
01 Jan 2015 • 1 review • 0 follower

vintage ambiance

The food is fairly decent, big portion for brunch menu. Decoration of old local style. The queue is too long for a quiet brunch.