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The Disgruntled Chef is a restaurant and bar at the lush surroundings of the Dempsey hill area. It offers a fresh take on European classic and the food is accompanied by cocktails made from the fresh ingredients and a wine list of over 70 hand picked labels.

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Lobster & crab sliders
Lobster & crab sliders
Grilled French Quail
Grilled French Quail
Sea salt and chilli Margarita
Sea salt and chilli Margarita

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A pleasant dinner

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Review: 1

The Disgruntled Chef is a hidden gem among the cluster of shops and diners in Dempsey Hill. With its inconspicuous and subtle sign, Howard and I almost missed the restaurant which occupies an one-story colonial house. The contemporary restaurant employs a simple and industrial interior design with gray-scale furnishings that create a clean and stylish atmosphere. Famous for its strong tapas influence with modern twist, The Disgruntled Chef splits its menu into 3 sections: nibbles, small plates, and big plates. Our waitress recommended us to order a few small plates along with one big plate as they are made for sharing.
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 Thai White Sangria
 Citrus Vodka, Lime, Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime Leaf, Honey & Riesling
 I’m usually very hesitant when it comes to white sangrias because of its potentially bland and uninteresting taste, but the bar’s own version of Thai White Sangria completely blew my mind. With a refreshing hint of lemongrass and lime leaves, the Riesling-based alcoholic goodness was pleasantly fragrant and fruity. The light pink and green elements of the sangria also make it the perfect sweet spring cocktail.
 Black Truffle Bikini Sandwiches with Brie
 With a s*** name like this appetizer, I was definitely expecting more than just three pieces of bite-size, truffle-scented grilled cheese. Nothing out of the ordinary…
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Will not go again

Food/Drink 2| Value 1| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Review: 1

3 of us visited The Disgruntled Chef last night and we initially ordered the Salt of the Sea and Seared Scallop Carpaccio from the small plate item, Roasted Mushroom from the sides, and the Crackling Suckling Pig and Snow Crab Pasta from the big plate items. We had wanted to order the Marcaroni and Cheese as well but the waitress told us the portion of the pasta and suckling pig were big and could serve 2-3 pax, so we did not order the macaroni and cheese.

When the food came, we got a shock as the portion was mini and nowhere big. The portion of snow crab pasta ($29)  was so small that we thought a kid could have easily wiped out 1 plate. When 3 of us adults shared the dish, each of us could only have a few mouthful. And there was also hardly any snow crab in it.

The salt of the sea, which was fried fish skin, the scallop and mushroom were nice but nothing to cry for. I espceially liked the scallop though my friends thought that it was nothing special.

When the suckling pig came, we got another shock of our life! At $68, we had expected half of the pig but we were only served about 6 pieces of pork (or rather bones)! For this dish, we would say that luckily the portion was mini because when the dish came, we could smell the strong smell of pig. When I took 1 piece, the smell was so strong that I almost puked. We thought we need to eat it with the mustard seeds so we tried another piece and again  I wanted to puke. Besides the strong foul smell, the skin was also very hard and not crispy at all and the meat was also very dry. Most of it were bones. We had tried suckling pigs at alot of restaurants and this one was the worst we had ever eaten!   As we were still not full, we ordered decided to order the crayfish macaroni and cheese, which was nice as I'm a cheese lover. However, we hardly see any crayfish, only some bits and pieces.

As we were very unsatisfied with our meal, we decided to order the creme brulee and sticky toffee pudding, which, were the saving grace. The pudding was very sweet but as I have a sweet tooth, I love it and it managed to get the pork smell out of my mind!

We spent $220 in total and overall, we think that it is not worth this price. For dempsey, we had expected this price, but we also expected a better experience, which sadly, we did not. The portion of the food and specially the suckling pig dish was such a disappointment that it ruin our overall dinning experience. For the price, we could easily have a more satisfying dinner at another restaurant at Dempsey.

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Dissappointed & will not come back again

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 3| Service 1
Total Reviews: 2

I was there to celebrate my mum’s birthday and we ordered a few dishes to share amongst the family and one of which is the Crackling Suckling Pig which took 45mins to prepare. When the dish was served in front of my sister, the smell of the pig was distinctive and unbearable. However, she held back her comment as she thought it was just her being too sensitive. Each of us took a piece each meat and after eating it, the same sentiments were felt about the suckling pig. Hence, we decided to inform our waiter and let him gave the feedback to the chef.
 Low and behold, another waiter came back with the dish and told us that there was nothing wrong with the dish! If you think we are trying to ask for free food, we are not! If you call yourself a DISGRUNTLED CHEF, then you should value this feedback and send someone to handle the situation better than what you did to us last evening! We have eaten suckling pig from different types of restaurants before and will have some basic understanding that there was something not right to the food. My dad even had to use mustard sauce to cover the smell of this pork, what do you think was wrong here?
 I held back my complaint last evening as I do not want to spoil lovely evenings that mum should deserve.

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Great food in lovely settings

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 609

The dinner venue tonight was The Disgruntled Chef, located at the trendy Dempsey Hill. An interesting modern-European restaurant and bar concept hidden beneath a flight of wooden steps - how lovely and secluded. Consisting of a contemporary and vintage-glamor design, the restaurant offered good service as well.

We had the Crab & Lobster Sliders (SGD$14.00) was another delicacy that we were glad to have ordered - small lobster and crab rolls topped with thin slivers of Granny Smith apples. The bread roll had a lovely fluffy, fresh texture to it, going very well with the luscious flavor of the minced seafood meat and crunchiness of apple slivers.

Then we took something from the "big plate" section to share - Grilled French Quail (SGD$32.00), served with Frisee Salad, Crispy Bacon and Poached Egg. If you love quail - well, its taste is very similar to duck meat, only smoother and more tender. This one had a bonus hint of smokiness to enhance the flavor, and was incredibly scrumptious.

*Helen had a Sea Salt & Chilli Margarita (SGD$18.00) for drinks - Don Julio Reposado, calamansi, Honey, Sea Salt Air. This drink was a major WOW to the tastebuds - refreshing, yet spicy, getting the palate all tangy in its exotic flavor.

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