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A pleasant dinner

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Review: 1

The Disgruntled Chef is a hidden gem among the cluster of shops and diners in Dempsey Hill. With its inconspicuous and subtle sign, Howard and I almost missed the restaurant which occupies an one-story colonial house. The contemporary restaurant employs a simple and industrial interior design with gray-scale furnishings that create a clean and stylish atmosphere. Famous for its strong tapas influence with modern twist, The Disgruntled Chef splits its menu into 3 sections: nibbles, small plates, and big plates. Our waitress recommended us to order a few small plates along with one big plate as they are made for sharing.
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 Thai White Sangria
 Citrus Vodka, Lime, Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime Leaf, Honey & Riesling
 I’m usually very hesitant when it comes to white sangrias because of its potentially bland and uninteresting taste, but the bar’s own version of Thai White Sangria completely blew my mind. With a refreshing hint of lemongrass and lime leaves, the Riesling-based alcoholic goodness was pleasantly fragrant and fruity. The light pink and green elements of the sangria also make it the perfect sweet spring cocktail.
 Black Truffle Bikini Sandwiches with Brie
 With a s*** name like this appetizer, I was definitely expecting more than just three pieces of bite-size, truffle-scented grilled cheese. Nothing out of the ordinary…
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Great lunch place or alfresco dining with friends

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 6

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My friends and I tried the Disgruntled Chef for lunch on a Sunday. While they serve brunch on Sundays, we were swayed to get the main menu instead since the dishes on there sounds more appetizing and original. And I highly recommend you do the same.

The concept of dining here is similar to Tapas bar where everything comes in small or large plate and you share with your friends. As such, this is a nice place to hang out/ dine in for large group of people. A word of warning, space is kind of limited so I suggest that you reserve before hand.

We ordered the famous crackling suckling pig and miso cod fish which were as good as they have been hyped up. But we also liked the grilled squid salad and the scallop. On the other had, I was not a fan of crayfish mac and cheese. For a mac and cheese it is very good but for a crayfish mac and cheese, it is mediocre since I can't taste the crayfish.

Food in general is unexpectedly good and since everything is shared, you can try many dishes. I definitely will come back since we did not even cover half of the menu and there are a few interesting dishes such as steak tartare with egg and veal cheeks.

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and The Happy Diners

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 68

I went to Disgruntled Chef today and will be going to Disgruntled Chef many times more. The dining concept is simple. There are small plates and big plates. We ordered and shared. There is also a $24++ set lunch for people who like to have a sense of belonging to their food.

The crispy lamb short ribs ($14) were outstanding. The ribs were perfectly tender and fats delicious. The meat was slightly gamey in taste but still acceptable for a non red meat lover like me. The baked sea scallops was replaced with 1 huge king scallop ($18). The presentation of the scallop was great with the shell of the scallop resting on a bed of seasalt. The roe of the scallops was heavenly sinful and there was even baked pastry for us to wipe up the truffle butter. Marinated cucumber with miso ($8) was ordered to tone down the sinfulness of other cholesterol-packed dishes. This was slightly saltish as whole beans were used. However, the twirl of the cucumber added dimension in terms of texture making this outstanding as well.

We could not resist ordering a big plate of suckling pig ($48). It was very very good with each piece of the meat having a good proportion of crispy skin, melt-in-thy-mouth fats, tender meat and collagen-filled tendon. The 1/2 hour wait for this baby was well-worth it. The other big plate we ordered was the chicken and crayfish fricasse ($32). The parboiled chicken was soaked in creamy sauce with loads of mushroom and spinach. I like! Finally, we also ordered a set lunch with crayfish aglio olio. The pasta was well-done with an ultra-generous amount of crayfish. Service was excellent! The staff recommended another version of bloody mary when we wanted another one and my friend love his recomendation very much!

A disgruntled chef who make diners happy? Give me that anytime over a happpy chef who does not know what the diners want. Yay!

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Some hits, a few misses

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 128

Came here after some friends raved about the place, especially the bone marrow... can't remember everything we ordered, but I thought the marrow was nothing to write home about... and in fact, I thought our serving was too large, and got a little sick after a while...

Baked camembert was simple, but nice... suckling pig was a let down... cucumber salad was pretty nice... can't remember what else we had...

Cocktails were good though!

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Disgruntled Chef cooks awesome food

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 6

I had a great christmas lunch at a place in Dempsey Hill that requires a little more effort to find. You may have thought that you spotted the entrance through the grey wall with its name on it, but you look to the right to nothing but a pathway. Its like a little forest trail to the restaurant.. Ok, I exaggerated.

With a grey wall interior and low lighting, the main source of light came from the sunlight through its windows during the day, and me being me, I requested for the window seat. The chef may be disgruntled, but who cares, he cooks good food. Oops.. I meant awesome food!

The servings here are categorized into two plate sizes, Small plates and Big plates. Basically small plates are the sizes of appetizers and big plates are the main courses. They strongly encourage sharing among couples and friends and that’s the reason why they name their choices of serving in this unique way.

Fresh Oyster & Merguez(Small Plate). Shucked oysters and lamb sausage with bloody mary shaved ice @ S$7 each. There is a slight hint of rawness in the oysters but minimal. Definitely good stuff. The lamb sausage’s strong taste is efficient in neutralizing the raw taste from the oysters. Bloody mary shaved ice replacing the usual tabasco sauce on top of the fresh oysters makes a good start to a great meal.

Baked Sea Scallops (Small Plate). Five pieces of fresh scallops with vegetables & truffle butter @ S$12. Soft and easy to bite. Light in taste, getting you ready for the main course.

Roasted Miso Cod (Big Plate). Served with sauteed mushrooms @ S$28. This is the most amazing cod fish I’ve ever eaten. It ain’t normal fish. The cod fish is creamy and literally “melts” in your mouth. The taste is so unique you’ve got to try it.

My favourite dish for the day! Crackling Suckling Pig served with crudites & honey & clove sauce  @ S$48. How often do you get to eat suckling pig in a restaurant? The thought of the crispy crispy and crispy suckling pig skin still lingers in my mind now. The meat is tender and juicy. Eat it with the cucumbers and carrots slices to enhance the crunchy effect. The staffs were thoughtful to serve this as the last dish due to its strong taste compared to the rest of the dishes.

This place is suitable for private dining of 2 to 8 pax. You will never go wrong with excellent food alongside good services. You don’t have to worry about any disgruntled chef because you don’t get to see them. As long as the food is good, no one is complaining!

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