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19 Dec 2013 • 5 Reviews • 0 Follower

Disappointing service and lacklustre food

Food review: Had the X'mas menu

Soup - smelt good but my lunch companion remarked that it tasted bland

Main course - i had the open ravioli and needed tobasco sauce to bring out some flavor. alright if you like your ravioli lightly-flavoured, though.

Dessert - my lunch companion asked for the Xmas pudding sans alchohol content. The server took 3 minutes to check if their rum and raising ice cream had alcohol-content (!...) and came back to tell us that they couldnt serve the dessert because the ice-cream had alcohol in it. When asked if we could replace the ice-cream with another flavour, they said they couldnt because it came together with the pudding (...). Did the pudding contain alcohol? They said no, it was only the ice-cream.

We gave up and decided to order a scoop of ice-cream for her instead, to which they said they only have 1 other flavour available, which was vanilla. She said OK. I ordered the pudding for myself.

When it came to dessert, my lunch companion was served a bowl of raspberry ice-cream. (...)

My Xmas pudding came with the pudding and a scoop of rum and raisin ice cream on top of the pudding. 1) The ice cream tasted like plain vanilla ice cream - no raisin found, no rum tasted. 2) And if the pudding had no alcohol content why couldn't they just serve the pudding with the vanilla ice cream?

FYI the floor manager? lead waiter? (male, slim, spiked hair) told me cheerfully that he would find out why my lunch companion was served raspberry ice-cream instead of vanilla but avoided all eye contact with me after that. He had 45 mins to come back to me but he never did.

It'll take a lot for me to return.  
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