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(Closed) The Fat Cat Bistro


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Address: 15 Jalan Riang

A casual bistro tucked away in the tranquil Serangoon Park estate, The Fat Cat is the puuurfect place to chill with friends and family. Let us spoil you with our wide array of unique and mouth-watering dishes from our Thai, North Indian and European food shops. Savour our roasted red duck curry with seedless grapes, honey pineapple and fresh red chilli or our seared sea bass fillet served with roasted bell pepper sauce, ratatouille and roasted potato or our tender Tandoori chicken with freshly baked garlic naan. Wash it all down with a mug of fresh Hoegaarden beer or a glass of fine wine and leave some space for a scrumptious chocolate bomb and a cup of gourmet coffee. Weekday set lunches start from as low as $8.90! Our puuurfect prices are sure to wow you and leave you meowing for more.

Tue - Sun: 11:30 - 14:30

Tue - Fri: 17:30 - 22:30

Closed: Mon

+65 62855178
$22 based on 108 submissions
Dinner (20 votes), After Work (19 votes), Alfresco/Outdoor Dining (17 votes)
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Lynn Ee

Sunday Chillout with Friends =)

Great ambience with friendly staff! Went there twice and at both times enjoyed the food there =) I think that the dinner crowd will thin out at around 8pm which was why both times I was there I got a place pretty quickly

I would recommend the Indian food, personally loving the Butter Chicken which is served with 4 pieces of Garlic Naan. It is yummy though I wish the spicy kick in the gravy could be a bit stronger.

Chicken chunks were generous and the owner is a really nice Indian lady who was kind enough to make us comfortable to make the dining experience much better!

Tried a sip of my friend's mango Lassi and it is pretty good! Robust in flavour and smooth in texture!

The guys in the group had the Nasi Briyani and they love the portions which it comes in! It is pretty tasty to boot!

Pad Thai and Fried Hor Fun was good too and it came piping hot!

Prices are not dirt cheap but it is still a pretty nice place to hang out if you want a variety of food and a nice ambience to chill in ;)

More food pictures can be found at:

The HGW community like this place for...

  • butter chicken7 votes
  • naan with curry6 votes
  • steaks/ grill5 votes
  • crispy crab tofu4 votes
  • garlic butter naan3 votes
  • Chocolate Bomb2 votes
  • khanom jeen2 votes
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Stew Kuche

European • German

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30 Sep 2013 • 13 reviews • 0 follower

Don't waste your time

Food was lousy, service was worse.

I wanted to make a reservation for dinner once. Went down personally to reserve since I was staying within walking distance. Given a poor impression when I talked to the staff about wanting to reserve a table FOR 7.30. His answer was "CANNOT". Which service line staff tells their customers "CANNOT" so blatantly?

In the end, I managed to get a reservation earlier than my desired time. Food was not impressive at all. Prices, anyone can easily get better and more affordable food anywhere else. Food was not even worth half of their listed price.

Not happy with anything offered by them and I will never go back there again until they learn to be less rude to their customer
23 Sep 2013 • 71 reviews • 7 followers


Visited Fat Cat and learnt that they are actually moving out soon due to rental increase. They don't know where they are headed yet!

Interesting concept of 3 seperate stalls combined in one place. While I was there, the I had the ribeye steak from the European stall and Chicken masala with garlic naan. 

The steak was PERFECTLY COOKED OMG. HOWEVER, it was seasoned TOO SALTY. Total total waste. Good cut, great texture with little cartilege but seriously, over salted?! Gosh.

The chicken masala was also very very good, spicy and a rich thick masala curry. 

And yes, the staff are quite impatient sometimes, so don't expect restaurant service standards. 

Check out more reviews at my blog. I didn't do a full review as they were moving soon, will do one at the new location.
23 Sep 2013 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Love the Name, Hate the Service

The service was so bad I thought it would be my duty to make it known to the world. 

If you like to be served with impatience, sarcasm and general rudeness, this might just be the place for you.

The first and last time I was here, I left feeling I got swatted by the paws of a fat cat.

This ATAS kopitiam's redeeming factor was its somewhat OK food, but definitely not good enough for me to come back and suffer for the appalling (lack of) customer service.