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Food and drinks served in The Living Cafe & Deli are prepared with ingredients specially sourced organically and high in nutritional value. The cafe has such confidence in its fresh produce that they specially designed a raw food menu of soups, pizzas, pastas and desserts.

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Holistic, healthy dining in the heart of Bukit Timah

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 48

The setting

Occupying the former roost of Japanese restaurant Chiharu, the The Living Café is the brainchild of Dana Heather – a naturopath, homeopath and nutritionist – and her banker-turned-entrepreneur husband, Ash Heather. At first glance, this partially glass-clad café looks no different from its counterparts in the neighbouring area but close-up, the racks of health supplements and nutritional ingredients on display tell a different story. 

What to expect

In conjunction with a U.S.-based chef, author and raw foods counselor – Elaine Love – the couple has crafted a red meat- and refined-sugar-free menu. The healthy-living cuisine is anchored on raw food (food cooked at temperature of 47 degree Celsius and below) – a raw pizza ($12), fresh greens on 16-hour dehydrated almond and sunflower seeds-studded crust, and the raw TLC cheesy burger ($15) with a patty made from 23-hour dehydrated mushrooms, walnuts and sunflower seeds crowned with onions and alfafa sprout and sandwiched between leaves of lettuces. “We try to serve organic food whenever possible,” says Heather.

Our favourites

The raw gazpacho soup ($8) packs a refreshing punch with its mélange of fresh flavours from cucumber, capsicum, cilantro, celery, lemon jus and herbs; while The Living Café roll ($12) is a crunchy assortment of vegetables like carrot, cucumber and capsicum in a fold of thinly-sliced daikon served alongside vinaigrette and red bell pepper sauce. For desserts, go guilt-free with sugar- and dairy-free options like the raw blueberry ‘cheese’ cake ($8.50) made with Irish moss and homemade cashew nut milk.

You may not know that….

Dana Heather is a holistic health practitioner and she runs a naturopathic and homeopathy clinic on level 3 of the same building.

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Delicious, fresh, high quality food ... but PLEASE on the aircon or add fans.

Food/Drink 5 | Value 3 | Ambience 1 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 7

We arrived for dinner and were seated immediately, oddly in the corner as the restaurant was empty. We waited awhile to have our drink orders taken and decided that because of this we should order our apps and entree immediately. Once our orders were taken services was prompt and friendly and the food came out of the kitchen quickly. 

 But the restaurant was sweltering hot! There was no air movement, no aircon and we were dripping with sweat, as were the young ladies dining in the private group area--I could see sweat soaking through their silk dresses. I am known to be "the coldest person in the world" among friends and family and can count on one hand the times in my life when I have been hot--this was one of those times. I asked if the aircon was on or if there were fans, but nothing improved. 

I ordered the pumpkin soup (delicious but too hot for the environment) and my husband ordered the cold cucumber soup, which was a bit salty but tastey. The wines at $12.00 a glass were generous pours. My husband ordered the tofu burger which was good, but different than expected, tofu serving as the buns with veggies in between. I ordered the veggie delight pizza (with only light goat cheese) and it was out-of-this-world DELICIOUS! The roasted squash and pumpkin seeds were something I had been craving since my arrival in Singapore and it didn't disappoint. Next we had dessert, German Chocolate cake, the raw carrot cake, and a raw chocolate cake. They were good, I liked the German Chocolate cake the best but was expecting a bit more of a coconut flavor. 

I would like to try more items on the menu as the food was high quality, fresh, perfectly seasoned, and came out of the kitchen quickly but I am hestitant to return for anything but takeaway because of the sweltering heat and lack of air circulation. My suggestions are to either turn up the aircon or:

1) Please add pitchers of ice water at each table.

2) Please open all the windows and add overhead fans to get the hot air moving. Hot moving air is still better than hot still air.

I so want to return. I hope they solve the aircon issue.

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No life at The Living Cafe

Food/Drink 3 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 4

My husband and I had been looking for an eatery offering healthy, raw, whole foods for some time and were excited when we discovered The Living Cafe. So this last Saturday evening at around 7pm, we made our way there with our 2 kids (preschooler and baby), anticipating a nice family meal.

We should have gotten the hint as to how our evening would proceed from the moment we stepped through the door. It was dead.

Yes, there were a few customers and yes there was the mandatory Buddha-bar lounge music, and yes there was the trendily mismatched wooden furniture and "friendly" chalkboard signs. 

But the moment we stepped in, seated ourselves and looked around expectantly only to be met with a blank "what-the-f***-do-you-want" stare from the only male staff member on hand, we should have walked straight back out of the door. Instead, being quite positive still, we asked for the menu and ordered our food. 

We had a chicken pizza, quinoa burger, sweet potato chips, blueberry cheesecake and german choc cake. The food was tasty-i preferred the mains to the desserts. The portions did not justify the prices. But never mind, we knew rental must be high and nuts (which alot of their food contains) are not cheap. Ok.

What bothered us was how the blank, w** attitude by the staff persisted throughout our meal. We tried to justify it:
- the staff didn't smile once - "it's ok, it's 730pm, they must be TIRED."
- they didn't pass us any plates for the kids. when I approached mr-blank-face, he wordlessly handed me a stack of plates and waved to indicate that i should get the cutlery myself - "yes thanks, but no thanks. sorry for disturbing you, mr wait staff"
- they didn't clear the table of the plates even though they began to pile up, walked away when they arrived with our desserts and we had to clear the table ourselves just so they could put the desserts down on the table. then they walked away, leaving us holding the plates so we had to place them on another table!! - "goodness, they must be REALLY TIRED"

830pm came. Quickly, seeing we were the only table left, sensing that the staff wanted us to leave, we finished up and my husband, reading from the chalkboard menu right next to us, ordered an espresso from Mr-blank-face waiter. The reply: "Ya, the coffee machine is CLOSED ALREADY." and with that parting shot, he walked away. 

We asked for the bill. As we were paying up, I asked a waitress what time the cafe closed on Saturdays.  "10pm" was the reply. 10pm? It wasn't even close to closing time! How hard was it to turn the coffee machine on to serve a customer what the menu promised????

We left with a bad taste in our mouth, not from the food but from the lousy service.

For an eatery that says "We promise your experience with us will leave you leave feeling satisfied, rejuvenated, light and energetic.", The Living Cafe has definitely failed in our books. Note to owners: No amount of advertising, lounge music or hip decor can replace decent, human service.


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