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#B2-01A, Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Avenue, 018956
Asian, Fusion, International, Japanese, Korean
+65 66887771

Daily: 11:30 - 16:00

Daily: 17:30 - 22:30

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Buffet (71 votes), Children/Family (46 votes), Dinner (46 votes) ...

An upscale "all you care to eat" international seafood and sushi buffet restaurant, TODAI offers an assortment of quality food and services. Todai restaurants are family oriented and offer a wide selection of food to appeal to a range of tasters that are considered Asian Fusion Entrees.

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Sashimi and Seafood Platter
Sashimi and Seafood Platter
Visit for more photos.
Visit for more photos.
Prawn sushi, ika, and salmon.
Prawn sushi, ika, and salmon.
Mixed sashimi:  halibut, salmon, hamachi
Mixed sashimi: halibut, salmon, hamachi
  • crabs 38 votes
  • Alaskan King crab 25 votes
  • Sushi 23 votes
  • sashimi 21 votes
  • oysters 15 votes
  • Dessert 13 votes
  • BBQed beef ribs 7 votes
  • strawberry 6 votes
  • scallops 5 votes
  • roast beef juicy pork belly 4 votes
  • grilled pork belly 3 votes
  • Chilli crab 2 votes
  • golden crab 2 votes
  • mushrooms 2 votes
  • prawns 2 votes
  • salmon belly sushi 2 votes
  • snow crab 2 votes
  • volcano sushi 2 votes
  • Beef Terrine 1 vote
  • Blueberry chicken 1 vote
  • Butterfly fish in yuzu sauce 1 vote
  • Churrasco 1 vote
  • Escargot 1 vote
  • Fry, Grill & Oven Food 1 vote
  • Ginseng Tempura 1 vote
  • Japchae 1 vote
  • Jollof Rice 1 vote
  • Miyeokguk 1 vote
  • Red Crab 1 vote
  • Steamed Buns 1 vote
  • Tempura spread Cream puff 1 vote
  • Xiu Tao 1 vote
  • abalone 1 vote
  • apple roasted duck 1 vote
  • baked salmon 1 vote
  • beef flanks 1 vote
  • chilli crayfish 1 vote
  • choco sundae 1 vote
  • cod fish 1 vote
  • fried rice 1 vote
  • gratin clam 1 vote
  • kimchi 1 vote
  • macarons 1 vote
  • oxtail stew 1 vote
  • rice & roe 1 vote
  • sashimi, oysters, crab 1 vote
  • shell fish 1 vote
  • shishamo 1 vote
  • short ribs 1 vote
  • smoked duck 1 vote
  • tempura 1 vote
  • tenderloin 1 vote
  • teriyaki chicken 1 vote
  • yogurt drink 1 vote

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Worth it – even if only for the fresh, sweet, juicy Alaskan snow crabs

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 17

I was recently invited to a tasting session at TODAI, an international all-you-can-eat buffet chain restaurant located at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, and totally jumped at the chance. You see, I love buffets, and the many types of food that come with it. Variety is the spice of life, right. And oh, did this place have variety. From fresh seafood, to Korean, Chinese, Italian, Western, TODAI had these and more.

Personally, I felt that the highlight of the buffet was definitely the Alaskan snow crab station. Piled high on a bed of ice, these goodies disappeared at the blink of an eye but were replenished quite quickly by the staff. Biting into the big fat leg of the crab resulted in sweet, delicious juice bursting into song in my mouth, seriously making me swoon. Dry is definitely not a word that exists in the realm of this dish – each and every piece was so juicy (I had about 4 or 5 pieces), tender and sweet in a fresh seafood sort of way (not in the dessert or processed sugar kind of way). So. Good.

The freshly shucked oysters were of pretty good quality and taste as well – they tasted fresh, were fairly plump and juicy, and weren’t grainy or sandy. They only allowed people to take 2 pieces at a time; which actually if you think about it, is quite a good system, not only to prevent hoggers and allow more people to enjoy them, but also to help ensure that you get a positive experience which won’t happen if you leave them on the table for too long. Also tried the fresh mussels and prawns – the mussels were good too, nice and firm and fresh; the prawns were okay, fresh too but I felt were a bit bland, not sweet enough for me.

This two-each-time rule also applied to the chilli crabs – but they were so popular and had an insanely long queue that I didn’t try them in the end. The sauce was not bad though, had quite a kick and wasn’t too sweet.

TODAI had sashimi and also a very wide selection of sushi as well – but unfortunately although the variety and innovativeness (quite unusual flavours of sushi) for the latter was there, the rice and general presentation of garnishes piled onto them looked kind of messy and unappealing (and plus, the dish is really very carb loaded), so I just had three for taste – and they were just okay. As for the sashimi, there were only salmon and tuna available, and were also so-so as well – I’d say save the space for the other fresh seafood items.

Or even for the oven baked / grilled / fried items (all around the same station) or Chinese dishes – these were actually surprisingly good as well. In particular I liked the baked salmon, garlic chicken wing, beef shortrib, steamed fish, yam and red bean ball, and the caramel and fig duck (in the pictures below). From the Korean station, the thick glass noodles were yummy – light and savoury and the pan-fried fish coated in egg, delightful. The seafood pancake was a bit doughy though.

From the appetizers station, I really enjoyed the cold preserved seaweed, curry tuna mashed potatoes that were really tasty – and the rest were not too bad as well – sautéed mushrooms and garlic, smoked duck, and roast beef carpaccio. And from the churrasco section, the steak, roast pork and grilled mushrooms were pretty good, juicy and flavourful – but it seemed like a matter of luck as to whether you are able to get any of these; only if you happen to be there when the chef is cooking up a batch. But I didn’t really try asking though, as someone from our table was in luck and got a plate of each of the two earlier mentioned meats, so perhaps asking would yield some results.

So much food right? And there’s more – an Italian counter, which I never got around to trying. A small dim sum corner, which I took a token siew mai from – tasted alright. A Japanese zaru soba counter, a salad counter. There was also a comprehensive drink counter with a wide selection including soft drinks, water, green tea, flavoured teas and yes, you read it right, Milo. I think they were trying to add some local flavour – well, the drink was a hit at our table. Crazy amount of food displayed at this place – pretty much able to provide something for almost everyone, I believe.

And of course, we can’t forget about dessert! The spread for this was pretty impressive as well, with an entire macaron tower, a soft serve ice cream machine (that allows you to do the vanilla and chocolate twist, I’m sold), and also little plates and glasses of sweet treats. By this time I had really little space left, so I just had a small banana chocolate mousse and some tiramisu ganache looking cake, as well as a twist of soft serve smothered with lots of nuts. The little cakes were quite nice, smooth and lightly sweet, though I didn’t quite fancy the very cake-y base. The soft serve well… tasted like regular soft serve, but the nuts made it awesome – though some chocolate sauce would’ve improved it a bit further – it was a pleasant finish to a rather large, satisfying meal.  

Overall I was really quite happy with the quality and variety of the food, the ambience, service (I heard most of the staff are Koreans, and while they may not understand English that well, they were all pretty friendly and efficient), and feel that it is good value for the price. My only gripe is that I spotted one or two flies hovering about in the restaurant – which is something I don’t quite like. However I also found out that the management is aware of the issue (which apparently came with the premises) and has been actively working on this and spending a lot of time and money on solving it, so that’s good enough for me. One or two flies are fine to me as long as they don’t get too near the food and the place is in the midst of getting rid of them.

Also, some items are seasonal and they try to refresh their menu once in a while to keep regulars interested, and they have a monthly theme as well – when I went last week there was a ‘kimchi’ theme and so there was an extended selection of various kimchi types available for diners to sample. They also stated on their placemat that no MSG is used in their food, which is great, actually. I was kind of thirsty after the dinner though; perhaps the food did have a bit more of other types of seasoning instead.

Comparable to and I feel, even better than some international hotel buffets.

For more details and pictures, please visit my food blog Ingredients Of Happiness at:

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1 for 1 Promotion is a steal!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 5

Todai Signature dishes Snow Crab, Green Mussels and Prawns are must try dishes. And I feel that chilli crayfish was equally tasty and fresh to be added to the must try dishes. However there is no oysters available on the promotion night. What's more awesome is I went on a 1 for 1 promotion with a credit card promotion.

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Overall experience is poor... Not value for money...

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

this is my first visit to Todai, on a Friday night at $68++ per pax... The presentation of food, ambience and service  not present... it is like some cheap buffet like Sakura... esp the drinks counter and dessert section.. Even buffet town wins in town of variety... Am totally disappointed with the experience... The quality of food is seriously below average as well... I tried almost everything... Will not go back ever again... 

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