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Address: #B2-01A, Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Avenue, 018956
05 May 2014 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

Terrible service, average food.

First time patronizing Todai in late April 2014, since it is at MBS I expected better ambience. I have the same reviews as most of the reviewers here, the food was really average, portions were tiny. Not to mention the tables were situated very closely to each other, there was no space to walk and not enough space for my plates. My friend tried calling for a waitress to clear our plates but she walked by twice without noticing us.

In the end we had no choice but to put our used plates on the table next to us and when the same staff saw she immediately looked annoyed. We saw 2 other waitresses carrying up to 6 to 8 plates of used plates at one time coming from the very end of the restaurant but no one was attending to our area at that time.

The only other waitress I saw around was the one we called for twice but she did not see us. At this point it was getting very frustrating because our plates (and the other customers near us) were piling up and all she did was stand at the counter. (In front of a room labelled Chicago if I don't remember wrongly). Also her expression was completely irritated as if she didn't want to be there at all. Just to highlight in case any of the managers see this, I presume she is not a Singaporean, most probably a Filipino. She had the same uniform as both of the other waitresses (black shirt, red apron) but only the other 2 waitresses were busy clearing plates, yet they still could smile at customers.

This particular waitress had no initiative at all I even felt bad when I called over 1 of the other 2 waitresses to help with my used plates.

Please improve the service of your staff, especially the (presumed) Filipino waitress. The staff in pants, a vest and tie did not seem to care that she was not helping in clearing plates at all, I presume that they are of a higher position than the waiting staff in black shirt and red apron. 

Also, it is upsetting to see such a sour/annoyed expression by a waitress when my friend and I were trying to have a enjoyable night. 
Clearly, I am not the only one that is disappointed with the service. (photos attached)
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