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Review for Todai


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11 Dec 2013 • 102 Reviews • 8 Followers

There are better places for buffet at such price

Unless you can wallop down ALOT of Hokkaido crab, this is not the place for your to go.

There seems to be a good spread of food, but the food is just really normal. Not top quality. The rost beef is decent, but the rest are not something I am dying to try again. The type of food is like ze char, family cooking.

Place is noisy and quite messy. For MBS to have such eatery, I am quite surprised. Floor was wet especially near the basin area, so you better be careful when you are walking around taking food. You can forget about having service there, cos the wait staff were just there clearing up tables. Well, afterall it's buffet right? LOL. But I recall there are better service elsewhere when I pay such price for a buffet or less.

To pay $60 per pax for such food and place, no way. I was there cos someone hosted a gathering there. You know what I mean right?

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