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Back to Todai#B2-01A, Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Avenue
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Top Must Try Dishes
crabs32 votes
Sushi15 votes
Alaskan King crab14 votes
sashimi11 votes
Dessert9 votes
oysters8 votes
BBQed beef ribs6 votes
strawberry6 votes
roast beef juicy pork belly4 votes
scallops4 votes
grilled pork belly3 votes

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Suitable For
Buffet54 votes
Large Groups/Gathering41 votes
Children/Family39 votes
Dinner39 votes
Vibrant/Noisy31 votes
Lunch25 votes
After Work22 votes
Boys Night Out16 votes
Business Dining11 votes
Girls Night Out11 votes
Corporate Events10 votes
Birthdays8 votes
Chillout6 votes
Large Groups6 votes
Hidden Find5 votes
Wheelchair Friendly5 votes
Anniversary3 votes
High Tea3 votes
Live Band3 votes
Night Out3 votes
People Watching3 votes
Private Dining3 votes
Wine Lists3 votes

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What others are saying...

 • 04 Apr 2014 2 reviews 0 follower
I m not pleased with the service. The female staffs were bitchy and rude. Food wise sushi was so small. Snow crab legs were tiny compared to the advertisements on the website. Servings for oysters were served 2 each time. Not good as other buffets for example Goodwood park served out a bunch of oysters at a time. Cooked food was soso. Pricey at $65++. The tiny macroons were cute though....
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I spent $65 per person.

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Caleb Lim
 • 03 Apr 2014 254 reviews 39 followers
This is my 2nd food tasting at Todai, the 1st one was about 2 years ago. Drawing from some insights from a few design week talks I attended, here’s some of my thoughts on what will bringing me back to Todai as a paying customer.
I was surprised that the layout and most of the food selection have remained unchanged. Maybe a review of the food items and change/rotate 10-20% of the less popular ones every 3-6 mths will keep the buffet interesting. The strawberry promotion is one good idea and there should be more of it.
Most people get their value (and Todai incur bulk of their cost) on the main seafood items: Salmon Sashimi/Tuna Sashimi, Alaskan crab, oyster. Based on some of the reviews, the supply delay/disruption of these premium items draws strong emotions. So these items should be managed properly i.e. ensure no stock out at anytime but place a manager to regulate the supply tactfully.
There are rows of empty tables and chairs outside the restaurant meant to accommodate more people but can give passer-bys the impression that the restaurant is empty.
Todai is sandwiched between cheaper seafood buffets options like Vienna International Seafood & Teppanyaki Restaurant (HGW rating of 43%) and hotel buffets like The Line (HGW rating of 71%). Its rating of 51% shows that. Browsing through some of the seafood buffet reviews, I noticed that people have a love-hate relationship with buffets. Some love it and some hate it with not much of an in between. One thing that draws people to buffets is promotions which reinforces the value-for-money draw of buffets. Maybe Todai can offer 1 for 1 coupons to customers to draw them for repeat visits with their friends. The current pricing for weekday dinner is Adult: S$58++ Child (below 1m 30cm): S$26++. I know that kids love the selection at buffets but they don’t eat much, especially not much of the premium seafood items. How about a kid below 1.3m eat free with an accompanying adult? I am sure my kids will beg/blackmail me to bring them to Todai.
Kitchen stations and food display are arranged to methodically, I mean you will never find a hotel buffet with food stations called …..Seafood, Pastries, Italian, Korean, Deep Fried, Chinese, Oven Baked probably carried over from the US design to orientate clueless Ang Mohs. How about doing away with the food groupings and make the signage for the individual food items more prominent? The open kitchen concepts also means that the food smell will linger on your clothes after your meal.
One will not expect much service from a buffet since it is largely self-service but I noticed that the predominantly Korean staff may not be fluent in English to handle any customer queries that arises and this will influence one’s decision to return. The English proficiency is also shown in the prompt but could-be-improved-English in sentences like “We will do a feedback to our Kitchen”
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EPICURIOUSCAN wordpress com
 • 31 Mar 2014 219 reviews 31 followers
Kudos to the kind folks @hungrygowhere for inviting me to the table

I don’t know if you already know by now, but there’s good reason to revisit TODAI these days. I’m pretty pleased that the management at TODAI has taken painstaking effort to improve & innovate on the variety of their buffet spread constantly.

As my title of this entry suggests, Strawberry is painting the town red!

TODAI brings to us freshly picked air-flown Korean Strawberries, and has made it a main event in the spread they display for your picking. I dare say that there were some pretty interesting recipes to raise some brows, and for the gastronomic machinery pining for more.

For the less adventurous eaters, I’d say “life’s too short to be living the tried & tested way, you only live once, you should try everything once!” (If it ain’t good, they wouldn’t dare put it in the buffet spread)

Meat is what I’d consider a 1st love for me, and grills can never go wrong. Not consuming beef in a Korean owned joint is like not seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Meanwhile, the management has heard yawns from past reviews that patrons have grown jaded of Alaskan snow crabs. Lo & behold, they now bring to us fresh stocks of air-flown Golden Crabs direct from the Atlantic! Probably the only joint on the island that has been bold enough to put this rare find in the buffet spread.

This breed of crustacean is a distanced cousin of the typical Alaskan snow crabs. I have to say, they are a lot meatier, much juicier, and the flesh is sweeter. The meat is not as tough as typical Sri Lankan ones, the shell is easy to manage, the treasure within is good as gold!

Above all, their fresh oysters are of good size, shucked on the spot… if I had the liberty of having things my way. I wouldn’t bother returning to my seat to down the succulent pearl makers.

For full review & photos, please visit here
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Must tries: golden crab, Alaskan King crab, sashimi, oysters, strawberry

I also recommend this place for:
After Work, BBQ, Birthdays, Boys Night Out, Buffet, Business Dining, Children/Family, Chillout, Dinner, Girls Night Out, Hidden Find, High Tea, Large Groups, Large Groups/Gathering, Lunch, Night Out, Vibrant/Noisy, Wheelchair Friendly, Wine Lists
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Dear caniggia,

Thank you for taking time to review on TODAI.

We are pleased to know you love the Korea strawberries and Golden Crabs that were air-flown in to Singapore! Also, we are glad to know you appreciated our efforts to improve on the buffet spread.

We look forward to have you dining with us again soon.

Best Regards,
The Management

21 April 2014