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Back to Todai#B2-01A, Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Avenue
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Top Must Try Dishes
crabs32 votes
Sushi15 votes
Alaskan King crab14 votes
sashimi11 votes
Dessert9 votes
oysters8 votes
BBQed beef ribs6 votes
strawberry6 votes
roast beef juicy pork belly4 votes
scallops4 votes
grilled pork belly3 votes

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Suitable For
Buffet54 votes
Large Groups/Gathering41 votes
Children/Family39 votes
Dinner39 votes
Vibrant/Noisy31 votes
Lunch25 votes
After Work22 votes
Boys Night Out16 votes
Business Dining11 votes
Girls Night Out11 votes
Corporate Events10 votes
Birthdays8 votes
Chillout6 votes
Large Groups6 votes
Hidden Find5 votes
Wheelchair Friendly5 votes
Anniversary3 votes
High Tea3 votes
Live Band3 votes
Night Out3 votes
People Watching3 votes
Private Dining3 votes
Wine Lists3 votes

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What others are saying...

Kiddy Doctor
 • 17 Mar 2014 10 reviews 0 follower
Very disappointed on 2 counts. First, the food. The food was ordinary as international buffets go. The main disappointment that a lot of dishes were left empty as early as at 7.30 pm! We waited 1.5 hours for the chawanmushi to appear, and it only did after we asked for it almost 2 hours later. The chili crab dish had chili but no crab for a long time.

Second, the service was not good. The lady at the reseravation desk was not helpful and made very effort to help us find a table.
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Dear Kiddy Doctor,

Thank you for dining with us at TODAI.

We would like to apologize for the poor experience which you encountered. We take your feedback seriously and will emphasize on the importance of timeline at the next meeting.

We hope to have you dining with us at TODAI again.

Best Regards,
The Management

20 March 2014

 • 01 Mar 2014 277 reviews 2 followers
ve been meaning to try Todai for two years literally, having heard good reviews about its international seafood buffet spread. Finally, today I managed to go with two close friends
Not called the "Mother of all Seafood Buffets" for nothing - Todai is an upscale 'all you can eat' buffet concept with quality food of different cuisine and freshest quality, plus creative, fusion desserts. It also offers an ambience that is comfortable, relaxing and non-pretentious. The variety is good as well, and I like the neatness and how they categorize all different sections clearly, for instance "Seafood", "Pastries", "Italian", "Korean", "Deep Fried", "Chinese" and "Oven Baked" etc.
We did not know where to start, really, as everything looked tempting. The service crew were friendly and efficient - very quick to clear unwanted plates in an unintrusive manner, and also very quick to get us things that we wanted, such as serviettes.
I started with very fresh and tender, slender pieces of Salmon Sashimi and Tuna Sashimi, baby squid (boiled so they were very soft), green mussels and scallops. All the shelled items were finely-textured and cooked to soft perfection with tinges of chewiness. 
The next indulgence was Escargots - lots and lots of the chewy, "ashy" escargots cooked with mushrooms in a delicious cream sauce. 
In the upper photo, there are also some Shisamos (pregnant fish), grilled to perfection and filled with the bursting, sandy goodness of the roe - though Celine* commented it was somewhat cruel to eat a pregnant fish and hence she abstained from it. It made sense to me too, as tasty as it was - so I probably would not be eating this dish again.
The Korean Pancake (savoury version - with flour and green beans chopped into fine dices) was rather nice - lightly flavored and easy on the tongue.
For more detailed information and photos, do drop by:
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I spent $68 per person.

Must tries: Sushi, sashimi, Dessert, crabs, scallops, oysters

I also recommend this place for:
Buffet, Dinner, Lunch
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 • 20 Feb 2014 22 reviews 0 follower
The selling point is their offer snow crab, I have tried their snow crab during Thurs Lunch  hour which is minimum package. 

The snow crab taste is freshly and sweet but it is meatless. I have grab out meat from 3 crab arm and merely get so less volume of meat (show as above image).Other seafood is like mussel, tiny octopus but we can just ignore it.

The sashimi cheft is stingy, he's slice salmon util minimize size, and they only offer 1 type of sashimi that is salmon.The sushi size is ridiculous tiny but taste quite surprisingly good. 

Please visit my food blog
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I spent $49 per person.

Must tries: crabs

I added 8 photos

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Dear Websterlkc,

Thank you for coming to Todai.

We are glad that you enjoyed the snow crab. At the same time, we are also sorry that you felt that the sashimi cuts were a little small. As a buffet, the reason why we do this is to reduce wastage and you are definitely welcome to come back for as many rounds as possible.

We look forward to having you dining with us again soon.

Best Regards,
The Management

17 March 2014