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RubbishEatRGrow • 22 Nov 2011375 reviews 31 followers

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Todamgol, meaning (i guess from the signboard?) Korean Traditional Wine House, is the newest venture of the very famous and popular Kko Kko Na Ra at K-Town. The Ex and I walked past it and the decor is so inviting, so homely, kampong-style with thatched roof on the signboard and in the restaurant. There are even real plants with real eggplants outside the restaurant! Just like a farm. The...

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  • After Work4 votes
  • Dinner3 votes
  • Kim Chi StewKim Chi Stew
  • Rice WineRice Wine
  • Ban Chan (Side dishes)Ban Chan (Side dishes)
  • Sir-fried Chicken StewSir-fried Chicken Stew
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Crayoia • 22 Sep 201416 reviews 0 followers

Do visit this restaurant if you want authentic korean food! Must try the pork belly kimchi soup! Didn't really like the korean rice wine.. Tried the spicy chicken stew too. But I prefer the pork belly kimchi soup :D

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whaleliciousfay • 30 Jul 2014136 reviews 6 followers

My friends and I were thinking of a Korean restaurant to meet for dinner when one suggested Todamgol which was a recommendation by a Korean friend. As such, reservation was made for 8 people for a Saturday evening.
And Todamgol is a 10 to 15 minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT. Parking wise, it’s limited to what’s available in front of the shop houses. And upon arrival, we were led into a private room which could sit up to...

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Super Duper • 30 Dec 20135 reviews 0 followers

I have been here almost ten times for about a year now.
Have always thought that service was always rather perfunctory but gave the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps it was just a language or cultural thing.
Then heard stories from other friends how Korean guests are treated better but shrugged it off. Last time there last week, witnessed it first hand. After asking for several refills of Kimchi, we were shocked when the waitress told us off...

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