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Quality Cuisine with Revolving Panoramic View of Marina Bay!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
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Tong Le Private Dining is one of only two restaurants in Singapore offering the fabulous dining experience in a revolving tower, diners could complete a panoramic tour of the Marina Bay area within two short hours.

Their service was prompt and good! Ambience was classy but comfy. Food quality is high, most of the food was really good!!! There were some kids running about that night which were quite noisy sometimes, a little ruin the romantic ambience...

My only 2 gripes: They don't open on Sunday.. :(

And the serving of the food was a little too fast. Before we could finish our current dish, the next dish is already out at their serving counter waiting for us. As it takes around 2 hours to revolve one round so it would be good if they can let diners rest a while first before the next dish is served so that diners won't feel the whole dinner is in a rush..  We hope to have a relaxing dinner while enjoying the panoramic tour slowly.. :)

Overall a Highly Recommended Chinese Restaurant that is worth going!

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Horrible Service! Overpriced!

Food/Drink 3 | Value 1 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

I chose to dine at Tong Le Private Dining because of the good online reviews of the overall experience and service at the restaurant. However, today's experience was simply awful. The servers were not at all professional and were way below expectations. They could barely speak English, their overall gloomy expressions made me and my guests felt unwelcomed throughout our experience. They do not knock before entering the private room and do not ask if you have finished your dish before swapping the dish out from under your nose for the next one. I have had better service at a hawker centre. 

Please deliver good service if you are going to charge a premium for it. 

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Very lousy now. Dun waste your time

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
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Used to be our regular "The place to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays" but not anymore.

Our last trip there was horrendous. Food was terrible! 90% of the dishes were salty. Despite informing the servers at the start that the dishes were way too salty, they did absolutely NOTHING. The beef was disgusting. It was served made into a beef ball which tasted like salt was free and so was the baking soda.  The fish was soo salty you couldnt eat it. Ice cream was half melted.

It was difficult to order as the servers do not speak well and we had to translate. What happened to all the lovely ex crew who used to work there? Service was waaaay better then. Now, its like ordering at a hawker centre zi char stall. 

There were guests who could not eat beef and asked for replacements dishes and yet the beef dishes were brought to them(the server mixed up who couldnt eat beef despite being told many times)

Almost towards the end, we were already quite displeased and lost appetite. Most of our dishes were left pretty much untouched. It was just disappointment after disappointment. Suddenly a guy who possibly is the manager, appeared in our room, he asked like he cared then said he would check with the chef. We almost wanted to give this place the last chance but guess what??? He did not return. We thought he might bring the chef out so we could feedback to them etc. Nooo... he chef hid behind and so did he. 

Mind you, we were very polite and cordial all these while.

Later, we just wanted to get over and done with, we asked for the birthday cake. THEY BROUGHT OUT THE WHOLE d*** BOX AND NAH HERE IS YOUR CAKE

Last time when they first opened their doors for business, they used to get the chef to do nice painting on a plate with well wishes etc, now its nah, take it.

Dinner as usual, is never cheap at Tong Le, it was always in the thousands. 

Imperial treasure is sooooooo much better. 

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Rather disappointing

Food/Drink 2 | Value 2 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
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It all started with a glossy, eye catching brochure that promoted a limited time, upgraded set menu for AMEX Platinum Charge Card members (pay $120 for the $180 set). And being the ever gian png (greedy) Singaporean, I immediately called Tóng Lè to make a dinner appointment.    Perched on levels 8 and 10 of OUE Tower, just adjacent to the majestic Fullerton Bay Hotel (where Clifford is located), Tóng Lè offers a panoramic view of its surroundings via a revolving base (think Prima Restaurant and the now defunct Top of the M). 1 full revolution takes about 2 hours and unfortunately, the revolving mechanism wasn't working too smoothly during our visit and knocking sounds could be heard periodically.    Our host graciously arranged a private dining room for us on level 10, offering a nice walled up area to take in the view at our leisure. Only minor issue I had was that the rooms were separated only by partitions, which made noise level a concern. I could make out what my neighbours were talking about but admittedly, you'd have to raise your voice a fair bit for you to be overheard. Didn't seem to faze either of my neighbours though.   Chilled Australian Lobster Topped with Kaluga Queen Caviar - I'm honestly no caviar connoisseur but Kaluga Queen's farmed in China caviar did hit the right notes for me. Tiny, firm pearls that popped gently when consumed, releasing a salty and pleasantly fishy flavour; Eaten with a mother of pearl spoon, no less. Beneath the caviar sat a layer of chilled, crunchy and sweet lobster and a floor of sweet mango cubes and diced chilli. When eaten together, the sweetness of the mango provided a balance to the saltiness of the caviar whilst the diced chilli added a mild heat. Excellent start!   Doubled Boiled Superlative Shark's Fin with Bamboo Fungus in Shark Cartilage Broth - I wonder about the use of words like "superlative" in menus but nonetheless, the shark cartilage soup was flavourful yet light without leaving a layer of sediment on the tongue. Coupled with generous portions of delicate shark's fin and bamboo fungus, it made for a pretty good soup.    Claypot Emperor Rice with Pan Seared Kagoshima Wagyu, Foie Gras and Poached Quail Egg - I had the wagyu and it came in the form of a patty (sadly). Crisp on the outside, the patty was overcooked but a little too soft on the inside. And the overcooking extended to the foie gras as well. Disappointing to say the least.    With a singular mocktail and an upgrade discount, the total bill for 2 pax came just shy of $300. Definitely not mind-blowingly expensive but while the quality of ingredients is undeniable, the execution for a couple of the dishes leave much to be desired. Service, however, was excellent and I'll definitely be happy to return if something is done about the quality of execution.

See my entire review and pictures here

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Quality Valentine's meal with panoramic view of Singapore

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 148

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Tóng Lè Private Dining is one of the only two restaurants in Singapore that offers a dining experience in a revolving tower. With its offering of a panoramic tour of the Marina Bay area while seated in the comfort of chic, dark wood furniture, expect glimpses of the Marina Bay waterfront and possibly your office if you work around Raffles Place, all from your table! We even had the luxury of watching the Marina Bay Laser Show from our table at 8pm which featured spectacular light and water displays!

It was quite an unconventional way to celebrate Valentine's Day at a Chinese restaurant but 14 February this year coincides with the last day of Chinese New Year, also known as 元宵节. While it is typically a day for reunion with families, this particular day is celebrated as the Chinese Valentine's Day in Hong Kong.

The overall dining experience in a revolving restaurant and the fine quality food served complemented with dedicated service made this meal esepcially memorable as we celebrated our sixth Valentine's Day together!

On the restaurant, if you are wondering about the speed the restaurant revolves, fret not because one complete oscillation would take approximately two hours which gives you ample quality time with your dining companions!

The restaurant is divided into two separate levels, 8 and 10 with the former having karaoke facilities for diners. We were given a table on level 10 and you could experience the exclusivity right from the moment we stepped in as we were warmly greeted and ushered into a private lift to the 10th floor. This reminds us of our dining experience at Fook Lam Moon in Hong Kong. While Fook Lam Moon accepts walk-in customers, having a meal at Tóng Lè Private Dining requires advance reservations.

Offering only set menus, each had a really meaningful and traditional meaning from 惜春, 锦绣 to 长乐.

Prosperity yellow tail and tuna 'Yu Sheng'
We had countless yusheng this year but seeing that this was the last lohei for the year, could it be the best?

The serving of yellowtail and tuna was generous and thickly sliced too, which suited my preference. The designated butler who served the dish recited the words of blessing in a seasoned fashion and with when he was done, it was the usual messy affair for us!

While sweet plum sauce remained the base sweetener for this classic dish, the homemade sauce was well balanced with the acidity of the fresh passion fruit which paired the lime juice to give the tang. The texture was largely similar to the one tried at Park Palace, which ingeniously introduced crispy vermicelli to give a nice crispy crunch to each mouthful. We particularly loved the glazed cashews that made all the difference. The fresh vegetables were finely sliced and with overall it was presented elegantly against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset.

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