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Review for Tsukiji Gindaco (Raffles City)


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07 Jun 2014 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

Indian lady throwing away business

To my surprise that I thought I am the only one having such a bad experience but after seeing the reviews below I am sure that all of us encountered the Indian lady with such a bad attitute.I am at the counter around 6.15pm and the lady was there to take my order.There are 3 options of Takoyaki but only 1 available.At these time where alot of ppls looking for foods and the stall only preparing 1 type of takoyaki?Ordered the normal takoyaki and want to handover a $50 notes.As if I am owing her the money, she ask for a smaller notes with annoying tones.I said don't have.She then ask for coins and to her dissapointment, I do not have any coins with me.Once again she is so dissapointed and look so unhappy.I told her it's ok and the moment I want to walk away, she did not even try to accept the $50 note.Wondering how they do business.The management have to look into this as this Indian lady is trying to ruin your business.
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