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Tung Lok Signatures (Changi City Point)

Enjoy your favourite signature cuisine and new creations within a classy interior. Tung Lok Signature’s "The Best Under One Roof" menu features a unique combination of signature dishes from the various Tung Lok restaurants as well as exquisite new dishes.

Mon - Sat: 11:30 - 15:00

Sun & PH: 11:00 - 15:30

Daily: 18:00 - 22:00

+65 66360606
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too salty

we ordered 3dishes for dinner last night. roasted duck, crab and eggplant with blakc soy sause. the roasted duck taste good. but the other 2dishes are simply too salty and i was not able to take it. anyway, the place is quiet and nice. just less salt plz..

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  • Durian Paste in Coconut Jelly1 vote
  • Roast Duck1 vote
  • Seafood Noodles1 vote
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27 Jun 2014 • 4 reviews • 0 follower

too salty

we ordered 3dishes for dinner last night. roasted duck, crab and eggplant with blakc soy sause. the roasted duck taste good. but the other 2dishes are simply too salty and i was not able to take it. anyway, the place is quiet and nice. just less salt plz..
06 Oct 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower

The kopi shop uncle makes better dim sum

Very disappointing lunch. Too  many issues to state them all. Brief summary 

Poor service:
Nonchalanrestaurant manager that failed to greet us or offer my pregnant wife a seat while waiting for a table. Looked annoyed when asked if our table was ready. 

Substandard dim sum:

Ate 3 dishes. All of which failed to please. 

Char Siew bao came partially disintegrated. One was spilling contents out into the steamer. Bao was flat and squishy, not fluffy and light as it should normally be.

Cheong fun. Overthick and gooey but  disintegrated at a touch of my chopsticks  and could not be eaten without a spoon. Prawn filling was mildly overcooked

Fish maw dumpling. Tasteless chicken soup with a stingy and  unsatisfying amount of dumpling filling.  Had some slightly bitter herbal root ingredient that didn't help the already bland dish.

 Restaurant was very full so perhaps they couldn't deal with the volume? Must try again on a less busy day.
15 Jul 2013 • 5 reviews • 0 follower

Value for money

Using the Palatte card, it was totally worth the money paid for the quality of food and the service. The dim sum was very very good and we liked the crispy duck in the menu. 
03 Jun 2012 • 259 reviews • 7 followers

Unique Chinese cuisine

For photos and more reviews, visit!

Tung Lok Signatures
, as the name suggests, features the signatures from the various Tung Lok restaurants. Not just limited to typical Chinese and Cantonese cuisine, Tung Lok Signatures  offers exquisite and unique dishes like, Deep-fried Kurobuta Soft Bone, Baked Prawn Steak with White Wine and Rosemary and Pan-fried Foie Gras.

Crispy Roast Pork Belly 冰烧三层肉 ($10) – Nicely sliced into bite-sized cubes, the pork belly had a crispy fragrant skin which easily crackled in our mouths. Coupled with the melts in the mouth layer of fats and tender meat, the pork belly displayed a burst of textures. On its own, the pork belly was salty enough, but the accompaniment of mustard supplemented the extra spicy kick.

Deep Fried Beancurd Cubes with Salted Pepper 椒盐豆腐粒 ($5) – Though the powdery condiments were clearly sprinkled atop the beancurd, the beancurd was rather bland and tasteless.

Deep Fried Cod Fillet coated with Salted Egg Yolk served with Organic Vegetables 金沙鳕鱼有机菜  ($32) – The deep fried coating was crispy, not overly oily and had a sandy-like texture due to the addition of the salted egg yolk. The salted egg yolk wasn’t too overpowering; instead, it contributed a lingering, mild fragrance in the background. The cod fish fillet was pretty fish, but it seemed like the salted egg yolk batter was the star of the dish, and not the cod. When we bit into the cod fillet, the crispy batter was more prominent in terms of texture and taste.

Garlic Roasted Chicken 蒜香鸡 ($20) – The roast chicken was pretty average, meeting the requirements of being tender, and having a crispy skin. One unique aspect was the deep fried minced garlic, which was crunchy and fragrant.

Pan-fried Japanese Kurobuta Pork 香煎鹿儿岛和豚 ($14.80 per piece) – The Kurobuta Pork was served in individual servings. Kurobuta pork is regarded as the highest quality pork in the world. The pork is lean yet heavily marbled, making each cut tender, succulent and juicy. Taste wise, it was richly flavoured. Even though there wasn’t any accompanying sauce, the pork itself was sealed with all the natural juices, making it extremely mouth watering.

Braised Ee-Fu Noodles with Snow Fungus and Truffle Fungus Oil 松露菌油珍菌焖伊府面 ($20) – Ee-fu noodles are commonly served at wedding dinners, but the one unique thing about Tung Lok‘s version is the introduction of the truffle fungus oil. Truffle oil can be rather pungent, however for the ee-fu noodles, the truffle oil was more like background music, exuding a lingering aroma behind the richer braised noodles. A simple classic dish, brought to greater heights and flavours, just with the clever integration of truffle oil.

The more unique dessert was the Mango Mousse Rolls sprinkled with Coconut Flakes ($8). The mango mousse wasn’t overly sweet and was enveloped within a soft, sticky and mushy layer, resembling that of Nonya pastries. The Glutinous Rice Dumplings  ($4) were filled with black sesame and coated with ground peanuts. Nothing too fantastic about it. Finally, the least appealing dish of the night was the Chilled Mango Cream with Pomelo, Diced Mango and Sago ($5). It had a consistency almost like water, and wasn’t thick and creamy as we liked.

On the whole, the dishes at Tung Lok Signatures were commendable. There were traditional fare, and those with a twist, hence appealing to both the old and the young.

Roast Duck
26 Mar 2012 • 279 reviews • 44 followers

Fine-Dinning with Good and Nice Food~

After visiting the 50-plus exhibition and Carrefour Fair at Expo over the weekend with my family, we came here to hunt for food for our late lunch.


It was passed 2.15pm and we decided to have something light since after a while, it would be dinner time. So we decided to try this restaurant. We have passed by it a few times before and wonder why it is always full (with diners sitting outside the restaurant with the additional seats) though its located not in a centralized or convenient location.


It was still quite full-house when we arrived but were ushered to our tables (inside the restaurant) shortly after the staff had cleared the table. The restaurant was brightly lighted and posh as everything looks new, nice and “high end”. Music of well-known Chinese theme and drama songs were played at the background.


Service was good as staff were polite and patient in introducing dishes to us and letting us ample time to go through the menu and placed our orders (despite the fact that they would be closed soon at 3pm for break).


We ordered some main courses and dim sum as follows:


The original Roast Duck ($20). The duck was cooked to perfection. It was tasty, with crispy skin and tender and juicy meat. And when blended with the specially made plum sauce, the taste was superb. The Seafood Noodle ($24) was good not only to the sight (very colourful with the different types of vege and ingredients) but was tasty too. The noodles were Q and it came with lots of generous ingredients such as Big Prawns and Mushrooms, Scallops and Vegetables.


As for the dim sum, we ordered the Prawn Dumpling (Har Kow). It was very good with big prawns and they were fresh. The skin was not very thick too. The Scallop Dumpling was nice (though the scallop was a bit bland in taste). The Prawn Chee Cheong Fun was average though. Though the skin of the Chee Cheong Fun was thin and with generous prawns portion, the sauce that came with it was a bit salty. As for the Guo Tie, it was ok (filling was generous) but the ginger with vinegar was not flavourful or thick enough to “boast” the taste! The Fu Pi Juan was deep fried nicely and crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside. We added some mayonnaise with it and it tasted great! The Char Siew Pao was nice with sweet and honest glazed pork fillings and skin was soft and nice! (Prices of the dim sum ranged from $4.80 to $7 per dish)


We ordered two desserts and they were really good! The Durian paste in cold Coconut jelly ($10) was not only refreshing, you could really eat the flesh of the durian (bitter sweet and think it was of the D24 quality) and they were of good quality and taste! I will recommend this for those who like durian.


The Yam paste ($6) was nice too though not as strong in taste and flavor but was still tasty. If they could add in some ginko nuts or pumpkin inside, that would be perfect.


The Chrysanthemum tea was nice, not too sweet but flavourful.


Value for money, reasonable. For fine-tuning, much of the price consideration will go into the food quality, presentation, ambience, service etc and not based on the portion or quantity of food served. As such, we felt it was ok.


Overall, we enjoyed the food here as the quality was of high standard, nice and cosy ambience and good service. Will come back again!