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Review for Vineyard @ Hort Park


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Address: #02-02, Hort Park, 33 Hyderabad Road, 119578

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22 Feb 2012 • 5 Reviews • 1 Follower

Loved it!

When one tries to impress the Mrs, it's always hard 'cos they tend to sometimes put the bar higher than we were only dating. Desperate to get a table as I forgot to book a table for our anniv, HungryGoWhere gave a good suggestion - VINEYARD @ HORTPARK.

Imagine taking a walk down a quiet lane and be enchanted by the frenzy of fairies (well in this case servers) as they greet you with a smile that only Ronald MacDonald can match. You will be told to choose between outdoor or indoor seating. But nestled in the lush greens of Hort Park, it's still cooling even outdoors. No, mozzies were kept at bay, maybe I was wrapped up that day.

Wine list was reasonably good and the hose wine was good on the wallet as well as the tastebuds. Now the fun begins..... or shall I say headache? You just want to try ALL the food! Description was hunger inducing and made you fantasize of what tastebud goodness can potentially lead to a loving Anniv Night *wink wink*

Being a meat lover, I just focused on the issue or shall I say choices? Enough variants to make you sweat over, choosing the steak was an OBVIOUS selection. The Mrs choose some weight-watchers staple - SALAD and SOUP so it's quite hard to comment on them besides the salad was saladY and the soup was naturally soupY. But I reckon, in the midst of the trees and some audible fowls flying around, the ROAST CHICKEN dish was suddenly ordered and just like that, down the drain was a supposedly cost-effective dinner. *not true*

I didn't know that meat could be juiced but the tenderness of my dead cow meat was sensational. I could swear I felt dancing fairies on me tongue and coupled by the location itself, the Mrs was impressed. Hubba hubba! The unfortunate winged creature dish came as well and like a deprived meat eater, I took a bite out of that perfectly cooked fowl and swallowed the white meat which was marinated to close perfection. Again, the Mrs was impressed.

So location is spot-on. Food was bang-on. Wine was great. Of course, that was how our first kid was in the making that very night.

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Dinner, Large Groups/Gathering, Romance/First Dates, Business Dining, Fine Dining, Private Dining, Quiet, View/Scenery, Alfresco/Outdoor Dining, Hidden Find, Wine Lists
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