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Review for Vivo American Pizza & Panini


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05 Feb 2013 • 170 Reviews • 5 Followers

Nice place for lunch

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I ordered the Black Pepper Chicken Baked Rice which came with a bowl of mushroom soup and cost me $6.90. If I choose to pay $1.50 more, I could have a drink to go with my lunch set, but I declined as I was craving for a cup of bubble tea.   The mushroom soup was pretty normal, and nothing much to scream about. I like the large bits of mushroom though. Much better than the non-existent mushroom slices in some mushroom soup.

The Black Pepper Chicken Baked Rice was good. The thick layer of cheese on top melted evenly on a bed of soft fluffy butter rice and the chunks of chicken were tender and well-marinated with the black pepper sauce. 
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black pepper chicken baked rice
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