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Reviews for Watami (Junction 8)


Impromptu Dinner

Evelyn and I had an impromptu dinner on one of the weekdays after work (Date Visit: 27/1/2014). We decided Bishan Junction 8 to be the meeting point. It is situated conveniently at Bishan MRT Station. Since she is craving for ramen, we headed to Watami restaurant for dinner. It was a late dinner around 9 pm. We get our queue number from the queue machine in front of the restaurant while waiting patiently for the staff to call us in. It is an hour away from closing time. Thus, the restaurant atmosphere was quite quiet and cosy. I usually dine in during peak hours and I can hear noises coming from many different tables. It was a perfect moment for us to have a cosy chit chat session. Here are the choice of dishes we ordered :- Kara Miso Ramen @S$13.30++ Spicy miso ramen with pork slice served in a big bowl. The serving time is within 10 minutes. The soup broth was thick enough. Although it is called spicy miso ramen, we do not really taste the spiciness. Nevertheless, the overall taste suits Evelyn’s taste bud. She doesn’t feel too greasy or creamy after finishing the whole bowl. Ishiyaki Steak Don @S$14.30++ Short Ribs rice in sizzling stone pot. Usually dishes served in sizzling stone pot will have slightly longer waiting time. So, if you do not want to wait, you might consider other choices available in the menu. I love the tenderness of the short ribs marinated with the sauce. It is quite juicy and compliments well with the rice served in the stone pot. The stone pot is still in hot temperature when I whipped off the dish. Hot Ocha were ordered to go with the meal. Service staff was quite prompt re-filling our green tea. Overall, we had a pleasant dining experience. Total bill was S$32.50 which includes 7% GST & 10% GST.
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08 Dec 2014 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Non existence service + expensive food!

Ordered 2 Katsu Don. waited for almost 45min and no food appeared on the table, waitress had to reorder from us again and this time we waited 15minutes for our food.
 Food are expensive and yet u get slow service and forgetful waiter/waitress.
17 Oct 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Rude waiter

Spend your money elsewhere. The food is the only decent thing, if you don't mind the service. There are better places to go.
25 Aug 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

disappointing dinner experience.

Waited in queue patiently for about 15mins on a Sunday night, got our seats at around 8pm. Ordered kara miso ramen and a suki saki with beef + ocha. The ramen arrived quickly enough but i found the soup too salty and there it is not spicy at all. It does look exactly as the picture describes : ramen with one miserable slice of pork. The ocha did not arrive until we asked for it 15 mins later. The suki yaki also did not arrive until we asked for it after i had already finished the ramen and realised the suki yaki has not arrived. They had actually forgotten our order and immediately brought it to us within 5mins. Overall, i did not enjoy the food nor the service and i will not return again.