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Nice ambience, interesting dishes

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
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The ambience was very nice and conducive to eating, and the country/nation inspired menu was also a nice twist. My friends and I had the Canadian, European, and Spanish Hash dishes; I had the first. It's a no-frills pancake, straight up as expected. My friends also enjoyed their dishes.

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The management of Wild Honey (Scotts Square) responded to this review:
02 May 2016
Dear ANGELAMARIA, food as they say is one of the things that unite us all and we’re glad that you and your friends enjoyed our international fare! Thank you for the kind words and we hope to see all of you again soon. Wild Honey Team.

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Sadly disappointed and wont be back!

Total Review: 1

Want a restaurant that treats you rudely, not serve you and insults your integrity? You get all 3-in-1 at Wild Honey @ Scotts!! What was meant to be a celebration to end the work year for me and my colleagues turned out to be a triple whammy for us on Fri 28 Dec when we visited Wild Honey @ Scotts to have our year end office lunch. Since some of us were about an hour early of our resevation, we decided to have some drinks and do a brainstorming session first. When we were at the door, we were told by a Caucasian Floor Manager that there were no tables available indoors despite there being at least 4 tables empty at that time. We agreed as we felt it would only be fair not to insist on an indoor table out of consideration that they may be reserved. Before we were seated, we were told by Mr Floor Manager that we were only given this table only if we ordered and we assured him we would.  After being seated, we DID place our order for drinks, and for the record it's NOT plain water and I even checked about the types of champagne they carried as I was planning to order one later. Unfortunately, before our drinks were served, we were approached again by the floor manager asking us why we hadn’t ordered, saying that he had already stipulated that condition in the beginning. I was perplexed as we did order but were not served.  I asked him if I misunderstood if he meant that there was a minimum order amount to fulfil, as he said we needed to order and we did. And his answer just “floored” me, he said: “no I did not mention a minimum order/amount and you obviously took advantage of that! And mind you we are running a business here!” Yes! Mr Floor Manager did a great job in “flooring” and embarrassing all of us indeed.  I guess my colleagues and I had enough and decided to stop being insulted and we left. A floor manager is supposed to be the Captain of the service ship and front face of the restaurant. He is supposed to make the customer feel welcomed, taken care of and that his service staff are all trained to do the same. Well… this one has managed to do everything but that. There was no apology and no stopping us from leaving (as if good riddance!) until one of my colleagues who was really upset, tweeted about this horrid experience, shortly after did we receive a call and apology and an offer of vouchers. Why call us only 2 hours later? after the tweet? Pardon my scepticism, but after what I experienced anyone would be wondering the sincerity of the call.  As a patron, I do not want/need vouchers. I just want good food and good service which are the key ingredients to a great dining experience. Wild Honey has gotten disppoint and it now leaves a bitter aftertaste for at least 8 people whom year end lunch celebration they have ruined and these people will most probably never come back. Wild Honey has not just lost 8 customers but so much more… its reputation, more customers and revenue.  

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Worst restaurant service

Food/Drink 1 | Value N/A | Ambience 1 | Service N/A
Total Review: 1

I expected this place to be of great quality service in addition to their well-liked brunch selection and the nice ambience. As such, I selected this place as a spot for lunch with my family to celebrate my upcoming birthday.

However the service really ruins everything.
1) the young waitress missed my mum's vegetarian order. When all of our food came except for my mum's, we decide to ask another waitress how long more do we have to wait for my mum's order. She replied that she will checked with the kitchen. But after waiting for around 10 minutes, she hasn't return to us to tell us what is going on, forcing us to ask another waiter for our order. When he came, he just told us that the food is coming and he didn't add anything else. Only when my mum questioned him why is the food taking so long that he confessed because initially they missed the order and the 2nd waitress that we had asked earlier about our order re ordered it without informing us of this decision. Hence now, they are preparing the order for us. This makes me absolutely furious because not only have they missed our order the first time but they didn't admit the mistake of them missing the order and informing us about it and asking us if we would still like the order. Instead they just reorder it behind our backs. This is a case of dishonesty and the lack of transparency to serve customers.
2) I ordered the spicy citrus fruit juice and my brother ordered the orange juice. The waitress upon serving our drinks got mixed up and so I was drinking my brother's drinks while my brother was drinking mine. Mine drink has a huge ginger taste in it in which my brother detest because he never had a thing for ginger. It's because of this that made our dining experience very miserable.

I will advice all who wanted to try the wild honey brunch selection to go other places instead with better food and definitely much more respectable, transparent and honest service. It's really not worth the money to be dining here at all. Especially with the fact how waitresses and waiters do things behind the back of customers without informing them when they missed their orders. Your sanity will be preservered if you skipped this place.

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Great Food, Good Service.

Food/Drink 5 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Review: 1

I thoroughly enjoyed the meal, and overall brunch experience. The staff were very attentive, warm and welcoming from the moment I stepped into the restaurant with my parents. The extensive brunch menu was a pleasant surprise, as was the quality of the food! My mother and I had the European, and my father the English.

One thing we appreciated was that the staff did not try to hurry us out, and we were able to enjoy tea and dessert at our own pace.

Definitely would reccomend this place!

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Food/Drink 2 | Value N/A | Ambience 2 | Service N/A
Total Review: 1

Me and my Friend decided to try out the food in wild honey yesterday due to its attractive web page, seriously the puctures of food are really beautifully displayed in the web page, it looks so enticing and it definitely caught attention! 

So, we got our seat at 9:30am, and we took about 10 minutes to order the food and ordered was placed at 9:45am. We would expect that the food shoulddeliver within 15-20 minutes like other famous restaurant does.. guess what, it took 45 minutes to receive our food despite 3 reminders. 

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The management of Wild Honey (Scotts Square) responded to this review:
24 May 2016
Dear MEGABEE, please do accept our sincere apologies for your experience and thank you for the feedback and comments. We’re sorry to read about the delay in receiving your order but will remind the staff to be more attentive in regards. We really hope to see you again. Wild Honey Team.

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