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Windowsill Pies

The pop-up days for Windowsill Pies are over;they have relocated to a permanent location in Jalan Besar. The delicous gourmet pies still stand, and look out for the new savoury menu that is currently in the works.

Tue - Thu: 11:00 - 21:30

Fri: 11:00 - 22:30

Sat - Sun: 10:00 - 22:30

+65 90047827
$72 based on 48 submissions
Chillout (7 votes), High Tea (6 votes), Brunch (5 votes)
Food Ph.D

must try!

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2 month old Windowsill Pies was started by 2 brothers who wanted to fill up the “pie” gap in the local market. The duo of brothers are pretty young, but still, who says young chefs can’t produce great food? We took the leap of faith and went ahead to try 2 of their creations.

Banana Cognac Almond Brittle Pie ($6) – The cream-like top layer of the pie tasted somewhat like banana flavoured yoghurt. It wasn’t as cloyingly sweet nor creamy as whipped cream but there was a tinge of sourness which made it refreshing. However, unlike what was suggested in the name, the cognac was very faint and barely detectable. There were bits of fresh banana embedded within the tart, which provided a burst of sweetness every time we bit into it. We particularly enjoyed the almond brittles! They were solid, crunchy and fragrant. They possessed a charred toffee sweetness with a slight saltiness. It was unfortunate that the tart crust had a slightly raw egg stench. This was not really to our liking but we deemed it a small flaw. On the whole, we very much enjoyed the Banana Cognac Almond Brittle Pie with its combination of different textures and tastes.

Morello Cherry Pie ($6.50) – The Morello Cherry Pie  was more refreshing due to the juicy and sour morello cherries. We were unsure if the pie fillings came from off-the-shelf jam, but it gave the feeling that it was home-made. The sourness of the morello cherry pie fillings overpowered any form of sweetness which it may have possessed. The sugar grains atop was a nice complement to the sourness of the morello cherry. The sugar laced crust also tasted more charred, eliminating the raw egg stench which we felt in the Banana Cognac Almond Brittle Pie.

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19 Oct 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower


I ordered a S'mores pie and it was as thin as a children's book. Sure it was pretty decent, but so not worth $8. If Windowsill wants to justify charging $8 for, they had sure make it more substantial.

They should include signage for the different cakes (currently, some poor employee has to explain what each pie is and what each pie contains). It also makes pricing a lot more transparent.

Service and ambience were fantastic, so if you're someone big on ambience, it's a good place to chill. But I hate being ripped off, so I'm never coming back.
05 Oct 2014 • 119 reviews • 0 follower

Windowsill In The Woods (Windowsill Pies) @ Jalan Besar – Delightful Pies

Located in Jalan Besar, Windowsill In The Woods is a cosy space that is cheerful and kid friendly. It was like we’re all characters of a kids’ storybook, there was even a mini podium with a large bear sitting on it.   We ordered Iced Latte ($6.00), Iced Chocolate ($6.00), Hot Chocolate ($5.50),Smores Slice ($8.00),Strawberry Lemon Slice ($7.00) and Camp Symmetry Slice ($8.00).   Camp Symmetry Slice ($8.00) - Must try! This pie was unlike any other that we’ve tasted, it was made up of white chocolate pudding, some raisins in the middle with white truffle cookie streusel. While the components might not sound like they will blend well… It did! It was like fireworks in our mouths – this is a must try if you absolutely LOVE truffles.   Grasshopper Mint Pie is also a must try! We first had a taste of their Grasshopper Mint Pie back at Penny University   While the pies had flakey pastry, it would be nice if it had been crisper. On the whole, we fell in love with every pie we tried - they were simply delightful! Some might find the price to be slightly steep, but at least quality is definitely assured!   Please refer to for details review.
Windowsill Pies Exterior
01 Sep 2014 • 324 reviews • 54 followers

Eat (More Than) Humble Pie

Full Windowsill Pies review here:

Tucked between industrial shophouses, Windowsill Pies / Windowsill In The Woods is a whimsical, fairy tale like cafe, serving up sweet, artisinal dessert pies since October 2011. Brothers Jonathan and Sean Gwee, along with chief baker Michael Liu, have grown their humble pie shop over the years, finally settling in the Jalan Besar area in December 2012.

Ambience at Windowsill Pies is so cozy and inviting, you'll never want to leave! Faux trees and wooden panelling comprise a "forest", while a creative layout creates semi-private alcoves for dining. A retro yellow fridge stands beside a hand made wooden cupboard, while toy aeroplanes hang from colourful criss cross beams in the "sky". Picnic baskets complete with checkered cloths lay around the trees, beside the resident giant teddy bear, Mr. Picklechips. Playful, fairy tale like atmosphere!

Service at Windowsill Pies is very good. Staff are polite, friendly, and welcoming, and more than eager to display their knowledge on the various types of pies in the attractive display case. The young, high energy staff are chirpy and upbeat, efficient in fulfilling orders, and generally appear happy working at Windowsill Pies.

Food at Windowsill Pies revolves around their speciality, pies. Not savoury pies... they only make sweet / dessert pies, full of robust flavour and presented beautifully. Each slice of pie is like a work of art, you can actually see the different textures and ingredients that go into it! Portion sizes for each pie slice is large for one person, and sharing is recommended. Pricing is similar to desserts in other cafes as well, budget about SGD $7 per slice of pie, and about SGD $6 for a beverage.

Few shops do sweet / dessert pies as well as them; tasty with full flavour but still balanced, firm texture that holds up well but yields when cut, ingredients layered like a work of art, all at wallet friendly pricing.

While I commend the attempt at creating art within the Hot Chocolate (SGD $5.50), the actual taste is somewhat lacking. Yes, there is still a rather muted chocolate taste, but not as intense, not as thick, or not as rich as I'd hoped. Rather below average.

One of their top 3 bestsellers, the Strawberry Lemon Pie (SGD $7) features a tangy, zesty lemon curd, pierced through with 2 ribbons of sweet, tart strawberry compote. Topped with a creamy meringue, this pie is well balanced and luscious, and a refreshing delight to eat!

Inspired by the classic Grasshopper Cocktail, the similarly vibrant green Grasshopper Pie (SGD $7.50) features a soft, flourless chocolate cake, topped with vibrant, refreshing crème de menthe green / mint cream. While containing no alcohol, this pie does have chunks of dense chocolate brownie within, and is garnished with shards of luscious dark chocolate, and clusters of crunchy chocolate cookies.
21 Aug 2014 • 122 reviews • 7 followers

Try the pies, skip the savories.

For pictures and full review, pls visit:

Windowsill in the Woods, more commonly known as Windowsill Pies is a suitably casual and cherry place to spend a lazy afternoon catching up with friends or with a lovely book. Upon pushing open the wooden door, you’ll be greeted by an vibrant display of eye-catching pies. They specialize in artisanal pies; all the pies are sweet but I’m not complaining!

The setting of the cafe reminds me of something you’d find a page of a children’s story book. Lively vibes with lots of chatter and friendly staff chirping away at the counter. Its self-service here-order at the counter and collect your mains from the kitchen booth when your buzzer beeps.  There’s no GST or service charge.

Savory menu changes fortnightly. Selection is limited and we were quite disappointed with our choices.   Texture of my Roast Beef Yorkshire Pudding($14) was too tough, because the meat was overcooked. Lightly seasoned, I could taste the natural flavor of the beef, which went well with the caramelized onions and Yorkshire pudding. However the corn chips were so bland, I was struggling to finish them (I don’t like to waste food).

M’s Handmade Burger ($18) fared better. Seasoning was spot on, but there were some dry areas within the beef patty. Chips were boring and we felt that $18 was too pricy for such a small serving.

W was starving and needed her dose of carbs. She went for Baby Octopus and Chicken Heart Pasta ($14), which was tossed in a spicy tomato base. Using the Entertainment coupon, we enjoyed a one for one set of pie and pot of tea. We took some time to settle for 3 pies (oh choices, choices). The Gryphon Moscato Blanc (grape) an Aloe Vera Rooibos ($6 each) complemented the sweet pies well.   For adults only, the Banana Almond Brittle ($7) is a symphony of cognac cream, airy banana mousse on a almond brittle base. Salted caramel and crunchy nuts and another dimension in flavor and texture.  Although I am not a fan of banana, I was quite fond of this particular pie.

Designed to represent a field, White Chocolate Truffle Pie ($8) was quite a complex explosion of flavors. A tango of sweet white chocolate and woody truffle, graced by a layer of cookie crumble and meringue (which represented soil and a mushroom respectively). Personally, the raisins and candied thyme kinda spoilt it for me. Upon biting into each raisin, the truffle flavour was overwhelmed and the candied thyme was just weird. Too many things going on at the same time IMHO.

Awake your senses with face-scrunching tartness of the Strawberry Lemon Pie ($7), completed with soft torched meringue. Tangy and refreshing, it’s a perfect perk-me-up in Singapore’s sweltering heat.
Pumpkin Pie
11 Aug 2014 • 28 reviews • 0 follower

I come here for the food, not the pies

I came here for the pumpkin pie but was sorely disappointed by it. The pumpkin pie does not look like the traditional American pumpkin pie neither does it taste like it. The strawberry key lime pie was also disappointing. It was too sour. The best pie that we tried was the grasshopper pie which is a chocolate mint flavor.

The entree was however the hidden gem. The homemade beef burger was tasty. It was juicy and flavorful. The gringo burger with the guacamole was wonderful. Plus, I like how they put salsa & chips on the sides instead of traditional fries. The grilled cheese was pretty good too except for a bit too much onions. 

The place is cute and rather quiet. A nice place for a date.