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Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
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Awesome Ambience, Setting

Catch Preimer league here too.

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Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 3 | Service 2
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The restaurant caught my eye in a pay $10 for $20 value Groupon deal, partially due to it's location next to Bedok Point. Since I was alone, a $20 voucher should be able to get me a decent meal in a HDB non air-conditioned setting.

Being a small eater, I ordered a Claypot Braised Sea Cucumber priced at $18 and being a Jumbo restaurant member, an $18 dish should be of a reasonable size, and possibly enough for two small eaters.

Hence I ordered a Double-Boiled Pear dessert which I requested to take-away.

To my surprise, the waitress rejected my request rather curtly - Boss says no take-away using coupon - to which I replied I cant eat that much since I'm alone, would you prefer that I come back another day? After checking with the boss, her reply was UNapologetic - 'Sorry no takeaway, boss said come back another day'.

Not willing to come back again, I settled for a Coke Zero. At least there was still braised sea cucumber to look forward to.

The claypot that finally arrived was pathetic. It is the size of a small bak kut teh claypot for one person, with 4 small pieces of stiff cucumber (of poor quality), and some measly amount of carrot/ snow peas. It is hardly worth $10, let alone $18 as what the menu indicated. Gravy was bland, and if it weren't for a bowl of rice I ordered on foresight, the portion would hardly be sufficient.

A major let-down and certainly not deserving to be in Bedok which is famous for reasonably priced good food.

(Just for reference, I had an extremely satisfying bowl of Fish Maw with Seafood soup at Long Beach East Coast today. Abundant fish maw, fresh fish, squid and vegetables enough to serve 4 persons and it only costs $16!)

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