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My current to-go place in town for Japanese lunches!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 4

I've probably had the Grilled Fish Set at Yakitori Enmaru a dozen of times in a few months now! Lovely lunches and great service.

I like how the set is presented as a traditional Japanese meal, i.e. ichiju sansai (One main dish and 3 sides).

The main would be Shioyaki, or salt-grilled fish (recently uses saba fish, which I love) with a slice of lemon, always grilled to perfection. Oh right,its a yakitori!

Cue Miso soup (not bad, but not as good as Tatsuya), pickles, and an amazing sesame paste topped salad (sesame dressing is indeed traditional Japanese!) for the usual sides. The cherry on top being a cold dish of stewed beef with carrots, daikons and onions. Perfect, complete meal with a bowl of rice (I usually hve only half of it) that's always moist enough.

Oh yes! Best mini chawanmushi - chokeful of ingredients including chicken bites, fish roe and crab meat :)

Also, the unagi rice set always looks & (sample)tastes great, so a thumbs-up there too!


I would say that they have the best sesame and green tea ice cream. Beats Shin Kuriya (Raffles Place).

Ambiance is quite perfect for me - the staff are all pleasant and setting reminds me of this yakitori restaurant I frequent when I'm in Tokyo.

Service is awesome, my request is memorized each visit by the lovely waitresses("sans pickles,extra salad, minimal grilling") plus my hot green tea gets refilled without my asking. Most importantly, the tables are well-spaced.

One of the best Japanese restaurants in town for quiet and sumptuous lunch, other than Tatsuya (a bit too cosy) and Aoki!

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Most helpful reviews for Yakitori Enmaru

Great Yakitori At Ion !

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 239

If you are a yakitori lover and shopping at Orchard...I would suggest u check out this new outfit at Ion !

Located on the 4th level....and u can never miss it....this is the place to visit if you are into Jap bbq stuffs...

Some personal recommendations :

1) Beef " Side Skirts " not your regular Honda side skirts ok ! LOL

2) Unagi

3) Miso chicken

4) chicken with sea-salt

5) Cold noodles

6) Prawn tempura

For myself, most of the above are safe choices...and you will never go wrong with them...And surprisingly..for their beef yakitoris...even if ordered well's still good without the usual over doneness...And to top it off...the staffs will remember u if you'vce been there more then they will more or less remember your preference..

My only complaint so far....service can be lacking if they are running a full house....but they are improving....but then go there for the food first and service don't let this hold u back for that yakitori fix !





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Very nice service and ambience but overpriced food and slightly salty

Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 83

Great service and izakaya ambience.
But all skewers are quite overpriced, and the robatayaki was very salty. 
More pics and details at

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misses and few hits

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 59

Some dishes were just wrongly seasoned in my opinion. The Caesar salad was wayyyyy over dressed. Could hardly swallow. Mediocre yakitori. Liked the chicken balls though!

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Tasty yakitori, but not at this price

Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 2
Total Review: 1

My partner and I dropped in for dinner after having gone over the menu at the entrance- the selections looked interesting enough.

We had 2 sticks each of the pork belly, basil chicken, wagyu tongue and scallop skewers, sea urchin sushi, and a glass of plum wine on ice. Unordered but provided as part of the 'cover charge' (more on this later) were 2 servings of potato salad, and a bowl of raw cabbage with a large spoonful of miso that you mix in to your liking.

The skewers were tasty, if on the salty side (but not unpleasantly so). The wagyu tongue was not bad, but unremarkable for the price. The scallops were good, and I enjoyed the doneness though my partner found them on the tough side. The rest of the skewers were pretty much as you'd expect; cooked well and tasty, but nothing exceptional. The sea urchin sushi was very good indeed, tasting fresh and flavourful.

Pricing seems oddly unbalanced- certain items like the pork belly skewers came in at roughly under 4 dollars per skewer, but items like the scallop, wagyu skewers and sea urchin sushi ran into approximately 12-13 dollars per skewer/piece. Serving sizes were average, with 3 scallops per skewer, a rather skimpy serving of wagyu tongue per stick, and 3-4 small pieces of sea urchin per sushi piece. The scallops were large and plump, so that's a mitigating factor. Also, most items on the menu can only be ordered in pairs... so the tally quickly runs up; you'll be paying ~25 dollars for those 2 skewers of tongue! One might think that a place with these prices wouldn't need to nickle and dime customers- but you'll be greeted with a 5 dollar 'cover charge' per person when the bill arrives, presumably to pay for those salads and hot towels you were presented with earlier. A cheap cover charge for a club, but unwarranted for an already pricey restaurant.

Service was below average. The older waiter taking our orders reeked of cigarette smoke, and was matter-of-factly going through the motions of order-taking. He didn't accurately convey the amount of plum wine that actually gets served per order, first stating it was a "small bottle", but shortly afterwards (and after the order had been placed) mentioned this was in fact a single glass. Attempts to pass him back the menu were met with a pen pointing at the other half of our table, accompanied by a 'suggestion' that we leave the menus there. I get it: you think we might want to order more at a later time, but there are ways to say that without seeming like you're just too lazy to do your job.

Our order of sushi was forgotten, and did not arrive till after my partner reminded a waitress. This was made up for somewhat by the very apologetic waitress/manager who hurried over and apologised, followed by two complimentary cups of hot tea (not amounting to much in value, but a nice gesture nonetheless).

All in, an unremarkable experience at much too high a price.

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