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(Closed) Yomenya Goemon (112 Katong)


Youmenya Goemon is the original Japanese pasta shop since 1976, which began its roots in Shibuya.Its unique creations such as the mentaiko pasta and shabu shabu pork pasta are examples of the perfect fusion between Japanese and Italian ingredients.

Daily: 11:30 - 21:30

+65 66363692
$22 based on 11 submissions

Definitely good, but slow

Very good pasta served but had to wait for quite some time.

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13 Jan 2013 • 46 reviews • 6 followers

Disappointing 1st Try @ Yomenya

rought my dog for grooming and therefore went to I12 Katong for lunch, and decided to try out Yomenya...

order 1 mentaiko & 1 carbonara pasta & 2 ice royal milk tea... the soup was served 1st and when i was drinkin the soup, saw a short strand of hair... told 1st waitress abt it, and she just took the cup of soup away w/o sayin anything, 2nd waitress serve a new cup of soup also w/o sayin anything... duno wat kind of service it is...

drank the ice royal milk tea and felt that i shld not have order it, as i feel that a cup of gong cha bubble tea will taste much better and cheaper...

don't think i will patronise yomenya again or at least not the I12 Katong branch...
05 Sep 2012 • 33 reviews • 0 follower

Definitely good, but slow

Very good pasta served but had to wait for quite some time.

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03 Apr 2012 • 258 reviews • 12 followers

Inflexible menu

I came specifically to try the Japanese pizza. Asked on arrival if it could be made without cheese. The waiter said no. I asked why and he said it must be with cheese. I asked if it was because they are pre-made, and was told no it is made to order but under strict instructions not to deviate the recipe. I explained I have a milk allergy and will get sick from eating cheese, and so could they please just prepare a pizza without that ingredient. Still no. Gave up and went elsewhere as I really can't understand this approach especially when restaurant is mostly empty and should be eager to have extra customers.

20 Mar 2012 • 155 reviews • 2 followers


I had high hopes from this chain that originated from Shibuya.

However my order of the number 30 (yuba, bacon, shrimp, mozerella and egg) was alright at the most and got quite daunting to finish towards the end. The first few bites were great but I felt like the spaghetti was rushed and I got alot of hard, chewy, undercooked noodles. Also, the purple lettuce was bitter(?!) and a tad slimy, quite a turn off. Oh and the shrimp-not fresh. One thing they delivered on was definitely the size though, I don't think small eaters can clear the plate. I am willing to give it another shot though, as reviews are mostly positive! Efficient service though, and quick seating given the circumstances.

13 Jan 2012 • 152 reviews • 1 follower

Italian pasta served the Japanese way

Please drop by for pictures!

While the focus of the menu seems to be on Italian food, they have some pasta comprising Japanese ingredients.

Yomenya Goemon has been serving Japanese pasta for the last 36 years. I know there are restaurants that have been surviving since 100 years ago, or since dinosaurs roamed the earth (i'm kidding), but 36 years is seriously quite a feat.

Anyway, we ordered Lunch Set A ($14.80++). It comes with salad, miso soup and spaghetti. I asked the waitress for recommendation and she recommended a few items. I decided to get the Mediterranean Tomato Cream Soup, Spaghetti with Fresh Seafood.

There's a salad bar. They give you a bowl, and you take whatever you want (as long as it's one serving). It makes sense because then, you don't need to waste food which you don't like. I liked that there was a range of ingredients and also the fact that they were all very appetising- sweet, sour and healthy! As you can see, there was lettuce, orange, eggplant, tomatoes, lychee, alfalfa sprouts etc, along with your favourite dressing!

The tomato cream soup was rich but not too thick. There were a lot of noodles and they were cooked al dente. The seafood is fresh. The only gripe I have is that the amount of seafood is quite little.

The set lunch is ordinarily priced, but the food and service is good. Thumbs up for salad bar, piping hot food, fast serving of food and delicious pasta!