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It's worth trying! :)

Food/Drink 3 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 60

Have visited almost all the branches of Yomenya Goemon
Click here for pictures of my most recent visit (Star Vista outlet)

Food is good. I particularly like the lobster bisque pasta!
Love the fact that the restaurant always have promotions with scb cards ;) Makes the set meals very value-for-money.

Would prefer the ambience of the marina bay link branch probably cos it's more quiet. Service seems to be more attentive there as well.

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Most helpful reviews for Yomenya Goemon (CityLink Mall)

Poor service standards

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

It's been 2 years since I last patronised this outlet. The food and service standards, as I remembered, was decent with nothing to fault. this visit was however different. While the food was still as good, service standards have obviously not kept pace. First, when we asked for warm water, we were served almost boiling water (thanks for trying to scald our tongues). Next, the clumsy waitress almost dropped the plate while serving the food, with the pasta almost slipping off the plate and the ingredients falling off onto the table. I was almost certain that the waitress' long sleeved uniform came into contact with the pasta, but she promptly picled up the dropped ingredients and went away without a single word of apology. Thirdly, this same waitress (bespectacled girl with pony tail) sneaked over suspiciously and quietly placed the bill right in front of me (without us asking, immediately after our empty plated were cleared) before slipping away as quietly as she came, all along with me staring at her. She must have deluded herself into thinking that by doing so, no one would be able to see her come and that we will be in awe that the bill had magically appeared on our table! How rude was that?! Not a single word was uttered! Finally, this seemingly mute waitress (she wasnt- she shouted arigatou gozaimasu to no one in particular when she was walking over to the cashier after having us wait there for 1 min and the place was not crowded) attended to us for our payment. She merely pointed at the billing amount on the printed receipt without uttering a single word again before swiping the card. It is such poorly trained staff that taints the notoriously low standards in Singapore's service industry. Will never go back again.

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A surprise place found!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 3

Was looking for a food place with a friend last night around cityhall area. Haven't been there for a while so was at a lack of ideas when we finally decided to explore citylink. Decided to try this place though made me think of Waraku Spaghetti. 

There was some fixed set meals which gave us a headache choosing. Off my memory, may not be accurate. 

1. Regular set - regular Spaghetti + salad + soup + drink ($19.50 ++)

2. Large set - Large Spaghetti + salad + soup + drink ($21.50++)

3. Dessert set - regular + Spaghetti + salad + soup + drink + dessert ($21.50++)

4. Half-half (2 smaller portion Spaghetti) + soup + drink / dessert (take dessert of course!) ($21.50++)

In the end I think the best deal was no. 4! 

If you have Standchart card you get to have no. 1 at $16.

For the three of us we ordered 1x no. 2, 1x no. 3, 1x no. 4 (two guys 1 girl). Think we couldn't finish the food, even the dessert :P

Overall spent $25 each (bill came to about $75). 

Good surprise, nice find!

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Good pasta.

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 2

We were first served with clear broth which was not too salty and had mini tofus drifting happily with mini spring onions. A warm start to dinner.

My squid ink pasta (NO4) had a couple pieces of squid topped with lettuce that had what-I-believe cod roes on it. It was black, really black. It did not taste of the ocean whatsoever but had a certain kick to it, just makes you want to eat more. Unfortunately, pasta was semi-drenched in olive oil. With a little stir, it gave my pasta (and my mouth) a shiny shine.

Exchanged some pasta with a friend who had one with duck (No5). The pasta is 'da bomb. The moment you put it into your mouth, it just burst with awesome duck aroma flavours that fills your senses completely. Its that good. The duck pieces were slight tender and the duck skin was oh-so-oily-but-crisp-good. Highly recommended.

Another friend gave up her pasta (No6) and I had a go at it. Neapolitian sauce with zucchini, capsicium, pork(i think), onions and a sunny side wobbling egg. The sauce was packed with flavours which coated the veggies well. Coupled with tabesco-like sauce, it dish was just a delight.

Having had seats walled away from the main area, time flew. The service was good and we left at closing time with a happy heart and stomach.

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Japanese pasta

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 408

We’re no stranger to this Japanese pasta chain, having dined at the MBLM outlet a couple of times before. However, K and I prefer this location as we habitually end up in City Hall area if there’s nowhere better to go.

Our dinner started with wafu soup as usual. The clear soup was light and flavorful with a few pieces of delicate tofu swimming in it.

I ordered shrimp, avocado and fresh herb with genovese sauce  (genovese $12.10). The amount of ingredients was somewhat small and I wasn’t too pleased with the hard and bitter avocado that seemed unripe. However, I really liked the pesto sauce and wished there were bread to mop it up.

K’s sausage, bacon, salami and beef chorizo with chili tomato sauce ($12.10) was more robust. The spiciness was mild and the various meats were full of flavor.

Slurping spaghetti with chopsticks didn’t really pose a challenge, though it helped that the strands were al dente, which held up nicely between a pair of wooden sticks.

Being situated just off the MRT station, this outlet sure enjoys a lot of foot traffic, but we had no trouble getting a table for our late dinner on a Saturday.

The night wasn’t getting any younger so it’s good service was quick and we managed to squeeze in some time for an ice cream before heading home.

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