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Yong Kee Famous Fish Ball Noodle

Yong Kee Famous Fish Ball Noodle sells food like fresh homemade fishball noodles, mushroom minced meat mee pok and meatball soup.

Daily: 07:00 - 01:00

+65 62703956

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24 Nov 2011 • 249 reviews • 562 followers

Superb soup and tasty homemade fishball!

If you are feeling hungry at an unearthly hour, you can pop down to ABC and be assured of something to eat. Yong Kee Famous Fish Ball Noodle opens from 7am to 2am, 7 days a week. This particular stall not only sells fishballs, they also sell an interesting meatball which is a mix of pork, fish, chillies and spring onions. And each fishball and meatball is handmade! It is good to know that handmade fishball is making a comeback especially since the NEA restricted hawkers from making their own fishball at the stall for hygiene purposes many years ago. Thankfully, that decision has since been reversed and now I am discovering more and more homemade fishball vendors. The soup here is also superb! That is because it is made from the water used in the fishball making process. The fishballs are very tasty and has a great bouncy texture but I wouldn't rave too much about the stall's meatballs.
23 Jan 2011 • 230 reviews • 0 follower

Ordinary only

This is not bad but i feel that it is overrated and that the fishball noodles is nothing special. Worth a try when you go down though.
23 Jun 2010 • 3 reviews • 0 follower


The most tasty and fish ball noodles i have ever tasted around this district. The fish balls are fresh, tangy,crunchy and filling. it gives a satisfying homely taste perfect with the delicious soup. This dish is a definite must try meal for all who has not tried yet. You will be glad to have such a great meal at a reasonable price.
13 Apr 2010 • 150 reviews • 0 follower

Fish ball noodles

Fish ball noodles are not my favourite fish usually but i really like this well flavoured fish ball noodles.The soup is nice and taste home-ly and the fish ball is really smooth, fresh , tangy and gives a good chew.Great served piping hot.
22 Apr 2009 • 436 reviews • 32 followers

Yong Kee Famous Fishball Noodle

Yong Kee Famous Fishball Noodle is famous for a good reason. With a history stretching 24 years, the husband-and-wife team running the stall has perfected their recipe for the bestselling fishball noodle. You pay $3 ($4 for a bigger portion) for a bowl, with the option of thin noodles or mee pok, served in a tasty soup.

The humble fish balls are clearly the biggest draw. New batches are made daily, ensuring customers get to enjoy the freshest ingredients possible. Not only are the fishballs springy and firm, you can really taste the freshness of the fish, without the slightest hint of fishy stench.

Want more options? Go for the similarly-priced bak chor mee. No frozen meat is used and the mushrooms are generously sized youll only be served top-notch ingredients here!