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The only modern and hip Chinese seafood concept restaurant and champagne bar at Marina Bay Sands, it impresses onlookers with its wavy underwater-feel interior.

Together with this world renowned tourist attraction Marina Bay Sands, 漁 Yú Cuisine complements every tourist’s agenda with the MUST to get a taste of the much talked-about     
 Singapore seafood cuisine like Chilli Crab, Pepper Crab, Drunken prawns, creative dimsum and much more.       

The champagne bar on the upper level offers a spectacular picturesque view of the entire marina bay. With Marina Bay Sand’s nightly laser light show on the water, Yú Cuisine Dining Bar is the choice hang-out venue for a complete dining experience with a chill out on champagne and drinks, bringing together exquisite food and entertainment for the precious moment.     

We promise a dining experience you will not keep silent about.        

What others are eating here

Signature Golden Lava Custard Bun
Signature Golden Lava Custard Bun
Signature Golden Lava Custard Bun
Signature Golden Lava Custard Bun
Crispy aromatic duck
Crispy aromatic duck
Stir fry beef with black pepper
Stir fry beef with black pepper
fried rice with seafood and XO sauce
fried rice with seafood and XO sauce
  • roast pork 3 votes
  • Crispy aromatic duck 2 votes
  • Flowing Custard Bun 2 votes
  • richmans fried rice 2 votes
  • Dinosaur Rice Roll 1 vote
  • Kang Kong 1 vote
  • Queen Shumai 1 vote
  • Rich Man Fried Rice Roasted Meat & Dinosaur Rice Roll 1 vote
  • Rich-Man's Fried Rice 1 vote
  • Shark Cartilage Soup 1 vote
  • Signature Golden Lava Custard Bun 1 vote
  • Stir fry beef with black pepper 1 vote

Latest Review for Yú Cuisine

Overall RatingBased on 10 reviews
Most helpful review:

quality Chinese cuisine

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 2157

Located at Marina Bay Sands, the table settings, with its shiny feel, made me feel like I was going into some "ah beng" cultured dining destination. All that was missing was the disco music to go along with the vibe.

That aside, I found the food to be quite good. I started with the roasted duck, the pork belly and the char siu ($28). The items came out to be what one would expect in any roast meat stall - nothing much to shout about here.

For something lighter, I tried the Eggwhite Crabmeat ($16), which had fluffy pieces of egg white with a slightly seafood finish caused by the crab. Nice comfort food.

Ended my meal with the Fried Rice ($22). The wok hei created a good balance in the dish, and the rice had a good balance of dryness.

One thing to note about the food here is that the portion sizes tend to be quite large, so be prepared to share. What I ordered above (all in small portions) can feed three to the brim.

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Poor service!

Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 2 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

My friends and I dined at the champagne bar on Saturday evening, and ordered beers along with a couple of side dishes (fries and chicken wrap) with the service staff. While the beers came quite quickly, I had to remind the service staff on three separate occasions (over a 45-minute wait) of our outstanding order of side dishes, and each of those times, was reassured that the order will be looked into.

Our fries finally arrived at the hour mark, but the chicken wrap (and another order of chicken wings which we ordered subsequently as the long wait worked up our appetite) was missing from the order. After pressing the service staff for an explanation, the staff realized that the side order was not registered in the system. It was another 15 minutes before we got the order delivered.

If that was not bad enough, a person whom we assumed was the bar manager openly reprimanded the staff who got our order messed up, and used our table to do an on-the-job training (the table was not set and proper cutlery was not served). Wasn't a pleasant experience at all. Despite all the rave reviews, it was a massive disappointment.

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Yu Cuisine – Creative Modern Dim Sum

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 355

For the full review & photos click here:

Yu Cuisine is one of the elegant Chinese restaurant that grace Marina Bay Sands with its presence. The restaurant itself served Cantonese cuisine with modern innovations in its dishes and also presentation. We actually only come to know about this place from a friend of a friend that is not Singaporean. Although I have been to Marina Bay Sands for a few times, I always try to avoid this place whenever possible.


The decoration of Yu Cuisine is modern with aquatic theme. Considering they named the restaurant after the word fish in Chinese, it is not surprising that the decoration of the restaurant follow the same theme. Quite cool and impressive actually.


So how is the food? There were more than 10 adults, so we manage to order quite a few dishes. However, there are a few dishes that really catch our eyes, such as:


Queen Shumai, it is a combination of pork and prawn. For a twist, they left the tail of the prawn still intact. The pork is tender and juicy, while the prawn is fresh and springy.


Signature Golden Lava Custard Bun, the bun soft with egg golden colour. When you break the bun, the custard just ooze out from the bun inviting you to savour the excellent combination of salty sweetness of the fillings. Two thumbs up!!


Crispy aromatic duck. The whole duck was well-seasoned, the deep frying resulted in a crispy texture on the skin but still giving you meat that is very moist, tender and juicy. COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEF FOR HIS EXCELLENT FRYING TECHNIQUE!


Stir fry beef with black pepper, the beef nicely coated with fragrant black pepper. It is tender, juicy and close to melting in your mouth.


A notable mention is the Dinosaur Rice Roll, named due to sheer gigantic size and audacious creativity. Fried dough (You Tiao) is filled with vegetables that are similar to popiah fillings, wrapping it around with cheong fun. It is then topped with pork floss, spring onion and drizzle with light soya sauce. A definite must-try dish!


If you need something to really fill your stomach, the fried rice or noodle here is quite good. Their fried rice with seafood and XO sauce, have a good wok hei. Each grain of the rice firm and loose, and the XO sauce has that kick that really open up your appetite. Their dan dan noodle have thin, loose, springy texture which nicely absorb the broth.

Service here is excellent. The staff is friendly and efficient. They top up you tea and clear the plates when they needed to. If you need something, you can easily get their attention.


Overall, we have a good experience dining in Yu Cuisine. The price of the food here is targeted towards the patrons of MBS, so expect to pay a little bit more then the Five Star Chinese Restaurant. We will not purposely make a trip there to dine, however we won't mind stopping by in Yu Cuisine if we are at MBS one of this day. Cheers!!! 

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