Zac's Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Cuisines

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53 Bussorah Street, 199149
Halal, Iranian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern
+65 62951816

Daily: 11:00 - 23:00

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Serving Middle Eastern and Mediterranean halal cuisine, this place specializes in pari-pari chicken and iced mint tea to take the spiciness away from the chicken.

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Go try! You won't be disappointed.

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 5
Total Review: 1

Dined here twice.
Very attentive and personalized service by the restaurant staffs and owner.
Highly recommended.
Food = 8.5/10
Service = 9.5/10
Ambience = 8/10

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worst experience ever

Service 1
Total Review: 1

 We are a local family and had arrived at Zac's Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Cuisine on Sunday  25/8/13 at around 1615 hrs with my parents,to celebrate my father in law's birthday.We chosed Zac's as it was reasonably reviewed over the internet.

Upon reaching,we were seated by your service staff.It seemed like it was going to be a good experience.After browsing the menu,we were ready to order but the staff were simply nonchalant to our call,even walking past my wife when she called her.If it was the peak hour dinner period,i would have understand,but there were only 1 other occupied table.The other table was occupied by foreign diners,who to my suprise,had the whims and fancies attentted to the moment they asked for assistance.I tried to shrug it off as it was my in law's day and did not want to kick a fuss.

The order was finally placed and we had the male staff to repeat it to ensure it was correct.To his credit,he got it right.After about 40 minutes,the food finally came with 2 missing orders.My parents,who were the celebrants of the day,did not receive their order.

We called the female service staff and was only attended to after many tries.After preliminary questioning,it was discovered that the orders were forgotten.The staff simply left our table,checked the receipt and went over to the kitchen.There was no apology nor explanation.Diners,again foreign,who had arrived and placed their orders later,were served on time and warmly,suprisingly.By now,i could sense a trend but did not want to raise any issue out of respect for my in laws.

We are commonfolk and do not expect 5 star service from your restaurant,but if we are paying the service charge,a basic service is to be expected.

The forgotten order did arrived,only after the rest of us had finished our meals,but my father in law had already lost his appetite and the mood for the day was already spoiled.
Someone from the kitchen had then went over to the counter and asked the cashier what was the issue and again,after consulting the male cashier,he looked at my table,smiled meekly and walked back to the kitchen.It would have made the situation much better if someone in charge had went over to explain the situation to us.

When we went over to the cashier for payment,we told him our experience,he did not even look at us and he blamed the kitchen staff for forgeting the order.It was an extremely dissapointing dining experience and had greatly attributted to spoiling my father's big day

It is a shame that an established restaurant like Zac's Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Cuisines cannot manage to offer the simplest form of apology or acknowledgement of the mistake made and the manager/ supervisor was nowhere in sight to asssit in service recovery.

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