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Zaffron Kitchen is a place where authentic north and south Indian cuisine would be found, plus the local delights, all served under a colorful roof. They are serving up everything Indian, made with only the freshest ingredients and the purest spices to tempt one's belly.

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Bhel Puri, the puffed rice with spices.
Bhel Puri, the puffed rice with spices.
Zaffron Tandoori Platter
Zaffron Tandoori Platter
  • butter chicken 14 votes
  • Dum Chicken Biryani 12 votes
  • garlic naan 8 votes
  • aloo gobi tandoor mixed grill 4 votes
  • Tandoori malai and Chicken Tikka Combination platter 3 votes
  • Tandoori Naan; Dum Mutton Briyani; Butter Chicken; Kashmiri Naan; Cheese Naan; Mutton Murtabak 2 votes
  • khatti meethi gobi 2 votes
  • Cheese Nan 1 vote
  • Chef sampler for 2 1 vote
  • Gajar Kahalwa 1 vote
  • Paneer & Tandoori Chicken 1 vote
  • Tandoori Chicken 1 vote
  • chicken and mutton briyani 1 vote
  • plain roti prata 1 vote
  • turkey biryani 1 vote

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Zaffron Kitchen @ East Coast Road

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 168

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Since the Katong area is well- known for being one of the most popular food havens within the country; a stretch that is full of many reputed restaurants with quite a competitive history, it is definitely an achievement for the newly established Zaffron Kitchen to be able to garner a sizeable following within less than a year or so. Offering a remarkably wide array of Indian plates ranging from their crowd- pleasing curry dishes to meat cuts from their traditional Tandoor, the restaurant is motivated to serve their customers with the freshest ingredients and the purest spices.

From the walls concocting of red bricks to the the raw cemented floor with vintage- looking titles, then the Moori Deer Ingo spider lamp to the use of contemporary wooden furniture, Zaffron Kitchen is furnished with seemingly European industrial touches and one can’t help but concur that it appears to be nothing like a traditional Indian restaurant. The hip-looking eatery features a theatre- style kitchen near the entrance for kids (or adults) to catch the perspiring chefs at work and she further establishes herself as a family- friendly restaurant from the set- up of a playground area and an enticing popcorn- making machine for kids.

Tandoori Chicken; generously spiced, commendably marinated with yoghurt and well- complemented with the subtle sour zing from a tinge of lemon juice, the scrumptious chunks of chicken were able to retain their juices just as well. Grilled to near perfection, the perfectly sized classic Tandoori Chicken were certainly made for a satisfying plate to share. An entire whole Tandoori Chicken is available at a cost of $25.00 for those with plenty of space in their stomachs.

Dum Mutton Briyani; a featured number from the eatery that is definitely not to be missed, whiffs of spices filled the air as we broke open the light Naan- like dum with a fork and spoon- a clear demonstration of a dish that was made with care and with good ingredients. We could not get enough of the aromatic and slightly fluffy Basmati rice that harboured chunks of savoury mutton, both constituents that went exceptionally well with one another.

Lightly bathed in creamy curry, the Aloo Gobi Masala was a pleasantly surprising and tasty option indeed. Though it could have risked being too monotonous after a few tries, the gravy was fortunately able to deliver the distinct accents- tangy and sweet- to provide the bold balance the dish would require. Furthermore, I found the complimentary flavours and differing soft textures of the boiled cauliflower and potatoes to be wonderfully comforting.

Butter Chicken; a signature item that could be spotted on almost every table during our visit, we found it incredibly hard to refrain ourselves from the number from Zaffron Kitchen and if that was not convincing enough, we polished the dish clean (with our Naan). Swathed in a thick and luscious mix, the sizeable tender portions of Chicken were simply show- stopping as the remarkable flavours from both the meat and gravy worked their magic on our taste buds. Highly recommended, the Butter Chicken is yet another must- try should you pay a visit to the restaurant.

Kadhai Jhinga; filled with succulent prawns that offered plenty of bite, the piquant sauce of tomatoes, chilli flakes, onions and peppers were further enhanced, being additionally lifted by the earthy hints of cumin and the grassiness of coriander. Though the Kadhai Jhinga was robustly seasoned, I found it to be a tad too spicy on the palate.

Easy to please, it was a toothsome delight accompanying our selection of Naan with the various gravy dishes. Many of us liked the Kashmiri Naan the most and for me, I had taken pleasure in the studded chopped nuts and preserved fruits that offered a textural contrast to the chewy Naan and that they were gratifyingly sweet even on their own. Resistance was futile when it came to the Cheese Naan as well, for they went excellent with the full-bodied gravy of the Butter Chicken. The Garlic ones were dependably good too.

As expected, the Mutton Murtabak did not fail us. I would opine that the culinary’s execution of the dish was pretty decent since it was not too greasy and to my delight, just slightly charred for a crispier texture. Packed with more than sufficient enough meat filling, the addition of curry worked well to mellow the mutton flavours out and endow the dish with a stronger hit of richness.

Thankfully, the service team was as approachable as the food we had. Friendly and courteous, the waitresses handled the customers well and more importantly, each with a smile. Thumbs up to the Zaffron team!

Zaffron Kitchen is one of those few dining venues whereby I strongly believe, one would walk out of their doors as a very satisfied and happy customer (from my experience, definitely one of the best Indian restaurants around). With contemporary Indian delicacies set at considerably affordable prices, just two visits to the restaurant have converted me into one of her fans. Regardless of whether one is a gourmet of Indian food or an individual with a curious palate, the homely ambience and fine dishes from Zaffron Kitchen are definitely worthy of one’s visit.

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My favourite supper place!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 5

The interior that first attracted me.
 And what keep me coming back is the awesome FOOD.
 Overall the food on their menu is very good. But I love their tandoori Chicken & cheese nan! The consistency and high quality of food really set the bar high.
 The staffs are friendly and helpful!
 Good food worth the wait, so come early or book in advance.

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Service and foods are good

Total Review: 1

Was there to celebrate my hubby birthday with kids. There is a kids conner with tv and toys so kids can play there during we were enjoying our meal. Foods there was good. Will definitely go there again.

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