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Review for Zaffron Kitchen (East Coast Road)


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Address: 135/137 East Coast Road, 428822

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03 Mar 2014 • 528 Reviews • 4 Followers

Great Indian Food in a Modern Bistro Ambiance!


On my many visits to Katong area, I have driven past this restaurant located diagonally opposite 112 Katong Mall, next to the popular Glory shop, that sells peranakan food and popular Chinese New Year goodies during the recent Festive season.


The restaurant is done up in a very modern bistro setting, with see through glass set in black squarish window panes and doors, with hip tungsten bulbs hanging from the ceiling.


Imagine my surprise, when I discovered it was a restaurant that served North and South Indian food! Most restaurants I know specialise in either North or South Indian food. This was a first for me.  Imagine you getting both Naan (North Indian bread) and Roti Prata (South Indian bread) at the same restaurant.


I gathered my lunch kakis and came for lunch. These were the highlights from our meal:


-       Pakoda mixed (This vegetable patty was chockful of vegetables,  and was delicious to the last bite)

-       Samosa (Huge fist sized potato filled pyramid-shaped bundles of joy. Must eat while its hot, I wished they had a counter along the street that allows you to order-and-go, to satisfy those moments when you are in a hurry and need sustenance on the go.)

-       Paneer tikka  (Cottage cheese cooked in tandoor. I personally prefer the cheese cooked in the spinach version, which we also ordered)

-       Tandoori malai and Chicken Tikka Combination platter (I loved the chicken tikka very very much. The meat was juicy and nicely done. MUST TRY!)

-       Dum Briyani (This dish was served in an oval casserole, which was covered in a roti pastry covering the whole dish and baked. Also comes with a hard boiled egg. I wished we had not ordered so much, so I could eat more of this!)


-       Butter chicken (This was very well done and it goes well with the garlic and plain naan that we ordered)

-       Garlic naan (Definitely one of the better ones I have had. Goes well with the curries and

-       Kashmiri naan (Think a plain naan, stuffed in between with ‘a sweet jam comprising’ prunes, dates, raisins, cashew nuts! A very divine dish that can be eaten on its own and I loved it!)

-       Gajar kahalwa (Traditional Indian Carrot dessert. The restaurant served this with vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce. A very unique dessert - MUST TRY!)


Overall, a very satisfying meal and the prices here are not the high-end priced that you have to pay to dine for good North Indian food.


In addition, this outlet had a play area with a child size ‘house’ with play toys for the children to be kept entertained while their parents have a meal! Parents should try dining here with their young ones!


As we were leaving, I learnt from the staff that they have just opened a new outlet at Westgate. As I stay in the west, I will be visiting them at that outlet pretty soon, when I have my next craving for Indian food.

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butter chicken, Dum Chicken Biryani, Gajar Kahalwa, Tandoori malai and Chicken Tikka Combination platter
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