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Not so picky
 • 26 Apr 2014 7 reviews 0 follower
Went there ard 3pm on a Saturday. It was qt crowded but there were seats available as the cafe was very spacious with prob seating capacity of at least 50 pax.

Ordered Oscar Eggs which was eggs benedict with yuzu sauce and parma ham, salad, asparagus wrapped in bacon. Cost $19 before gst. Tasted blah. My friend thought the asparagus was too salty.

Atmosphere was nice cos its very spacious and u don't have to be conscious about hogging the seats for too long. But the eggs we tried is not something we will recommend.

I spent $22 per person.

I also recommend this place for:
Brunch, Children/Family, Large Groups, Large Groups/Gathering, Relaxed
I added 2 photos
  • Interior of the cafe
  • Oscar eggs
  • Interior of the cafe
  • Oscar eggs

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