#03-09/10/11, Jurong Point, 1 Jurong West Central, 648886
Asian, Chinese, Steamboat
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Daily: 10:30 - 21:30

A dining experience at A-One Claypot House is expressed through its family-style comfort food, comfy ambience, well-mannered hospitality all in one place. Topping the list from the menu is the award winning Traditional Claypot Scallop porridge.

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Hong Kong style porridge $7.9
Hong Kong style porridge $7.9
Claypot dried chilli frog leg $16.9
Claypot dried chilli frog leg $16.9
  • Claypot dried chilli frog leg 1 vote

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A ONE Claypot House at Nex - yummy porridge and claypot rice

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 111

See photos of A One Claypot :    A-One Claypot House was a very nice experience for those who loved to eat porridge. Mrupupup ordered their porridge filled with shellfish and fish maw. It was simply yummy porridge! Mrupupup enjoyed the taste of the porridge, seems to taste like those yummy porridge one can eat in Hong Kong. Mrupupup  also ordered their claypot chicken rice which was also delicious with lots of ingredients like chicken, chinese sausage, chestnut, mushroom, vegetables and salted fish.

 If one wants hot food, do try A-One porridge and claypot rice. Mrupupup went to the A-One Outlet at Nex Mall #B1-73/74 near to the Japanese food street corner. The porridge was pricy at around $12-$13 because of the fish maw and shell fish ingredients, while the claypot rice was relatively cheaper at around $8.90. Well, as their name says it, the food was A1 indeed!

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Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 2
Total Review: 1

Food is boring and overpriced. Cannot really taste any speciality. Ingredients used are expensive but don't seem to go well with what they're making. Service is mediocre

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Porridge in a shopping mall

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 4

This review is contributed by Amie and can be found at

  I had always wanted to try this because of so many raving reviews, even though I don't normally eat porridge. AOne Claypot House has a open concept, with its entrance so wide that you can see the corridors of the shopping mall (JP) even though you are just sitting in one corner of the restaurant. The service here is great - wide smiles and attentively serving customers to their seats. Onto the food!    
  My favourite and recommended dish from AOne Claypot House would be the Claypot Hong Kong Style Porridge ($7.90). It was very fragrant and thick but not too dry either. There are also youtiao inside! What a pleasant surprise. The next time I am craving for porridge, I'm pretty sure this is where I'll be headed.  
  We ordered the Pork Ribs Hot Pot Porridge ($10.90) which was more of rice-in-soup sort of porridge. The ingredients in the hot pot were really very generous, with tomatoes, pork ribs, vegetables, mushrooms and more! It looked like the portion is for two people. The gravy is savoury but possibly injected with a bit of MSG because it doesn't taste much of a well-simmered soup.    
  Then we also tried out their Four Heavenly Kings, referring to four types of vegetables ($9.90). This is a dish which I find really expensive and not worth buying because it was very spicy for a vegetable dish and it wasn't visually appealing either... very different from what it looks like in the menu. 
  While it looks like a Lai-Lai Kitchen sort of price standard, I was quite shocked to see the receipt amount up to $20/pax - whoops, the glutton went out of control (and out of budget). Overall, hit and misses but if you go along with the Chef Recommendations on the menu, you should be good to go. I'm quite sure I'm on my way to conquer every single place in Jurong Point and now you all know which part of Singapore I live in.  

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