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One Of The Best Dinner Ever!

Food/Drink 5| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 11

Somehow my friends figured out my nickname in this forum and after reading my past reviews, they realised my bf and I do not like eating al fresco, so they were very nice and this time booked us an indoor seating in Aburiya.

One would think that you would come out smelly after eating bbq indoor, but I am glad to say that we didn't stink much after our meal. There is an exhaust just above our charcoal bbq stove so I guess that helped. Anyways, on to the food.

As the title says it all, it was one of the best dinner I have ever had! Aburiya offers either a la carte (whereby you can order whatever meat and the cut of the meat (chicken/ lamb/ beef/ seafood) or vegetable you want to bbq)or set menu.

There were 4 of us so we took 2 sets. We decided to splurge and ordered the Wagyu Beef Set which costs $100 each (portion enough for 2 person), one seasoned with salt and pepper and the other seasoned with shiyo. The set comprises of:

- Japanese Rice

- Kimchi (crunchy and very refreshing)

- Vegetable Salad (tossed with some kind of Japanese dressing, my friend said it could be soy sauce and mirin, but very tasty)

- Tamago (Egg) Soup (abit bland but overall ok)

- Shitake Mushroom (for bbq)

- Beef Stew (beef tender and sweet)

- Beef Tongue

- 3 different cuts of Beef (can't remember the name of the cuts of beef, i just know there were sliced beef, beef rib and beef cubed)

The beef cooks pretty fast (beef was sliced quite thinly). We like our beef medium rare, so we didn't cook our beef for too long.

My favourite cut of the beef is the one that came sliced and seasoned shiyo style. The beef was so tender that it just melts in my mouth. No words can adequately describe that feeling... :)

No idea if they serve dessert as we were all too full to look at the dessert menu after our meal...

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Beef-Lovers Paradise!

Food/Drink 5| Value 4| Ambience 5| Service 5
Total Reviews: 13

Whay more can I say? If you love beef in all forms, lots of marbling, DIY BBQ so you can cook it to your preference and paired with lots of fine sake and beer, here's the place to go!!

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Our Favourite Yakiniku @ Aburiya on 6Oct2014

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 375

SSee my full reviews & photos at =

went to aburiya for dinner with wife & daughter on 6.10.2014. 

i had an excellent dinner here last on 19.3.2014. today was just as good! :-)

we ordered our usuals – kimchi chigae & bibimen. i love both these dishes.

kimchi chigae always so tasty, with some slices of thin belly pork. i love thekurobuta kimchi nabe at shirokiya @ cuppage terrace but for a simple small helping of kimchi chigae, aburiya’s is the best.

bibimen is something i come to like because my wife prefers it to bibimbap. now i get to like everything about it, flavours, texture. :-)

we decided to order the ohmi wagyu beef set (above & top photo). it looked marbled, tasted good, but somehow not quite matching our expectations of the intense marbled flavours of 1 of the 3 best kuroge wagyu (黑毛和牛) in japan, along with kobe & matsuzaka. somehow the last time we had the cheaper hokkaido wagyu here on 19.3.2014, it left a more lasting impression. maybe it’s better just to order karubi or jo-karubi than to have the tokumori mixed set.

for me tajimaya@vivocity’s wagyu was pricy but good too only if there is 50% discount, but they did not have the kimchi chigae & bibimen we liked here, so the enjoyment was not the same. :-)

we had the cheap australian angus karubi negi (short ribs with leek). it was quite ok. anyway we had always liked it before we started trying the wagyu here.

we tried the kurobuta & iberia pork set this time. it was really good. certainly better than the karubi. i think overall our enjoyment of the pork was more than even the ohmi tokumori set, not that the ohmi was poor.

the bill came to S$143 nett for 3pax including a bottle of sake. quite ok for a very enjoyable dinner.

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Excellent Yakiniku Dinner @ Aburiya on 19Mar2014

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 375

see my full reviews & photos at =
had an excellent yakiniku dinner at aburiya on 19.3.2014. :-)
had not been there for a while..just checked my blog & it was almost a year ago that i had dinner at aburiya on 26.3.2014.
the prices had gone up slightly. we basically ordered similar food. for this evening the jo karubi (S$15.90) was not that great but the cheaper karubi (S$10.90) was good. we also added hokkaido jo karubi (S$21.90) which was excellent, nicely marbled and very flavourful. they did not have the ohmi wagyu though it was on the menu.
the inside tables were mostly taken up at 7pm. there were still quite many tables available outdoors.
the dinner including sake (S$15) added up to S$105 for 2pax, not cheap but it was very enjoyable.

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Great Yakiniku Dinner

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 375

See full reviews & photos on my blog=

Aburiya is our favourite yakiniku restaurant..  We usually order karubi (short ribs – the korean galbi) and jo karubi (prime short ribs). Aburiya also has one of the best kimchi chigae and we also like the bibimen (spicy korean cold mixed noodles 拌面) and bibimbap (mixed rice 拌饭).  When the items add up  and if you order sake too, it is not that cheap, but it is guaranteed to be a thoroughly enjoyable meal. For the evening, we ordered 1 plate of jo karubi (top picture) – S$14.90 a plate, and 2 plates of karubi – S$9.90 (below picture). The prime short ribs were very tasty, beefy with the BBQ flavour. But the karubi was not bad too & it was2/3 the price! We also had the usual kimchi chigae. So far we like this dish best here, even when compared with korean restaurants like Chang & Hyangtogol. The soup was very tasty and not too salty. There were a lot of kimchi & silky tofu but I would have liked a bit more of the belly pork.  We also had the kurobuta pork. There were quite many types & I could not recall which. It was very good, like a good pork collar meat with marbling giving it good taste plus the BBQ flavour. and we had the bibimen also. I liked very much the sweet spicy taste of gojucang sauce mixed with the vegetables and some chicken meat and the nice texture of the noodles.  What I did not like though was that for this evening, we were sat at a table where there was no sunken pit & the charcoal stove was placed on the table. The heat from the stove was quite oppressive! I would avoid that next time.

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Arigato Aburiya!

Food/Drink 5| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 33

Me and two friends went for dinner tonight to the Japanese BBQ branch of ‘Aburiya’ down at Robertson Quay.

We started up our meal with the ‘Horenso Salad‘ which is put together from spinach leaves, Japanese cucumber, roasted garlic, lemon juice and crispy bacon bits. How great was that, nice and sour with crunchy textures in between from the bacon and garlic. The first meat that arrived together with the ‘Stuffed Shitake Mushrooms‘ was ‘Jo Rosu T.Shio‘, beef loin to be dipped in truffle salt. This was amazing. The meat was super tender, very lean but therefore less strong in taste but powdered with crazy salt it won another couple of notches in taste. We continued with ‘Wagyu Jo Karubi Tare‘ – short rib marinated in a special soya sauce mix. This was my absolute favorite of the evening as the marinade was delicious and due to the nicely marbled fat in this cut the beef just melted in my mouth. We ordered another round of this as well as an extra portion of the truffle salt from before which made it even more delicious. The final dish was ‘Tigerprawns in Hot Miso‘ marinade. The prawns were big and obviously watered properly as they were completely clean without cutting them up. They stayed nicely juicy on the fire and the marinade was mildly tangy, not hot though which was a bit of a bummer.

This place offers great food using high quality ingredients with a special twist. I'll definately come back for another round soon.

For the full review and pictures please check out the article on my blog

Get Your Grub On!

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