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Caleb Lim

hidden find

Adstragold is located near the junction of East Coast & Telok Kurau Rd, nested among a small cluster of restauants and cafes. We went as part of a HGW food tasting sesssion.    They brew the beer on site on 6 x 560 litres tanks and serve the ber direct from the tanks unfiltered (i think they draw the beer from the middle or top part of the tank). I learnt that it takes 7 days to make beer - 5 days for fermentation and 2 days to chill & carbonate.    We got to sample a variety of beers like Golden Ale (light & refreshing), IPA (more bitter), cider (sweet with a slight sour tang) and their award winning Red Ale which site between the light and dark ale.   Accompanying the beer, we had beer battered fish and chips, which came nice and crispy. We also had a platter of pork knuckles, sauerkraut, pork ribs, sausages and mash potatoes. Pork knuckles are marinated well and the skin is deep fried to a nice crisp.  
12 Dec 2014 • 1968 reviews • 260 followers

One of Singapore's Top Microbreweries

A hidden find on East Coast Road, Adstragold has built its name as one of Singapore premier microbreweries ranked on HungryGoWhere.

At a previous visit, I had the opportunity to try some  of their in house brew, and with many options, there will be bound to have something for everyone.

Down to the food, fish and chips, ribs, pork knuckles and sausages are all part of the common main stay that goes well with beer, but the one dish that stood out for me was the smoked duck. This dish paired well with the slightly sweeter "ladies" beers as the duck was not gamy and came with a sugary sauce.

Having a proper meal with drinks basically means that one can stay at the microbrewery, have dinner and drink till late all at one location. Ideal for a boys night out or catching up with long lost friends.
18 Aug 2014 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Was quite expensive, service was slow and painful, food was barely passable

I went for upgrade via facebook so that part they got it right, the upsize steak. Drinks took a really long time 30mins, staff said she make the green tea and then had to do something else. The steak was a long wait, and my wife fish and chips told over 45mins, I had already finished the steak. I was also greeted by lots of customers asking where was the soup, where's the food etc... Looking at the bill, service, and ambience, quite overpriced. I have eaten stone grill express in singapore and stone grill in JB where the food is a fraction of the cost and taste better. The sides were quite pathetic, raw salad and fries.
  • Upgraded steak, meat was quite tough
22 Jul 2014 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Lavastone, Microbrewery craft beers, what more can i ask for?

Made a reservation via their facebook post. They.Literally.Give.Away.20% more steak. Called my friends down.

Ordered the Wagyu/Tenderloin Set. Super Value for money. Right now their serving MB4+!!!! Comes with some seafood topups (Prawn+Scallops)
The food was all served on this lava stone that heated to let me self grill. Seriously good choice. I get my steak how i want it. Done to my likeness, and HOT(temperature). Seafood has a nice sweet touch especially the scallops.

My friend enjoyed it thoroughly too! Loved the original taste concept. Just good sea-salt and fresh ground pepper on the steaks to enhance the flavours.
No nonsense sauce to disrupt the flavours of the steaks.

As for the drinks, seriously good beer. good recommendations too. Red meats with the smooth dark ale. Seriously doesnt get any better than this.

Only gripe is the service, abit slow, but we went during the peak period so, what to do?

Good stuff are worth waiting for anyway.

Awesome, will be back!

FYI, for those driving, do look for the parking around the telok kurau areas. Free. LTA is particularly aggresive around the area.


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