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100% Aroma craft beer battered Premium Fish & Chips (Chef's Specialty)11 votes
Crispy Pork Belly9 votes
AdstraGold Roasty Stout8 votes
Adstrapple Cider3 votes
Beer Steamed Mussels3 votes
County Home Roasted Honey BBQ Spare Ribs, served with Mash! Chef's Specialty3 votes

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Suitable For
After Work24 votes
Ala Carte17 votes
Alfresco/Outdoor Dining17 votes
Dinner16 votes
Business Dining15 votes
Night Out15 votes
Relaxed15 votes
Chillout14 votes
Quiet14 votes
Birthdays13 votes
Large Groups/Gathering13 votes
Anniversary12 votes
Corporate Events12 votes
Hidden Find12 votes
Boys Night Out11 votes
Nice Deco11 votes
Parties11 votes
Supper11 votes
Children/Family10 votes
Premier League Screening10 votes
Girls Night Out9 votes
Large Groups9 votes
People Watching9 votes
Healthy Eating8 votes
Wheelchair Friendly8 votes
Pet Friendly7 votes
Private Dining7 votes
Lunch5 votes
Brunch4 votes
Take Away4 votes
Buffet3 votes
Festivals3 votes

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What others are saying...

 • 18 Aug 2014 2 reviews 0 follower
I went for upgrade via facebook so that part they got it right, the upsize steak. Drinks took a really long time 30mins, staff said she make the green tea and then had to do something else. The steak was a long wait, and my wife fish and chips told over 45mins, I had already finished the steak. I was also greeted by lots of customers asking where was the soup, where's the food etc... Looking at the bill, service, and ambience, quite overpriced. I have eaten stone grill express in singapore and stone grill in JB where the food is a fraction of the cost and taste better. The sides were quite pathetic, raw salad and fries.
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  • Upgraded steak, meat was quite tough
  • Upgraded steak, meat was quite tough

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 • 22 Jul 2014 2 reviews 0 follower
Made a reservation via their facebook post. They.Literally.Give.Away.20% more steak. Called my friends down.

Ordered the Wagyu/Tenderloin Set. Super Value for money. Right now their serving MB4+!!!! Comes with some seafood topups (Prawn+Scallops)
The food was all served on this lava stone that heated to let me self grill. Seriously good choice. I get my steak how i want it. Done to my likeness, and HOT(temperature). Seafood has a nice sweet touch especially the scallops.

My friend enjoyed it thoroughly too! Loved the original taste concept. Just good sea-salt and fresh ground pepper on the steaks to enhance the flavours.
No nonsense sauce to disrupt the flavours of the steaks.

As for the drinks, seriously good beer. good recommendations too. Red meats with the smooth dark ale. Seriously doesnt get any better than this.

Only gripe is the service, abit slow, but we went during the peak period so, what to do?

Good stuff are worth waiting for anyway.

Awesome, will be back!

FYI, for those driving, do look for the parking around the telok kurau areas. Free. LTA is particularly aggresive around the area.

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I spent $75 per person.

Must tries: LavaStone Wagyu Set

I also recommend this place for:
After Work, Ala Carte, Alfresco/Outdoor Dining, Birthdays, Boys Night Out, Business Dining, Children/Family, Chillout, Corporate Events, Dinner, Hidden Find, Large Groups, Parties, Premier League Screening, Relaxed, Wheelchair Friendly

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 • 06 Jul 2014 319 reviews 54 followers
Full AdstraGold Microbrewery review here:

Established in 2000, AdstraGold Microbrewery is a beer brewing pub and restaurant specialising in hot stone grills. My friends were excited about the drinks at AdstraGold Microbrewery, and although multiple online reviews have warned about the poor, inconsistent quality of food, we decided to dine here.

Ambience at AdstraGold Microbrewery is decent. Furniture is well laid out and comfortable, with enough space for dishes. The main drawback is the dim lighting, tacky photographs and menu which look like it's stuck in the 80s, along with the tacky website. But I like that they have a huge projector screen to show various sporting events.

Service at AdstraGold Microbrewery is very good. Staff are friendly, attentive and efficient, able to make recommendations on the beer, and rather knowledgable about the beer brewing process. They also checked on our meal and asked for feedback, which because of our extreme displeasure with the food, got an earful from some of our diners.

Food at AdstraGold Microbrewery is terrible and overpriced, easily among the worst I've eaten. Portions are small, seafood isn't fresh, prices are double of other restaurants, and taste is lacking. It seems that due to low turnover, cooking oil is reused, leaving a bad taste in the mouth.

Drinks at AdstraGold Microbrewery though, are very good. They have their own in-house range of beers, some of which have won awards. I noticed most of their visitors actually only came for drinks, and didn't order any food. I'll follow suit next time, if I ever come back. But very likely, I'm never returning to this place, as I can get their beer elsewhere.

The Beer AdstraGold Red Ale (SGD $10.90) is a BeerFest 2010 bronze award winning beer, with a dark amber colour, taste of roast barley and a light, mellow texture. Very drinkable, goes down smooth, with a slight hint of lingering bitterness. Very affordable too, highly recommended!

The Premium Fish & Chips (SGD $19.90) is supposed to be the star signature dish here. But the beer batter, while flavourful, wasn't crisp, and the texture was limp. The fish was decent, seemingly frozen, not very fresh. The chips were good, thick cut, English style chips with a light sprinkling of salt. But for this price, the portion is smaller than what I can get from elsewhere, as they didn't include any salad. Adding on a salad costs more! Obviously, this place need to provide more training for the chef, or find a better chef, since the signature dish is so weak.

The Baby Lamb Rack (SGD $48.90) is a rip off. I will say that the salad is fresh, tasty and well marinated with balsamic vinegar. The chips are good as well. But the lamb rack is tiny, with barely any meat, and tasted very gamey. I told my friend I'll pay her to eat it... she refused.
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I spent $50 per person.

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Dear runningman,

Thank you for sharing your experience at AdstraGold Microbrewery, LavaStone Steakhouse, Sport Bar.

I regret to hear that you and your were friends were disappointed with some of our main dishes. But we are glad to know you were rather pleased with a couple of it, for instance, Bratwurst Pork With Sauerkraut and Pizza Mushroom Ham Olives. Not forgetting our award-winning in-house brew, Beer AdstraGold Red Ale.

Your feedbacks are important to us. Quality and freshness of our offerings are equally important to us and we certainly hope you that you’ll visit us the next time round for a better experience! Do visit us soon to try out our LavaStone Grill.

Yours sincerely,
The Management
AdstraGold Microbrewery, LavaStone Steakhouse, Sport Bar

27 August 2014