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Ah Dong Teh House is a fast casual dining restaurant opening its first outlet in Singapore at Punggol East Water Promenade Riverside Walk. Situated in a serene park in the North-Eastern part of Singapore, joggers and cyclists can enjoy a relaxing time tucking into our freshly prepared local and Hong Kong fares.


Ah Dong Teh House prides itself as one of the first Cha Can Ting concept with a local twist. Come savour Nasi Goreng and Dried Chilli Shrimp French Toast over a cup of Yuan Yang. Guests will appreciate the friendly service in a cozy setting and may be surprised by Ah Dong Teh House’s fun filled dining experience.

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Ah Dong Teh House

Food/Drink 3| Value 3| Ambience 5| Service 4
Total Reviews: 13

Located at Tebing lane, right beside the scenic Punggol Park, along the Water Promenade Riverside Walk, is Ah Dong Teh House, one among the many eateries and cafes in the vicinity. 

One main issue we face when going out in groups would be deciding on a place to have our meals due to differences in food preferences. Half of us wanted to go Whisk and Paddle (a cafe right across Ah Dong Teh House) while the other half wanted a more "Chinese-y" lunch.    Eventually, we settled for Ah Dong, given their tagline, "There is something for everyone @ Ah Dong."

Best of Both Worlds: $16.90   My platter included prawns, tender, succulent chicken chop, creamy mussels, coleslaw, fries and butter rice. I found it cool that my food was served in a legit huge-a** stainless steel pan. It makes me look like such a glutton though.   I would say it was too much for a single person. It could totally be shared among two. The fries became soggy over time and the butter rice would have tasted better if it had a stronger buttery flavour. Though I enjoyed the creamy gravy over the mussels, I found it a little too rubbery and overcooked. Other than that, the chicken chop was tender and nice, and the prawns were fresh and firm.
Meat Lover: $16.90  This is the ultimate meal for carnivores, with a double meat serving of pork chop and chicken chop. The set is completed with fried button mushrooms, fries, coleslaw and butter rice. It was decent overall but the pork chop was slightly overcooked.

Porky Pig: $16.90  HAHA. Is it just me or do you find the name of the dish quite amusing too?    Anyway, it contains deliciously cooked Bratwurst sausages, once-again-overcooked pork chops, coleslaw, fries and butter rice. 

Strawberry and Honeydew Milk Tea ($3.50) in humongous cups. A cup would be easily shared between two.    I found the syrup too overwhelmingly sweet after a few sips into the drink. It's like diabetes in a cup! hough the food was average at best, I would say that their prompt service and pleasant environment would make it an alright place for a quick family meal. 

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Never Again

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 1| Service 1
Total Review: 1

Waited 50 minutes for the food and it was just disappointing. The carbonara was tasteless and even a hint of sourness. The sauce for the mussels had split. Cheese bake rice has only the taste of tomato and was dry. The mac and cheese was tasteless and dry. Overpriced for poor quality food.

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Very slow service

Total Reviews: 2

We came at 9pm. Even at this non peak hour, we need to wait half hour fir our food. And this is the first time i'm sitting in a restaurant where the staff are sitting at the next table with the customers. The grilled fish i ordered is good though.

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Very bad experience

Food/Drink 2| Value 2| Ambience 2| Service 2
Total Reviews: 7

Very bad experience there. We ordered Curry Chicken, 2 Cold Milk Tea, 1 steamed rice and also one XO Lala. They told me Curry Chicken not available due to high demands. So I was okay with that. And waited for the rest of the dish. After a few mins later, the staff came and tell me no steamed rice. Fine, I didnt wanna ask why it took them so long to let me know rice was out but oh well, we just waited for the XO Lala hoping it will be nice since we were craving for it. This is where the problem is.

The staff served up the XO Lala and within 10 seconds, i was d*** pissed off. I took a side plate and then took out MANY EMPTY SHELLS and I can honestly say that there were at most 6 small little pieces of Lala in it. I immediately asked one of the female server to my table and show it to her. I then was so frustrated that I waited so long only to get such lousy sub-standard food that I told her to scrap off the order and just bill me for the 2 Cold Milk Tea (which I barely touched .. no mood to drink).

I made the payment for the drinks and then took the receipt and left. I immediately sent a email to them asking for an explanation and wonder how they will reply me. I still kept the receipt in case they need verifications.

I highly dun recommend this place unless you are sure you can get your money worth. Some items are overpriced and that is only a place u can go if you totally left with no choice.

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