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Back to Ah Loy Thai#01-39/40, Shaw Towers, 100 Beach Road
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Top Must Try Dishes
Pandan chicken13 votes
Butter Calamari12 votes
Pineapple Fried rice9 votes
mango crispy chicken9 votes
tom yum soup8 votes
Phad Thai7 votes
Calamari4 votes
pad thai3 votes

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Suitable For
Dinner44 votes
Lunch44 votes
Vibrant/Noisy33 votes
Cheap Eat/Budget30 votes
After Work27 votes
Children/Family20 votes
Large Groups/Gathering20 votes
Hidden Find15 votes
Girls Night Out8 votes
Boys Night Out7 votes
Take Away7 votes
Chillout6 votes
Ala Carte5 votes
Brunch4 votes
Quiet4 votes
People Watching3 votes

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What others are saying...

Lee Weiliang
 • 10 Aug 2014 2 reviews 18 followers
1. Waiting time of 1hr 15mins for food. I'm a believer of waiting for good food, so naturally my expectation is "this better be worth it".

2. Pineapple rice tastes just like chinese zhi char style fried rice, with a few tiny grains of pineapple. Arrived first on the table, it laid here for 10 mins because nothing else arrived.

3. And our SEAFOOD tom yum soup arrived 10 mins later. Not sure if I ordered seafood soup, or prawn soup, because there were only THREE prawns and several slices of mushrooms. I asked the lady (helper) what exactly does their seafood tom yum soup consist of, and why was there only THREE prawns. And she said yes prawns and mushrooms. And that IF I ordered the "PRAWN" tom yum soup I would get FOUR prawns. She has the nerve to say she isn't quite sure because that was what the chef said. Oh my great heavens. I'm not even mad, I'm actually quite amazed by how their set items were derived.

4. Asparagus with prawns was slightly raw, but fine.

5. Mango fried chicken was the only thing that didn't go wrong.

Totally not worth. Any random shop at Orchard Towers would beat this hands down. Even the nearby Porn's Thai Food is tons better than this nonsense. 

Not going to be here even if there wasn't any queue.
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I am very sorry that this visit has cause so much grieve for you as we also believe in low earnings and give customers a hearty meal and our potted tomyam soup ingredients always up to expectations of customers I sorry for the mistake from our chef and hope you will give another try next time as we will improve thanks for the feedback.thank you for patronage.

23 August 2014

Wendy Lim 721
 • 24 Jul 2014 42 reviews 16 followers
I really think I should start skipping breakfast and dinner so I can save space for my increasingly frequent lunches.
Actually today, I was already eating my Greek yogurt in the office at about 12. Had only fruits in the morning so I was hungry.
Then Anne and Maybelline asked me to go lunch with them.. hard to say no.. so yes I went with them! Ha. So I gotta re adjust my calorie intake plan now..
We took a short walk to Shaw Towers and decided to have Thai food. as we were pretty early we managed to get a table immediately. it looks like a family business, the host who showed us to our table was a polite uncle who looked like part of the family business haha.
We were given this order chit – choices aren’t a lot but i guess it was alright. The only curry they have is green curry, and they have the usual tom yum soup, stir fry dishes etc. and today, their salad dishes were all out of stock =_= oh well, doesn’t really matter la.
The restaurant was quite empty at first, then the crowd started strolling in at about 1230-1245pm and there was even a queue outside at some point.
For full review and pics, please visit here - cheers!
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 • 13 Jul 2014 31 reviews 0 follower
Food is good and restaurant is always filled up by night time. Try the fried sambal kangkong, tom yam gung, pandan chicken and fried calamari! Service is not always good though, some of the staff can be rather rude. Also, the mango sticky rice dessert is never on the menu every single time I pratronise, so don't harbour too much hope if you like the dessert as well!
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Must tries: Calamari, tom yum soup, Pandan chicken

I also recommend this place for:
After Work, Ala Carte, Dinner
I added 4 photos
  • Seafood tom yum gung
  • Fried calamari
  • Pandan chicken
  • Sambal kang kong

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