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Not the Night Safari Buffet

Food/Drink 3| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 9

Try the Indian food. Curry or tandoori. Rice or nan bread. For the kids maybe the chicken rice. Maybe let them have ice cream. Prices are reasonable and affordable in comparison with some western overseas destinations. If you have read my food and travel blog you can see I prefer hawker style Indian food in Singapore as it is hard to come by else where. For overseas visitors don't mix this restaurant up with the Night safari Buffet. See my blog on  

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the only choice in the zoo

Food/Drink 3| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 2143

So, its lunch time at the zoo. After looking through the various options (ie: one), we decided to have lunch at Ah Meng Restaurant.

I started with the siew mai, or pork dumplings, which was quite a nice treat. This was followed by the chicken rice set ($8.32) and also tried the Chicken Curry Briyani Rice ($8.32)

The food was average at best. The Briyani also lacked kick, but it may be because it is tailored for foreigner's taste buds.

Beware of the lunch crowds, not because of the top quality food, but more because there are not any other air conditioned options around. Not the best local food I have tried, but it will just have to be if you are at the zoo.

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Eat $8.90 chicken rice

Food/Drink 4| Service 3
Total Reviews: 372

$8.90 chicken rice -

A very common typical Singaporean lunch would be chicken rice. Who never eat chicken rice before right? The roasted chicken is surprisingly soft and tasty, especially the fragrant skin! The rice is normal and the vegetables are a little salty. Overall, I found it better than those chicken rice from the coffee shops. Worth the try if you're having a day trip at the zoo.

Well zoo's a tourist attraction so I guess it's understandable that the food prices are slightly on the high side.

Just queue to buy your food and bring it to the counter to pay.

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Owned by the famous Ah Meng

Food/Drink 3| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 348


Ah Meng restaurant, located in the center of Singapore Zoo. Unless you are bringing your kids to the zoo, or your overseas guests, you will probably won't see this place. First challenge to get to this place is that you have to pay the entrance fees to the zoo. So unless you have annual pass, it is highly unlikely you will choose this place to dine. Also, its only open during zoo hours he..he..


I end up here because my God son like animals. So during school holiday, I have to be a good God Pa together with God Ma bring the cute and adorable God Son to the zoo.


So how is the food? Well their Indian Cuisine section is actually quite good. For $8.90 you can get a Chicken Curry Naan Set, which consist of 1 large size of Naan, a few pieces of chicken, vegetables and yogurt. The Naan is soft and moist. It goes well with the curry.

The BBQ Chicken Leg is nothing to boast about. It is acceptable, chicken portion quite big. The meat is moist & tender and the sauce are sweet and tangy. For $3.50 a glass, their Ice Lemon Tea, its a bit of a rip off. They claim that it is home made, serve you with a glass normally use for Milo Dinosaur, but only 3/4 full. I like it as it is not to sweet and this drink will definitely freshen you up after the long walks in the zoo.

Overall, I would consider this place to be more of a Canteen rather than a restaurant. The good thing is that it has an A/C section. But you better be ready to fight for a seating place, cause competition can be quite brutal with other hungry and sweaty customers. Price wise, reasonable bordering on the high side. You don't actually have much choice when you are inside the zoo, so treat this as we are donating to Singapore beloved Orang Utan, the famous Ah Meng :)

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