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Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant (The Grandstand)

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We are pleased to inform you that Ah Yat Turf City has completed renovations and is back in business again!

Visit the Website for more details!!


With more than 100 kinds of Live Seafood to choose from the Live Seafood tanks conveniently located outside the Restaurant for you, Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant is a Seafood Lover’s Dream comes True!!


Compliment your Seafood prepared to your likings by dedicated and experienced Chefs with flavors of Hong Kong Style Dishes and also more than 28 kinds of Hong Kong Dim Sum to choose from.


VIP rooms fully equipped with KTV facilities are available for special functions like family gatherings, corporate functions or private events!!


Come Indulgent yourself at Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant Today!!


Visit Ah Yat Resturant website for more details!!!


For Wedding Banquets enquiries, click here

Daily: 11:30 - 14:30

Daily: 17:30 - 22:30

$42 based on 41 submissions
Vibrant/Noisy (15 votes), Children/Family (14 votes), Dinner (12 votes)

average food.

fresh seafood, good discount. cooking style can be improve. good place if looking for cheap seafood but dont wanna go normal tze char stall.

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  • Steamed Bamboo Clams with Garlic3 votes
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19 Nov 2014 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

average food.

fresh seafood, good discount. cooking style can be improve. good place if looking for cheap seafood but dont wanna go normal tze char stall.
27 Jan 2014 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

A restaurant of a coffee shop standard.

I must say food is not bad but nothing to shout about, and many coffee shop Tze Char can better it anytime. We went for a company dinner getting the Poon Choi package at about $100 per pax. The menu look impressive with suckling pig, double boil shark fin, poon choi, star groupa, bird nest in almond milk.

the he suckling pig is at most mediocre, like from the hawker stall. Shark fin serve in plastic bowl for individual like those day we had wedding dinner at void deck but worst as we don't see the bowl of shark fin! It was dish out from the kitchen directly. It certainly give me a suprise.

the poon choi was at most average for the price We paid. 

The shocking part is the double boil bird nest w almond juice is again dish out directly w about 3/4 fill. It makes me feel as if the dinner is brought w groupon or a special deal at  50% discount or ?????
and I have to pay for services charges????? 

It it certainly will be the last visit on my own accord.
20 Nov 2013 • 29 reviews • 0 follower

Dim Sum at Ah Yat Seafood - Would go for the discount!

For the complete review of all the items we had and which we liked or hated, with pictures, go to

There is a 40% discount going on at Ah Yat Seafood at Turf City for dim sum lunch from 11.30am - 2.30pm and being the value hunter that I was, I seized the opportunity! The restaurant was really crowded and I guess everyone was out for a bargain-hunter like meDespite the crowd, service was prompt and the food came  quickly. I'd say it was pretty average food and there were some hits and misses. We found the Steamed Assorted Ricesheet Roll (招牌肠粉) at SGD 5.80 was a bit lukewarm and the texture of it had become a little gooey. Quite disappointing as it was supposed to be a signature (招牌 )dish. The filling was almost non-existent too. Avoid this.

The Mexico B. B. Q. Pork Bun (墨西哥叉烧包) was pretty amazing. This tops the list! I find it even better than the one at Tim Ho Wan! Amazing charsiewbao and it serves up a great contrast when you compare it to Ah Yat's other average Dim Sum offerings. ↖(^ω^)↗
06 Oct 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower


Took the 6pax course meal and added 2 more to the course.  I have to say that the food was disappointing. Suckling pig that was served was not hot or warm at all.  Suspect that it was already cooked early in the day.  Even the red bean dessert at the end was bitter.  Bitter! Told the manager, but he denied it was.  Can't be everyone's taste buds are different from his.  Every course served was a rush.  Told them to slow down but they kept bringing them to the table.
Only good point was that the service from the staff who serve tea and food were prompt but everyone else from senior staff to managers were unfriendly and not helpful.
Try something else somewhere, it was not worth the $400+ that was paid.
28 Aug 2013 • 224 reviews • 1 follower

Good Value 7-course Set @ Ah Yat Turf City on 26Aug2013

See my full reviews & photos at =

had our dining quartet monthly lunch at ah yat @ turf city on 26.8.2013.  the host bought a S$156 voucher for 4pax 7-course set. a very good deal with lobster, abalone, soon hock etc.   i used to go ah yat at turf city a lot. they had 50% discount (now 40% discount) during weekdays & the cooking & service were good. i had not been there though for more than a year so i took a look with a friend at the tanks & the (discounted) prices. my favourite items razor clams was now $5.80 each (before S$4,80), frog S4.80 (before $3.50), boston lobster S$8.88/100g (before S$5.90/100g) & tilapia S$1.50/100g (before i think was S$1.10/100g)..anyway prices had gone up but still ok, probably i would come back for these ala carte dishes.   for the set, we had braised sharksfin with crab meat. the soup was good with very generous helping of fins. the deep-fried soon hock was good as always, though i always prefer steamed for live fish (even for tilapia which has some “mud” taste).   next was a mexican spiky sea cucumber (supposedly more expensive variety) with minced pork stuffing & brocoli. the brown braising sauce was good & the brocoli “to the bite” al dente=excellent, the sea cucumber though was rubbery, not sure why? but something was not right with the preparation, not soaked long enough or something.   next came an impressive plate of boston lobster in 4 halves. the menu said garlic butter baked lobster & it came with a batter layer. i estimated 2x600g=1.2kg at the current discounted price of S$8.88/100g would cost S$125nett after 10% service & GST, so S$156nett for the set was very good deal.   my first bite though & i turned to my dining companion – “there is no taste in this lobster”..for a live lobster, it was really lacking in taste in this preparation. later we asked the server if we were to come back again could we change the cooking style to super sauce (上汤局). the reply was ok. it was a waste that we did not ask earlier!   the ee-fu noodles was plain but tasty & the 4 of us managed to wipe clean the plate!    the almond birds nest dessert was good too. i liked it. there were lots of birds nest which i did not care for much so i was not bothered whether they were fake or not. anyway it was a nice dessert.   this really quite a good deal, though if i were to make a comparison with the S$38 lobster & abalone set at chao yue xuan (another ah yat restaurant at mohamed sultan), just food-wise this would pale by comparison. chao yue xuan does have some negatives. we had a private 6pax table at a corner for lunch the other day & 1/2 the tables were filled in the small the evening sometimes there were tables occupied by tourist & the place looked messy c/w ah yat @ turf city.   anyway i liked both the sets & will do this again when the promotion is back.